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  1. I shall be there in the Elise in the 'moderns' car park
  2. Hi Bibs My membership renewed in May (paypal payment of £24 made on 5th May) but I am shown as a basic account. Only just noticed as I've just tried to enter the paid member discounts forum and it says I do not have permission. Can you investigate Thanks Keith
  3. Yep I shall be there in the Elise
  4. My passenger door mirror has decided to become an active aero device, above a certain speed it can't hold it's position and folds back an inch or so. Is there a way to make the mechanism stiffer? There's nothing broken as it holds it's position but is very easy to move by hand, it's never been bashed or folder all the way back (as far as im aware). Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Looking forward to this, should be fun and for such a great charity. If you see someone in a blue Elise looking lost that'll be me
  6. Not sure about Lotus, Jamie from B&C invited me into the seating area and I was offered a drink. BMW, Mini and JLR defo had the usual with Jag doing the crossiants etc again. Not sure about Merc, possibly just access to their grandstand as their stand was a lot smaller this year. I took a borrowed Lexus key but they've stopped doing anything for owners.
  7. Lovely day, so chilled and relaxed compared with other similar shows. We spent most of the day sitting on the hill looking down on the show. I kept an eye on your Esprit as if i saw you there I would have popped down to say hello
  8. Yep I've already applied and been accepted.
  9. Thanks for the welcome's and kind words. I'm still amazed at how many positive comments and double takes people give when they see the car out and about. Guess it must be the Lotus effect
  10. Really looking forward to seeing your car on and off the track on the 10th. I also expect to see it lapping me several times in a session
  11. Hi all, purchased my first ever Lotus from B&C July last year, joined here but too busy enjoying the car I 'forgot' to post in here Hoping to get some better pictures when I get out about this year and hopefully meet some other members
  12. With the interest shown in Brooklands & MBW would anyone be interested in a Lotus club stand at the Brookland's Supercar day 28th July? Just a thought
  13. I'm booked on the Castle Combe day. Will be my first track day with a Lotus and first time meeting some fellow Lotus owners
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