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  1. What engine oils have people experimented with? Any preference for track use? And any tips/tricks on DIY oil change at home. Will be my first time changing it myself on the Lotus.
  2. We used CARS last year to Portimao.
  3. Eltech quality is very good. Never had a language problem with Matteo at Eltech.
  4. That looks like a very poor quality product. And very wide weave on the carbon which is usually cheaper and less time consuming to produce.
  5. I had this issue with stock discs and PF08, no issues since I swapped to the new bigger discs. As Jack mentions, bedding in properly is key to smooth braking on track.
  6. W31SSN

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Are Back On Track offering this? Or just offering fitment through 2Bular. They are only about 20mins from me so would be helpful to get more info. SSC seem to be very quiet on all this, strange considering the time, effort and money they must of put in to develop the kit. (alongside Harrop and BOE).
  7. W31SSN

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    100% makes a difference, did back to back laps at Spa in a friends stock 350 without wing vs. Mine with, and there is a big difference. (Same Nitron 3 way and ZZR tyres on both). Where the rear starts to squirm (especially through Pouhon and Blanchimont) you can feel the rear squat and press the tyres into the road.
  8. Matteo/Eltech are based in Italy so the shipping is pretty cheap to Europe/UK. The best method of contacting him is through the Facebook page.
  9. Matteo at Eltech offers a range of fantastic Carbon bits. I have the rear wing and front splitter, with intent to purchase the rear deck lid and front access panel in the coming months. He also offers the 380 style with which ever colour you wish.
  10. W31SSN

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Seems reasonable at that price per performance gain. Is this exactly the same kit developed by SSC and offered by Hoffman’s?
  11. W31SSN

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Want! Any idea who’s going to be offering this in the UK and when?
  12. W31SSN

    front arch vents

    Saw this at the Lotus 70th event. Appears to be a V6 club racer but with a new front clam with vents in.
  13. Already got tickets but if you need an Exige 350 with added aero, more than welcome.
  14. W31SSN

    Now "Happy Lotus Owner"...

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Our Exige 350 gearbox did exactly the same thing on our first trackday ever at Bedford. There were quite a few other Lotus guys there who all had a poke around, but our track day finished after 3 laps. Lotus sent a tech up and agreed to fit a brand new gearbox under warranty. The car had not been altered in any way though.
  15. W31SSN

    Charge cooling options?

    As far as I'm aware the only aftermarket option available is the Komotec package. SSC Aus have talked about their option which looks similar to the Lotus OEM in the 410 and 430, but seem to have gone quiet. It' a shame nobody can get access to the manufacturer Lotus uses for the 410 and 430.