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  1. Polar manufacturing based in Norfolk have made a number of Lotus OEM Carbon parts. I believe they make the 380 cup rear hatch with Prodrive making the rear wing.
  2. I believe the B&C lhd Cup was one of the first off the production line. The orange cup was produced much later. Perhaps they blocked them up following further testing.
  3. The front splitter and rear wing arrived today. Excellent build quality and craftsmanship. Any suggestions on how to fit the front splitter would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Lotus continue to bang on about the track ability, but still haven't found a solution allowing it to be used on most UK tracks.
  5. Massive want - but have they sorted out the exhaust db issue?
  6. Eltech-Italia produce one, in either carbon or fibreglass. Was quite tempted by their carbon one after Lotus quoted £3,500 for the 380 Cup version.
  7. I have the rear wing and front splitter in Carbon on order from Eltech, should be shipped this week, hopefully! Will report back when they arrive.
  8. In short; the 3-way nitrons turn the Exige into a different car. It is not noticeably stiffer on the road, but a completely different animal on the track. The most noticeable improvement is the front end bite and turn in, and then they way it is completely stable mid-corner, and feels like the acceleration is better on exit as a result of the stiffer rear. Another big surprise was the braking, distances were shortened dramatically from the stock suspension with the same ZZR tyre setup. Could not recommend this upgrade enough. It is a shame not all Exige's come this way from the factory!
  9. Full 3-way going in today, all being well will be testing them out at Rockingham this Saturday.
  10. Took delivery of my 350 Sport in June 2016, it was my first track car so didn't think I quite needed a cup. 1 year and quite a few track days later I now realise perhaps a cup 360 would have been a more suitable. As previously mentioned they do not come up for sale very often and the Cup 380 is just not viable so have decided to modify it! 3-way Nitrons are going in next week. Big Eltech rear wing and carbon front splitter are on the way. Next will be a big brake upgrade kit when the current discs run out(suggestions welcome). Will see how we get on with this but the TVS supercharger and carbon seats will likely be added next year. My recommendation would be to keep yours and just add the bits you feel will improve it, most are reversible for if/when you sell - plus Exige 400 Sprint sounds awesome!
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  12. Prior to getting the Exige I had a Cayman 987 Sport S, great car but was constantly wary of the IMS failure issue. Wanting something more track focused I tried to get a GT4 from new but wasn't able to so tried the next best option the Exige 350. Having gone from never even sat in any Lotus to regularly tracking ours, and driven and been passenger(with a very competent GT3 spec peddler) in a GT4 I am glad of the Lotus choice. The GT4 is an amazing car, but that's exactly it's problem, it's so well engineered it's just boring. It doesn't feel special inside and doesn't give you that same track buzz. Incidentally the GT3 spec driver taking me round also felt the same way. People bang on about lap times endlessly, but if that's what you are after then get a 996 cup with slicks and you'll leave pretty much any track toy in the dust. If you want something you can improve and have proper fun in, get a Lotus.
  13. We recently asked Lotus about all the external carbon bits from the 380cup for the 350 and the price was..... £16k excluding fitting! So think it will be the Eltech wing for me.
  14. @LF1 Great feedback, thank you. Looking to pair it with a CupR front splitter and the big Eltech rear wing.
  15. As anyone had any experience with the Nitron 3-way system for track days and minimal road use (driving to and from circuits)?
  16. Hi all. Picked up the Exige 350 last June(2016) and enjoyed multiple trips to Spa, Silverstone, Goodwood, Rockingham etc. but feel now is the time for some substantial upgrades..... will hopefully be documenting them here for those interested.
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