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  1. This wasn't the belt, that and the pump (Rover SD 1 type) were changed last year, but was caused by blockages in the rack itself, causing a build up of pressure and activating the blow-off valve. Eventually it caused the pressure feed pipe from the pump to rupture. But it was more a high-pitched whoose than a squeal. I had thus kind of squealing and then the oil dumped itself by failing the 20 yr old rusty metal pipe under the car. So obviously I need to replace all the pipes, but if I have a blockage in the rack, how do I clean that out? Pipes look expensive too, unless anyone has any g
  2. Hi Colin, Still in Hingham. I had the car off the road from late 2009 while I "got around to a few things" including replacing the radiator with an awesome aluminium one I had made. MOT'd it about april/may last year. Haven't used it that much, it hasn't helped that I got done by the police for something in my other car before I even got round to using the Lotus, so I haven't really even broken the speed limit in it, but I did do about 1000 miles in a week at one point when aforementioned other car decided to break down (Alfa Romeo...........). In many ways its nicer just usin
  3. I made it all the way to Oxford and back, although I did need a jump start at one point - battery seems to have gone duff. That colour is called Medina Green. Thanks for the "spot!" Gav
  4. Errrr.... sorry but that's nonsense. What the cat does is convert CO, unburned hydrogen and NOx to CO2 and water, and nitrogen, of which CO2 is obviously something we would prefer not to have, but is far less harmful to all concerned than CO unburned HC and NOx. No extra fuel is provided to the Cat to do this, but in order for both the oxidation and reduction reactions to take place it is necessary to run at the stoichiometric point, with a chemically balanced air:fuel ratio. Before Cats were used, some cars were run lean at light loads, so there is a small loss there. It is also possi
  5. A friend who now lives in Wellington NZ, face booked me to say "just saw an Esprit giving it some, paaaaaaaaarrrrrrppppp!" I think he was impressed. Gav I meant welly in Wellington of course , iPhone spelling BS.
  6. hi guys, I am selling a Garry Kemp ported head and high lift cams that he supplied to me and I never got round to fitting. (not new but the head has been cleaned up and skimmed by him) . Ends Sunday pm 29th jan Cheers, Gav
  7. Hi gents, Sorry I haven't been in the forum for a while, I have been working on some other stuff. Still got my S4, but the S3 was sold some time ago and although I kept an eye out for an Excel as a child friendly fun car I ended up acquiring a scimitar, so a couple of things I had left over and not used on the S3 are now for sale, namely: A ported cylinder head and high lift cams that I got from Garry Kemp. I bought this without much discussion except that I wanted a street driveable 200hp+ and he advised that with a good exhaust (which I already had) then this would be the ticket. I
  8. Difficult to know what is cause and what is effect, because I think once it decides there is a problem with the pressure control (either the switch or the accumulator to blame) it then runs the pump every time you press the brakes, as a kind of limp home mode. You can drive it like this but because you will have the motor running so much, the assumption is that you will clap it out in a short time. When my switch went bad, if you reset the system (either by key off or disconnecting the battery, i forget which, then it was ran the initial pump up and everything, but about the second time yo
  9. I've done the monkey business. Angel is good, also ok with bird in hand at hethel.(wrenningham). I think you normally do the first Tues of the month, and we have our board meetings on first tues of every other month, also my wife has college that night. So for me a wed or thurs is much better. Gav
  10. Also loving the relocated battery. Unless the orig. battery location on S1 is different to the later cars? (right rear corner), why did they need to do that? Too mean to buy longer cable to the starter?
  11. Maybe that's not such a bad idea, a pack of disposable roofs! I did see a guy with a dodge viper at le mans which normally has the same problem - roof panel takes up the whole boot, so he had some kind of adaption parts and then it had a fabric roof on it a bit like the elise, although it didn't sit completely flush so did look slightly untidy, but at least he could pack it away along with his tent. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.
  12. I am thinking about making a two piece roof. I've had the car 3 years and only in the last couple of months have I been using it with the roof off, which I really like, but it's an arse putting it in and out the boot because you have to take everything else out first, and then (unless I'm doing it wrong) it doesn't sit flat. Splitting the roof into a front and rear section, plus it would be lighter, easier to manage and wouldn't render the car unuseable if you damaged it seems a good idea to me. Probably hinged in some way, I haven't completely schemed that out yet.
  13. In their own way, most of these guys are car enthusiasts too. It's a sign of respect for your car that they are showing they want some kind of relationship, they wouldn't do it if you were in a Zafira or something. A quick squirt through the gears to show them what it can do, then let them make their choice to pass or follow. Make it clear that it's meant in good taste and it's never a problem. At least not in Norfolk.......
  14. I think the width was comparable. It does surprise me seeing them together, the Esprit does make the Evora look a bit portly in side profile, although I think when you dig into the specifics of weight and torsional stiffness, the Esprit will be shamed. On the other hand, I took my Esprit to the kids school as part of a lesson I volunteered to give on the subject of 'wheels' (to 6 yr olds) and the entire school was falling all over it.
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