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  1. Thanks Trevor, great to have abit of a benchmark, especially in your car!! Do you do many track days? I can’t wait to get out there again.
  2. Hi guys, I did my first ever track day which was at Silverstone this week in my 3 eleven and had an instructor with me the whole day (Dave Pitttard) who did an amazing job of putting my nerves at rest and teaching me the lines etc while getting me quicker throughout the day. Im curious what is considered a good lap time around the GP circuit? My times were obviously very average but Dave did 2 laps in the car himself which were obviously considerably quicker than mine and so i was wondering what was considered a good benchmark. Its the first 3 Eleven in the UK to have the Hangar 111 470 Upgrade and the increased torque in the car, along with the extra power feels insane to someone with very little experience like myself. Ive put a copy of the rolling road below with the pre and post upgrade figures. My best time of the day was 2:36 and Daves was 2:21 with me in the car (6 foot 4, 15.5 stone passenger). He only did 2 flying laps so i would be curious how much quicker he could of gone if he was on his own and had a proper run of it. Happy for you comments positive and negative.
  3. Hi Guys, Would you mind if i came along to the meet on Monday? (weather permitting). Im keen to meet some other like minded people, especially as the nicer weather will be on its way soon Zaine.
  4. Cheers Dan, Yet to properly get it out on the track but hoping to before the bad weather sets in!
  5. Thanks bibs! i was nervous about changing the colour originally Thanks guys! Haven't had a proper chance to get it on a track yet.
  6. Hi Guys, Build number 56. Hampshire Recently brought this in launch colors with 6000 miles on the clock then had it fully resprayed, re-upholstered and then the 300s upgrade done at Hangar 111. Currently running 292bhp with 192lb torque. Would be interested to here people's opinions, good and bad.
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