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  1. Not yet. I was in pool this weekend. I will go for a drive later and try to leave my previous problems out of my mind.
  2. I clearly explained that I was in legal proceedings. I also stated the car had already spent 3 months at lotus. Also Im away half the time. So what so strainge about that? So I've raised complaints, real design problems and pointed out ways lotus could provide us all with better cars. You lot say it's a lotus it's ment to leak, squeak, rattle and grind. So lotus change nothing.
  3. Isn't this getting personal. I don't appreciate being called a liar! Well done!
  4. I washed it as promised. Fitted a new battery and ran the car for a few hours. All the squeaks from the auxiliary belt aria have disappeared. Maybee grease/oil on the belts was the problem. No fault coads appeared, to my surprise. I will insure and tax the car. And give it another drive.
  5. I was not born with cash. I'm not a spoilt rich kid.
  6. I stated I liked the car when driven flat out. So racing it would make some sense. The panamera pick are showing a properly designed engine bay that protects the belts and bearings. That cars been off-road, in snow ,up mountains, though desert and intense rain and looks like new. Yep its you!
  7. English was never my strong point being Dyslexic. And yep I've done well! legal proceedings take a lot of time. My porsches are touring cars, no real events to enter.
  8. Thanks for the invite. I'm down south this weekend but another time maybee.
  9. Yep that's closed! Looks much worst close up. See my frustrations now? I think lotus should replace my prototype car with something finished! Maybee an apology?
  10. I no both the porches are the top speck. But both cars in lower speck can be had for the same cash as the lotus and the lower speck cars are of the same quality. I did not exspect the lotus to be quite as well tested or finished as the porches but it's a million miles away and for all our sakes and they need to improve. A brilliant design has been tainted by cost cutting and lack of testing. That's at the CEO!
  11. Here's some picks. Please forgive me for the Evora pick I will clean it today Compaire the engine bays of the cars. Please lotus fix this! Do you lot ever look outside? The lines on the roof are masking tape edges and this is how the car was sent to me after the 3 months back at lotus hq. I stated earlier that when flat out I really enjoy the Lotus, find it horable all other times. I am very board in the uk and have alway fancied motorsport. So I'm thinking maybe I could race it? Is it suitable for events like the lotus cup, or should I have a exige instead? Then
  12. This was may last year and the car has not left my house since. I went and bought my 991 turbos s which is simply a crazy beast with tremendous all round all weather performance and a true track weapon. Now this bit is odd as whilst talking with you lot I mentiond I found the car awesome when flat out. Annoying all other times. So I'm board in England and have car I only enjoy to thrash. Is my lotus any good entering races? If so then I may have a use for it! And it may avoid the axe!
  13. Maybe your right Jay, So I traded in our m6 gran coupe which was insainly powerful but a week chassis. We received our Evora. Instantly I noticed the air leek from the door. My drivers door simply dose not fit. Door not closed my ass! Next I notice the tractor noise from the gearbox in low torx situations. I hope this would pas as I broke in the car. It didn't. Then the seat became loose,I noticed dreadful paint finishes,the supercharge belt also squeaked and the power steering pump squealed on full lock. I complained about all the faults except for the tractor gearbox(I
  14. Hi chaps arrived back in the U.K. Yesterday after a awesome drive home. Since my wife and I left the uk January we have driven to the artic in Finland to see the northern lights. Then drove to the south of Spain Cartagena then back to the uk. Oh and we swapped our car half way due to a mot date mistake. My new panamera turbo s now has 4000 miles on the clock and so far no faults or irritations at all. So far perfect! Our average speed for the 4000 miles was 70 mph. Half the drives were in mountain rainges whair I rag my cars as much as I dare. My 911 turbos s has had one fault in two suc
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