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  1. Well, I was there...and didn't see any Clooney, Pitt or Moore lookalikes, so if I didn't speak to you, that's why. I managed to link up with Barry and he kindly let me have a sit in his soon-to-be-broken-down S4 - thanks, hope it wasn't me who jinxed it! I saw an absolutely immaculate blue S4S at the far end of the line, but it had gone by the time I went up there again, and I was in the crowd that was gathered round the back of the gorgeous black R-reg with the V8 wheels when the owner was revving it and opening up panels. Other than that, virtually no cars had their owners attached, so I couldn't say hello, sorry. Maybe next time... Cheers, Dean
  2. Deanflyer


    Aaahhhh, the Thruster - learned to fly on one, and passed my GFT on it. Happy Memories of Zulu Fox...
  3. Looking forward to it...after all, you're the one who pointed me in the direction of this place. Do I assume that you look like Foghorn Leghorn..? Dean
  4. Nah...model aircraft are where it's's my latest: Dean
  5. That last advert from 1987 is the one I had blu-tacked to my wall in my student digs in London! I used to look at it every day and think "one day!" I was looking through all my paperwork in the loft today, as I'm sure I still have it in the archive somewhere...and then I find it on here! What a coincidence. Thanks for bringing back a memory. Cheers, Dean
  6. Looking for a Stephens or later Esprit, ideally an S4 or S4S - hence the need for patience! I've just seen an advert on carsandclassics for an H reg turbo - H64 RAH. It's one that was advertised on this forum in February, and the new owner is selling it for a couple of grand more than the previous asking price. Anybody know anything about it or it's history? It's in Oxfordshire and owned by someone called Dominic, who was briefly on the forums here. Cheers, Dean
  7. We believe you, thousands wouldn't... I do still have the screenshot though, so any time you're thinking of selling the S4 at a bargain price, just let me know. Dean
  8. I'd be more concerned about the picture nine to the left of that one! Dean
  9. Hello all, I've only been on the forum a week, but already it looks like a good place to be, with a decent bunch of like-minded individuals. As I'm actively looking for an Esprit at the moment, and was pretty disappointed at the condition of the one I went to see last week, I'm intending to make a bit of a detour next weekend and drop in at the big gathering at Brooklands to have a close look at multiple Esprits. I want to convince myself that the one I saw isn't necessarily representative of all. To that end, I'm hoping that owners of Esprits won't mind me minutely examining their cars, and obviously with their permission, having a good look at the interiors. So, if you find yourself being cross examined about Lotus ownership by a short middle aged man who looks vaguely like Nigel Farage, it'll probably be me. Be nice...and if anyone is thinking of selling theirs, let me know! See you next weekend, Dean
  10. Andy - good man! Still got mine, too... Strange that Fireball was never seen in an Esprit, it was introduced about the same time as he was active. Ian - shhhh! Don't give away my secret identity... Dean
  11. You weren't in the Fireball Club too, were you..? Dean
  12. Building a kit car without a manual? Crikey. The last Esprit I went to see was dropping to bits in places, and the seller assured me this was normal for an Esprit as "they're like kit cars- the build quality just isn't there!" Strange thing to say when you're trying to sell it... Cheers, Dean
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