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  1. Thanks, all of this gives me confidence, Thanks, all of this gives me confidence
  2. Im into the fun job of changing the engine mounts & rubber washers, The hot side does not look right to me, The wash sits proud, not mating on the rubber -thought I should grind some metal down... Then looking at my photo before disassembled, I see it was like that from the factory So maybe its a ‘design feature’ I don’t understand ?! Any thoughts please,
  3. Hi Guys, I would like to refresh my door lights, 89 Esprit Turbo -could not locate it on SJsportscars, any idea what car they are orignaly off? Thanks, Darryl
  4. Unfortunately my badge have been caught while car washing & bent up to many times. After the badges just behind the doors, any advice on where to purchase would be appreciated thanks,
  5. Thanks Filip, yes it's a 89 carb model, thanks for the PDF, I have tapped off the wiring to the fuel pump relay, this is supplied with the key in 2nd position. Will complete it as soon as I buy a new, decent soldering iron....
  6. Hi guys, little help identifying some wiring please, Im adding a cooling fan to the engine cover, to move some heat form the engine bay. The plan is when the key is in the second position, a replay will charge & turn the fan on/off. My 89 car does not look like this manual. Most switched +V wires are white, but I want to identify "rear ignition relay" Thanks in advance, Cheers Darryl
  7. Test driving The Red Mistres after a bit of interior trim work,
  8. Didn't realise that CarBuff, thanks, Sometime I get luke warm air out of the windscreen vents, sometimes I don't. Would like to narrow down my learning curve,
  9. Want to fix the heater on my 89 turbo esprit, Must admit, I'm worried it will be my new hobby I don't need, judging by the number of posts & sophistication of the system. Keen for any help diagnosing the issue, thanks,
  10. Thanks Bibs & everyone, much appreciated. Worked as described, right down to the challenge of fitting in the boot. Dont think the roof had been removed for years, quiet hard to get free
  11. Kiwi-boy


  12. For two months I have been enjoying my 1989 S4 Turbo Esprit, I can't figure out how to remove the sun roof !? The car came with the roof storage bag & wind deflector, so I expect it does indeed come off. The sunroof opens ok, just can't get it to un-clip. I'm not sure if its supposed to, I don't want to force anything on a 28 year old car either. -does anyone have these style of latches ? -does it actually remove, if so how?
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