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  1. Well, I'm the owner of the other one so I guess I'm on the forum I take the kids on bike rides past his house fairly often, so if I see him I'll have a chin wag and mention the forums.
  2. Saw it on a drive on a new estate. That's two now in Moira. Common as muck!
  3. Yup - been going there for nearly 7 years now. Top bloke.
  4. Saw it from a distance, but looked like an S1 sports racer in a deep blue. I was in mine but I don't think they noticed me?? Maybe Persian blue?
  5. Seen yesterday in Moira near Swadlincote. Looked great in blue. Only the second time I've seen an Evora in the wild...
  6. Just a follow up to my now fixed leaking problem if anyone's searching. The leak originated from the windscreen seal behind the A pillar on the passenger side. The water was somehow making its way all the way down and dripping from just behind the glove box. A bit of windscreen sealant and it's dry as a bone.
  7. Thanks for the help. Will check the windscreen seal when I get chance and report back.
  8. It's just leaking when it rains / during car washes - it's been hammering it down this morning. Also, I had the air con drain pipe looked at at my last service, although it was to clean out that one-way valve thingy at the other end.
  9. Now the summer is over and normal service has resumed, I have managed to capture a thrilling video of my leak into the Evora passenger footwell complete with a heavy breathing soundtrack. Anyone have any ideas where it may be originating from?
  10. Thanks for the details explanation @Benmac For anyone else where the reverse collar is loose and doesn't allow you to select reverse, in my case I noticed that you can feel a ring towards the top of the gearstick through the leather boot. Pull that up in the same was as the revers collar and bingo - reverse is selectable!
  11. I've had exactly this happen this weekend on my 2011 S. @Benmac could you help explain to a complete numpty - did you have to take the leather boot out to get at the gubbins or could you get to it simply by unscrewing the gear knob?
  12. Just got to say this colour combo is stunning. Lovely car.
  13. @andyj007 Did you find out about the costs of the caliper swap?
  14. I've had mine for 6 weeks but was looking since April! I used this video from one of our forum members to sell the kids thing to my wife. Worked a treat till we visited Lotus Silverstone whilst at the F1. It was closed, but we looked at a few on the forecourt. 'Are you sure the kids will fit in here' she said whilst looking through the rear window ;-) As for the reliability, most cars have their horror stories... Porsche engines blowing up, BMW timing belts, Elise head gaskets etc etc. The Evora's is the clutch disintegrating, which is a Lotus specialist £2.5k engine out jobbie. As far as I can tell it only affected a small batch of early models and is well overblown. The rest seem to be mostly minor electrical and sensor problems as the Toyota power plant is pretty much bomb proof. Nothing to worry about. As for all the blogs etc it's worth having a look on youtube. A favourite of mine was Jayemm's comparison between the 400 and the S1 S Sports Racer - very informative (plus the rest of Jayemms videos are great too). Wow - I guess I'm one of the 0.00032% of the UK population to own one! No wonder I've only ever seen one on the roads...
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