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  1. As I further up: Hold down the race button until Race mode is active, then one quick push of the race button to turn it all off.
  2. £3,464 for the rear tailgate £2,934 for the rear wing plus £204 for the wing uprights, plus £180 for the wing bases, plus £670 for the wing end plates! So near enough £4,000.
  3. I got one for the 380 Cup boot and wing, it was hilarious. Will try and dig it out for you.
  4. Have you ordered a suction mount for it? Looking at the technical drawings on the AIM website, the Solo 2 DL should fit the old mount.
  5. @alias23 Same spec as yours, for some reason all the pics I took that day make it look bigger.
  6. Hold down the race button until Race mode is active, then one quick push of the race button to turn it all off.
  7. 2016 350 Sport with Eltech Wing.
  8. Who did you order with? Everywhere I have found it, it is shipping end of Feb.
  9. The OBD cable is by far the easiest, just jam it into the port under the steering wheel and it will take RPM etc.
  10. Which coolers have you guys gone for?
  11. For those interested: I came close to ordering the Racepak CL1, however after speaking to them directly it appears the OBD ECU bridge is still a work in progress, which is a little annoying. Instead I will likely purchase the new AIM Solo 2, which at £570 all in works out roughly the same as the Racepak. A friend has been using the Solo 1 for a while in his Viper ACR and highly recommends it.
  12. I too may be interested in a few pieces. Most likely front access and side pods.
  13. Was at Autosport this weekend, and came across this neat bit of kit. Very impressive for the money; 20hz gps, plug the OBDII socket into the box which then bluetooths to your phone to use as the screen, and to record all the data, which can then be shared via cloud. On board batteries which last around 12hrs of use but come with a charger cable. On board G sensors too. Will very likely be ordering one the end of this month. If anyone else is interested might be able to do a group buy.
  14. I'm on standard single piece discs with PF 08 pads at the moment, and the stopping power is great. What are people's thoughts regarding the komotec brake package vs the seriously lotus kit?
  15. The difficulty with using the top tow bar bolts, is that it is 14 inches down to the splitter and obscures the number plate..... Does anyone know if there is a suitable mounting place behind the two smaller side grills?
  16. Thanks Jack! Will go with a pair of front rods, makes sense to fix a rigid tow hook at the same time, as we normally have to remove the grill each time we are on track.
  17. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Thinking the splitter rods could be a good remedy. @Jack where did you secure yours? Would the vertical bar the tow hook attaches to be adequate?
  18. It is exactly 1450 incl end plates and 280 deep. Same mould as Imran’s probably.
  19. I believe the rear wing is the same size as yours as that is the theoretical maximum the boot can handle without reinforcement. B&C did the install as I was out of the country for a bit, but wanted it done before winter storage. They seemed confident that it was secure enough, but will get it up on a ramp at some point and check it over. Do you know what is involved with the clam strengthening?
  20. It’s not needed for the Eltech splitter as it’s one large single piece of carbon (as opposed to a U shape) and bolted every which way...... I hope!
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