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  1. Had a set of RE-71R's for autocross and they worked great. They are grippy and quiet when on the freeway. Cornering is great as well. My buddy has R888R's and according to him, these toyo tires have phenomenal grip and stiff sidewalls though have a tendency to get very noisy.
  2. I like the silver one to make it more noticeable yet not too flashy.
  3. I like using Autoglym vinyl and rubber spray after cleaning the engine bay.
  4. Xpel is another good film and worth considering if you're planning to re-wrap your car.
  5. I have the Covercraft cover. The material is quite thick yet still breathable.
  6. I like wearing my Puma driving shoes since they are comfy and not too bulky.
  7. Another new guy here so thought I'd post a short intro. My name is Andew and I have a 07 Elise. I will upload some pics of my ride next time.
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