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  1. The brake/clutch fluid replacement will be due but won't be part of the C service, so you'll have to ask for it. Same with the coolant replacement and alarm transmitter batteries.
  2. No idea regarding the Odometer correction but this will bring the beeps back..... TURNING ON/OFF THE ARM/DISARM BEEPS Make sure the alarm is unarmed. 1) Remove power by pulling fuse F11 or disconnecting the battery. 2) Reconnect power & press remote button 'A' within 5 seconds of connecting power. Button A is the large one.
  3. Regarding the cambelt.....Three belts in all - cam timing, VVC drive and alternator/air con. I'd change them all. Gates belts are considered the best. I would also have a new water pump fitted at the same time. Easy when changing the belts. Change gearbox oil. Geometry check. Other than that just ask Simon to give it a check over beyond the C service items and phone you about anything he discovers. A new battery might be worth considering.
  4. Simon Chester Classic Modern Sports Adjacent CG Coachworks Chiddingly Road Horam Heathfield East Sussex TN21 0JJ Tel: 01435 812846 Mob: 07785 933696 Email: [email protected]
  5. https://classifieds.the
  6. Rear E1682RS14 MDB 1891 Front E1587RS14 MDB 1890 I don't think you'll beat Hanger 111, Seriously Lotus or Elise Shop prices.
  7. Front undertray off and looking for two of these flexible pipes hanging down. Somewhere around the heater box. The V shaped thing in the end is the valve. Remove both valves.
  8. Probably car washing liquid caused by the HVAC drain tube being blocked. Remove the one way valve from the end and if water pours out that's the cause. I believe dealers permanently remove the tube but just not refitting the valve should be enough.
  9. Lotus type 41. See Year 1966 for the Type 41 and 1967 for the C variant.
  10. Mot expired December 2016 as did the tax. Only 2 miles driven the previous year. Currently SORN.
  11. Rimstock 8 spoke. Here: Or used via forums or Ebay: Should be able to get a set for about €300 if you are patient.
  12. That clam is a 2004 onwards variant with pre 2004 access panels. You need the access panels in Bibs link and diagram.
  13. Do you mean the indicators? I thought these were integrated into the headlights in 2011. Maybe you have a later front clam or a previous owner has modified the car? Can you post a photo?
  14. You can get the part number here: Probably easier to repaint the existing part though. Have a bodyshop quote you for the cracks and spraying the panel.
  15. You can get your CDL module repaired here: This is how to remove it: http://wiki.the Alternatively, a used unit from Ebay for about £15. Search: KIEKERT GM 90457682 PA
  16. Apologies Miguel, added to the Elise on 2005 manufactured cars onwards. The brackets for the driving lights in the front grill might be another good option for stainless.
  17. There's a good used one here..... https://classifieds.the
  18. It's all on this:
  19. Thanks all. I can't make the meet tomorrow but will try for a future one.
  20. S2111S


  21. A quick hello from me. Having been a Caterham 7 owner for the last 15 years I've now changed to a 2005 Lotus Elise S2 111S, a long time aspiration. The car has done 22k miles and will soon be my only car and daily driver. I'll be self-maintaining, carrying out an annual 'C' service. Take the timing belts out of the equation (which I won't be changing myself) and there's not a great deal of difference between A, B and C content, so to keep things straightforward I'll just do the C. The car was originally supplied by B&C to someone in Reading and I'm told a previous owner was/is? a Lotus test driver. If anyone might be able to help identify who that was I'd be grateful - just curious. Let me know and I'll provide more details. Simon
  22. Hi, The connector under the seat is just for the belt warning buzzer. The airbag connection is to the retractor mechanism which contains a small explosive charge. See here: S.
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