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  1. Bought my 400 in June. Did an 800 mile run-in in 26 hours. And then brought the car home (which introduces a fair expanse of open sea to the nearest dealer). Not had a single problem with the car and absolutely love it. As do my kids, wife and just about everyone else I see on the roads.
  2. My 111R had a bit of transmission / gearbox rattling. I lived with it but never liked it. Having said that a lot of passengers barely registered it. Anyway... my auto 400 just purrs. And then snarls when you want it to. It's a beautiful soundtrack. I can't imagine ever tiring of it.
  3. Congratulations. Great that you have it home and the journey begins. I said goodbye to my Elise 111R of 12 years this last week. Very sad. But look forward to getting my Evora 400 in a few weeks time. Enjoy the croissant run in the morning..... What a great way to start the day.
  4. Wow - looks awesome. Great purchase. Have fun......
  5. That's one of the things I really like about Lotus owners - so friendly and obliging. As soon as I have the delivery date I will be in touch.
  6. Assuming this is for real I am very keen to hear all the detail, I have ordered a new 400 and am awaiting a delivery date. Slight complication for me is that I live on the Isle of Man so extended issues would be a total killer as I have the little matter of the Irish Sea between me and a Service Centre. So fingers crossed I get a good one! Quite a risk I know - but when you love Lotus, you drive the 400 and decide you really want one, you end up taking that risk.
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