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  1. It was my car, I have moved into a Cup 260 as i plan to do more track events. The Evora is like new through out, simply stunning. Ands seriously rapid
  2. How are things progressing? Superb work, impressive attention to detail, I can’t wait to see how this thing is going to perform.
  3. I have read the same Tunix9, and also spoken with Back On Track whom helped fit and tune the system. Seams that injector change and an aftermarket fuel controller seams necessary as No One in the UK can remap the stock ECU to my knowledge, bar Hangar111 whom only remap with komotec maps where their upgrade kits are fitted. If someone in the UK could remap the ECU’s they would be pretty busy I’m sure!
  4. Has anyone come across these? I am looking for some Forged wheels in 19 and 20” for my 400 and found that the options are limited and expensive. This Company seam to have developed a set even lighter than the standard forged Lotus Wheels. I have found the Lotus offsets really limit the choice of aftermarket wheels?
  5. I had thge 460 kit fitted at the same time. But Dave @ Hangar111 did do back to back dyno tests with the stock exhaust after the kit had been fitted. The QT can gave slightly more power than the stock exhaust so I expect the same is true on the standard 400hp car. The QT can does flow slightly higher numbers on the flow bench so the results were expected but was also good to see that Hangar111's theory working in reality.
  6. The roof is painted and sills are wrapped. It's the standard Black Pack option on the 400
  7. Not supports. But I've bonded aluminium plates under the boot lid to spread the load. I havnt any back to back times for oulton unfortunately. However i had no understeer and the car get especially settled rounds fast corners like Druids which is usually slippery. I was very happy how it felt. It handled superbly with no issues.
  8. Ahh. Yep rear wing and carbon front splitter all my own work. I own a carbon manufacture company making cycle components www.rockguardz.Com I really liked what lotus did with the GT430. Couldn't afford one so decided to get busy over the Christmas break and make my own.
  9. Hi thought it would be worth while posting my experiences with upgrading my 400. I desperately wanted to be able to use the car on track without the noise worries we all suffer with so is been in contact with Dave Hackett at Hangar111 reguarding his development of the quiet system. We got the car booked in and also fitted the komotec 460bhp kit at the same time. The work took 2 days ans diving home tge car felt immediately stronger throughout the rev range, but it had lost the evora exhaust Bark in favour of supercharger whine and more of a Jet roar. Different but profoundly quieter, a new experience altogether. I took the car on track at Oulton yesterday. Static terested at 92. (It used to be 110+) so well inside the 95 limit. On track. It felt FAST! but also it was easier to concentrate on lines braking and all tge rest of it without so much noise! All in all a highly recommended mod and a must if you want to get out on the majority of UK tracks without any Noise infringement issues. InShot_20180209_202012238.mp4
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  11. Just bought this one, collecting it next week. super excited! it it is obviously the best colour. Lol not biased,not...
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