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  1. Update: The Komotec Quiet Track exhaust has now been fitted, it sounds great, louder and deeper at idle however the drone on motorways is erm….. awful 😝. But I’m prepared to put up with it in order to attend track days.

    BOT weighed both exhausts and the KT is about 4kg lighter than the existing 350 back box. 

    Video of noise comparison to follow.



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  2. Great numbers there. Love the idea of switchable maps to the track and on the track. 
    I was booked in with Komotec pre virus, for their 490 package (using the 410,430 supercharger unit). Would be interested to hear your reasoning on opting for the 1900 unit and price differences. When I contacted Hoffman’s, just supplying the unit was pretty hefty. 

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  3. Can't help thinking the newly announced Aston Martin engine would fit the Evora/Exige platform perfectly. They will have spent a tonne developing and testing, so Lotus could do something similar to Aston did with the Merc V8's. Would be nice to have a UK developed and built engine instead of a modified Volvo unit. 

  4. The 1320 is a bit small to make much more power efficiently, without generating too much heat, the 1900 is more suited to 4.0l plus engines. The 1740 is basically the sweet spot, both in terms of operating efficiency window and packaging with a charge cooler. 

    The EX490 kit uses the factory 430 Charger and cooler combined with proprietary intake and headers. 

    Hoping to get mine installed in the coming months.....

  5. When I enquired end of last year with SSC and Harrop regarding their charge cooled setup, SSC just pushed me towards Hoffman's but Harrop would sell directly to me. Shipping wasn't too bad if I remember correctly, never got as far shipping so can't comment on import taxes.

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