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  1. I guess the alarm activates because the access panel is off. Push down on the switch to see if it stops sounding. Standard Elise batteries won't do well over winter unless on a battery conditioner. Once you have a little bit of charge back in the battery the car should respond to the fob.
  2. Assuming what you've been told is true see if you have a fuse in 22 which is the CDL circuit. It needs a 7.5 amp fuse. If you have one then see if you have wiring and lock actuators in the doors.
  3. Just pull harder from the bottom. The sealing foam tends to get sticky.
  4. 111S has the Rover engine. 111R onwards for Toyota. This will give a good overview until the recommendations start coming in.....
  5. This explains the repair should you not want to buy new from Elise Shop. If you scroll to the bottom there's some options for removing the spinning cap.
  6. Probably not but only you can decide. What fault required the change? They did the work so they must know. Make an offer that takes your concerns into account?
  8. For the S2 yes, that's correct.
  10. Faulty catalytic converter, faulty O2 sensor (there are two) or exhaust leak.
  11. The Elise is an easy daily. The Toyota engine has a simpler service schedule and is considered bullit proof if looked after and the 6200 rpm cam change seems very popular. It carries a price premium. I don't find the K any less reliable if looked after. The K head gasket might fail but it also might not. £500 and half a day by a specialist on your drive and it's good for life. Mileage seems indefinate for either car if looked after and respected. Having driven my K daily for three years I now know that I'd reach 6200 so rarely on public roads that the Toyota would be waste
  12. Walk away if that's all you have to go on. There could be any number of costly problems with it. It needs a professional inspection to answer your question. Try....... Autohaus Haese GmbH Autohaus Ulmen GmbH Automobile-Muller e.K Exklusive Kollektion GmbH Lotus Leipzig Merz & Pabst GmbH Rosenmaier Schuttenbach Auto Service Westside Cars GmbH
  13. Lotus supplied the Spider wheels in Silver and Hi Power Silver. I think Silver was a change for the 111R due to matching issues with the Hi Power. The Hi Power finish can't usually be matched. Maybe you could do a front and rear and have them on the same side and it wouldn't notice. Probably best just to get all four done. Lotus suggest Specialised Paintwork, 01189 306206.
  14. This is where @jonnyboy got a repair. Perhaps send them photos for an initial opinion?
  15. No, nothing to do with the dampers. Check toe link rubber covers.
  17. S2 - 7.5 x 17 rear S1 - 7 x 16 rear S1 - 7.5 x 16 rear on 111s and Type 49 This info is quite common on the internet..... Lotus reduced the front downforce and the rear lift on the S2 to achieve almost neutral balance which delivers consistant handling balance at all speeds, while the S1's high front downforce and rear lift contributed greatly to the cars tendancy to oversteer at high speed. It could be argued that reducing downforce is a retrograde step and that leaving the front in S1 configuration and then increasing the rear downforce further to achieve a Clr in the re
  18. There's a shroud for £150 and a couple of wing mirrors. Centre consoles appear regularly.
  20. Good to have a diy go at corner weighting but it's only going to cost about £65 to get it done professionally, especially if geo is being done at the same time.
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