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  1. hello Guys...I changed my Evora S with an Exige 380 in the meantime...but I would say that in the last 6 months there has been at least other 3 engine broken in Italy. all I believe with the same dynamic, cat broken, then pistons failure. I cross fingers, I don't believe that Italy have big impact in this. It's a shame to cross fingers after pay such kind of money in a sport car.
  2. Hello Paul, my failure is exactly like your failure. I would say same issue, and I assume same root cause. I'll be very interested to know more of your investigation. about Toyota, I don't believe at all it's an unreliable engine, what is " unreliable" is the application that Lotus did with supercharger, standard thin catalyzers, and I don't know other, that will be hard to investigate. in fact, this failure mode exist, and despite not so common in this year of investigation I counted several people.for an engine with 100hp/l, in a world close to 200hp/l for sport cars, it is a very poor result overall... but what suprised me much more than that, is the shamed Lotus reaction (I'm using polite words). Really, I think if you will have a problem with a Zastava, you will be treated with more respect. Totally unacceptable.
  3. It's possible. my humbles considerations are: 1) i always used at least 95 ron gas, or specified. 2) humans except Lotus designers controls detonation since 100 years...a Smart engine have more specific power than an Evora S engine and controls detonation w/o any issue. Despite all the car costs like a small block. 3) No light pop up, also after braking one cat and 2 pistons. And this has ben verified from 2 official dealers. 4) the white Evora you saw..broke 2 (two! ) engines in one year. Then Lotus, first should learn how to design engines (better say adapt engines), then could allowed to say to the customers that it's their fault, no warranty...and other stories like that to save his back. alessandro,
  4. Attached picture of the 2 pistons broken, failure looks similar to your, and exactly the same on both. After 2 weeks, still any answer from the Lotus on warranty,really embarassing to still believe a serious company. Next monday I'll be for business on Sweden...but in Stockolm and I see it's far from you to meet face to face. keep forum posted on next steps. Alessandro
  5. Andreas thank you so much. I'm partially confuse from your explaination...let's confirm if I have understood the dynamic in your analysis: - hot lambda get wrong mixture that broke pre-cat. - melted cat increased back pressure that with knocking broke pistons. could you confirm it? I still didn't see the pictures of my 2 pistons broken, but if the damage will be exactly the same I'll be very interested to contact you also privately. still waiting Lotus formal answer about warranty, already lost one month...and lost Millemiglia that will happens next week. alessandro
  6. It's not an exageration, or at least I'm already in contact with 4 persons, I still need to find the others, I only ear of them from some service shops. Anyway, I agree with you that it's hard to believe that in the world this is not diffuse. Really hard to believe. I'll take you in touch of next steps.
  7. Hello, my Evora S, with only with engin rattles...diagnosis...most probably piston failure in the rear bank of V6. Disaster.... Lotus first answer is that V6 is were very unlucky, but I don't trust it, and I was able to understand at least 10 cases in Italy only....You can understand the level of disappointment. I would ask if someone else experienced the same big issue, and how manage it. thank you in advance!
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