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  1. There's a shroud for £150 and a couple of wing mirrors. Centre consoles appear regularly.
  3. Good to have a diy go at corner weighting but it's only going to cost about £65 to get it done professionally, especially if geo is being done at the same time.
  4. Olly at........ Phoenix Motorsport Albion Mill/Unit 7 Duckworth St Accrington, Church BB5 4LQ 01254 384071
  5. I don't think Camskill ship to the US. A full slick? Shouldn't be a problem. Try....... Roger Kraus in California, 1-800-510-RACE Frisby Performance Tire in Illinois, 1 815 525 7050 Sascosports in Virginia 1 434 822 7200 They can supply full slick track only or semi slick road legal.
  6. https://forums.the
  7. Romford 01708 340168
  8. Remove the black plastic surround and the knobs to give full access and it will clean up as new.
  9. Probably best to contact Eliseparts direct for advice in that case.
  10. I wouldn't want to move them down manually but it sounds like that's your last option. Perhaps move just the rev counter manually and see how it performs. If it works normally then do the speed.
  11. Did you open the drivers door when resetting? 1/ Sit in car and turn off the ignition. 2/ Open the driver's door 3/ Press and hold the trip-meter reset button 4/ Turn the key in the ignition to the second position You could also try disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes
  12. S2 Bilstein with different mounting brackets for the S1. I don't think you'll improve on Elise Parts kit prices for that option. Gaz option is good value. See Ebay. I know what you mean about the bladder issue but I'm not sure much is gained in that department by damper changing unless you go for having a set of Nitron specially tuned for bladder comfort. Speak to Hofmanns if you want to know more. Having said that you will notice a big improvement over your current dampers. The bladder issue is most likely solved with new dampers and a more compliant set of tyres - I'm assuming you would be happy to lose some handling capability?
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