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  1. I thought it might be gear linkage but I think 3rd and 5th are on the same link and 3rd is fine. With 5th it's as if I haven't depressed the clutch all the way. Do Back on Track have much experience with the gearboxes/gear linkage? They are not far from me in Guildford.
  2. Anyone else had issues with 5th gear crunching when going in?Especially when on track? Every other gear is smooth (thanks to Redline MT90).
  3. As said above. Turning in too early, which is pushing you wide of the apex, you are then coming off gas which is causing the front to bite and the rear go light, then turning again to hit the apex. By the time you exit and are back on the gas the car is not balanced, the weight is in the wrong place and you light up the rears.
  4. Anyone else going to Castle Combe on 10/10/2019?
  5. Has anyone gone for larger rear discs - and noticed any increase in braking performance. I’m still on the stock single piece rear discs but they are almost done. Will go fully float from Seriously Lotus. Just not sure if the bigger discs are worth it on the rear.
  6. I would be replacing those discs before doing any more track days..... the rears might get one more day but those fronts are toast IMO.
  7. Had a great day at Silverstone on Thursday. Hadn't driven there in a few years, but managed a 2:34 with a 90kg passenger so pleased with that. Next steps more power, EX480...….
  8. Available through Demon Tweeks Left it for 10 days without being on charger and fired up first time.
  9. I’m considering the AIM dash, but mount it on the dash similar to the Aston GT4 setup. That way you have the traditional dials plus all the extra bits that come with the digital displays.
  10. Just a standard socket set for the caliper bolts, and an Allen key for the disc lock. Maybe a soft hammer to nudge the discs off. And some copper grease for the new disc mounting.
  11. Very useful for those with AIM gear.
  12. The 410/430 use a larger supercharger, a TVS1740 so presumably this is the reason for the larger throttle body. I don’t think a larger throttle body would be a straight bolt-on to the 1320.
  13. Has anyone come across an Evora/Exige 410/430 with the Komotec 475 upgrade fitted? Would be interested to hear people's thoughts.
  14. I doubt the ECU would complain too much, it's already been updated from stock. The ECUs have a small amount of learning capability. Might be worth emailing Daniel at Komotec and asking his advice.
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