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  1. Exige picture & video thread

    Loaded up, next stop Portimao.
  2. Spotted - neglected Elise.

    Anyone know anything about this sad case? It’s parked in my flat car park at Battersea Park, London. The front is quite badly damaged and has loads of dust on it.
  3. I’ve always believed a roll cage was intended for side impacts, thus causing the car to roll. On a trackday this would(should) be highly unlikely.
  4. @mark248am If I remember correctly; hold down your finger on the back screen until a little box appears. That’s the area of the frame your camera will auto-expose to. You can move the box around to any area of the frame by dragging it around to just by taping on a different area. You have the option to tell your camera to lock the exposure or auto-expose to that spot based on how bright or dark it will get.
  5. @Arun_D Yep, it’s a right pain in the arse and you can only do it on the camera screen itself, not on the app. But when it’s working it’s excellent. And much cheaper than a Smartycam!
  6. I ended up ordering some nicely made carbon splitter rods from FTR in the US. After some top quality engineering (see. Complete trial and error guesswork) they are on! Really pleased with the result.
  7. @alias23 What made you ditch the Eltech wing for your new setup?
  8. Lotus 3-Eleven 430 - New model released!

    Proper diff too
  9. As I further up: Hold down the race button until Race mode is active, then one quick push of the race button to turn it all off.
  10. £3,464 for the rear tailgate £2,934 for the rear wing plus £204 for the wing uprights, plus £180 for the wing bases, plus £670 for the wing end plates! So near enough £4,000.
  11. I got one for the 380 Cup boot and wing, it was hilarious. Will try and dig it out for you.
  12. Have you ordered a suction mount for it? Looking at the technical drawings on the AIM website, the Solo 2 DL should fit the old mount.
  13. Big Wing V6 - Register

    @alias23 Same spec as yours, for some reason all the pics I took that day make it look bigger.
  14. Hold down the race button until Race mode is active, then one quick push of the race button to turn it all off.
  15. Big Wing V6 - Register

    2016 350 Sport with Eltech Wing.