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  1. As said above. Turning in too early, which is pushing you wide of the apex, you are then coming off gas which is causing the front to bite and the rear go light, then turning again to hit the apex. By the time you exit and are back on the gas the car is not balanced, the weight is in the wrong place and you light up the rears.
  2. Anyone else going to Castle Combe on 10/10/2019?
  3. Has anyone gone for larger rear discs - and noticed any increase in braking performance. I’m still on the stock single piece rear discs but they are almost done. Will go fully float from Seriously Lotus. Just not sure if the bigger discs are worth it on the rear.
  4. I would be replacing those discs before doing any more track days..... the rears might get one more day but those fronts are toast IMO.
  5. Had a great day at Silverstone on Thursday. Hadn't driven there in a few years, but managed a 2:34 with a 90kg passenger so pleased with that. Next steps more power, EX480...….
  6. Available through Demon Tweeks Left it for 10 days without being on charger and fired up first time.
  7. I’m considering the AIM dash, but mount it on the dash similar to the Aston GT4 setup. That way you have the traditional dials plus all the extra bits that come with the digital displays.
  8. Just a standard socket set for the caliper bolts, and an Allen key for the disc lock. Maybe a soft hammer to nudge the discs off. And some copper grease for the new disc mounting.
  9. Very useful for those with AIM gear.
  10. The 410/430 use a larger supercharger, a TVS1740 so presumably this is the reason for the larger throttle body. I don’t think a larger throttle body would be a straight bolt-on to the 1320.
  11. Has anyone come across an Evora/Exige 410/430 with the Komotec 475 upgrade fitted? Would be interested to hear people's thoughts.
  12. I doubt the ECU would complain too much, it's already been updated from stock. The ECUs have a small amount of learning capability. Might be worth emailing Daniel at Komotec and asking his advice.
  13. Komotec website states a minimum weight addition of 4.6kg excluding water. I would think the SSC charge cooled is probably 8-12kg excluding fluids. Non CC TVS1900 has a shipping weight of 19kg, no idea how much a stock supercharger weighs.
  14. It does not fit the standard bracket as is much smaller. I fashioned one using a piece of alu plate and the existing battery tray bolts. No problems with starting even after being left off the battery tender for 7 days. Very impressed so far.
  15. I recently returned from a trip which included two days at a wet Ascari and two days at a hot Portimao, so thought I’d give some feedback on the Avon ZZR vs Michelin Cup 2. I had the chance to drive my Exige 350 on Michelin Cup 2 and a friends 350 on ZZR. Both had 3-way Nitrons installed and set up by Hoffman’s. The ZZR provides much more dry grip and a better turn in than Cup 2. However in the wet the Cup 2 is far better. On the road the Cup2 is significantly more comfortable, thanks to the taller front tyre at 45 v 40 for the ZZR and the much softer sidewall helps to even out road imperfections. I haven't had the wheels off yet to check how much life is left, but they look good for another two days. Last year at Portimao on the same set up with ZZR, they were pretty much done after two full days. If you are looking for out and out grip then the ZZR in my opinion are better. If you are looking for a tyre to get to the track, blast round then drive home, the Michelin Cup 2 is a better proposition. I’m sure it varies depending on how each person drives but that’s just my opinion after the 4 days. I was running ZZR hot at 29psi and Cup2 at 30-31 hot. Photo with @mcx in Portimao pitlane.
  16. Will SSC Aus sell us the kit directly? Or does it have to be through Hoffman’s? If so my plan is to buy and install, along with Komotec headers and downpipe then get a custom ECU and tune done. Either Motec or another third party ECU. Recently returned from Ascari and Portimao, had a ride in a friends Exige 350 with TVS1900 installed and the pulling power was massive over my stock 350. Out of the corners there was much greater urgency and it kept pulling hard along the straights where mine was running out of puff pretty early. The EX460 must feel like being strapped to a missile. Hopefully I can achieve the same with the above.
  17. Recently fitted an Aliant YLP30 purchased from Demon Tweeks. Produced in house in Italy. Just 1.7kg and has started the car 5/6 times without any issues. Will report back in a few months with any issues.
  18. Are the Komotec headers much louder than the stock ones? Have you gone for the Y pipe and cats too?
  19. I too am considering charge cooled TVS1900 options through either Back On Track, Hoffman’s or Komotec. @alias23 Is accurate with pricing, you are unlikely to see any change from £16k fully fitted. If you are not planning on tracking the car that much, you might be better off with the non cooled version circa £6000 fitted. This would be ample power for the road plus give plenty of more expensive cars a run for their money.
  20. Hoping to get mine done next week, will be very interesting to see how my 350 compares to a V6.
  21. You will be amazed at how that set of mods will transform the car, you’ll find yourself having to re-learn everything 😅. Also worth changing the pads if you are still on stock, biggest difference per £. I recommend Performance Friction 08 (as do many others on here).
  22. I believe the cooled TVS1900 is offered by Back on Track and Hoffmans. I know of one kit installed by Back on Track, but otherwise it has been very quiet regarding this system.
  23. Considered this myself. Rough idea on costs?
  24. Performance Friction PF08 are superb, especially paired with floating discs. Really nice progression, don't squeal on the road and great stopping when hot on track.
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