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  1. Thanks Michael & others Yes, previous AC guy would check for leaks, never find any and re-gas. Never wanted to pull it apart if didn't have to, but sounds like I have no choice if I want it fixed. Cheers
  2. Hi Michael I don't have the answer, but would love to know myself, as I have been meaning to sort out my AC as well. Also, if you find a good AC guy in Victoria, can you let me know? Mine re-gases fine, but cold only lasts month or so + like most things lotus, the system looks a pain to work on. Cheers
  3. About to head down to the track shortly. Will be at turn 1 all weekend. Vroom Vroom!!!
  4. I was at Melbourne, Turn 1 - go there every year While it is certainly quieter, it did not worry me to the same extent as some others & my 'gut feelng' among the die hard fans, as long as the racing is good they can put up with the new sound. As most have said (including Bernie) the tone of the cars is ok, it just needs to be louder. (It actually sounds like the Porsche Cup cars - sort of flat six sound to me) Having said all that, when DC was going around in the old Red Bull (for the comparison event) the old engine let every one know why we loved the old noise. So I've basically contradicted myself. Just my 2c.
  5. I was there! It was very cool. He did look geniunely fast on a cool track.
  6. I had Webber to win ('bout time I started moving up the ranks!) Gotto supoort us Ozzies!
  7. Michael Just FYI, I know of several more in Victoria. 2 other black ones, another red, + I've seen a burgnudy & green on the roads in my travels as well. Cheers David aka Dasar7
  8. Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet..........???
  9. Cool. Another black Esprit arrives down under.
  10. Agreed!!! This is looking VERY promising. Whole new family look, while maintaining differentiation in each model - tend to agree with some of the others, the Elan to be the best seller.
  11. Morning All. I'm in the office this morning, just about to head out to the track. It will be intersting t see if rain comes on Sunday night (don't hold your breath), but Mark Webber did say it would be good to see a bit of interest due to the weather changes. I'll be at turn 1/2 cheeringMark, Heikki & Jarno on.
  12. Hey All, I'm on my waty there now.. Will be there for all 4 days, as per ususal, BUT THUS YEAR WILL BE ABLE TO CHEER ON THE BOYS. Can't by a bloody shirt yet though!
  13. I'll be at Melbourne GP & can't wait to get mine.
  14. OOW I made it to the podium And that's rocketed my up the standings to ..... err, still 15th Still, improving slowly, just as well there are plenty of races left to catch up ..... err, never mind.
  15. Dasar7

    My S4

    Great news Michael!!!
  16. Happy Belated Birthday Boss.
  17. Congratulations Steve. Nice to see another one coming down under.
  18. Michael Let me know how you go - as my symptoms mirror yours. I am also looking for local (cheaper) sources - as I saw the S&J price too. Cheers David
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