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  1. You certainly would have done. What are you driving? I'll keep a look out? @Gashead1105
  2. Recently new to an Exige 350 after coming from an automatic for the last 2 years. When the car is hot there is a very slight smell, possibly just a hot smell but I'm sure there's a slight hint of clutch. Also when pulling out of junctions and the odd time when you have to get a shift on because of traffic etc or someone flashes you out I get a smell of clutch come into the cabin. I've never experienced this on other vehicles and regularly drive the partners manual without any troubles at all. Is there a common fault with these? Could it be due to it being an ex demonstrator? Am I just a rubbish driver? Thanks in advance
  3. @andyj007 I'm also in Great Horkesley, what have you got? I'll keep and eye out!
  4. @JayEmm So long as I can get away from work at a sensible time I'll 100% be there!
  5. Hi Guys, First time Lotus owner! Just purchased an Exige 350 in Metallic Orange from Aimee at Lotus Silverstone. What an awesome car. Did own a C63 AMG but wasn't as fun as I'd hoped and wasn't turning enough heads. Also cost rather a lot to run and maintain, especially with hard driving. Managed a set of rear tyres in 2000miles! My friend James @JayEmm convinced me that Lotus was the way forward, he wasn't wrong!!
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