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  1. My Exige V6 Club Racer use to do it all the time, really embarrassing at times. I didn’t keep it long enough to get it looked at, my Sport 350, admittedly IPS, has never done it in 10000 miles.
  2. My car’s metallic orange, I think it’s much the same as chrome orange
  3. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    That’ll do!
  4. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    Blimey! Thread resurrection! Dave posted in August 18, I had the pleasure of leading & following Dave’s GT430 to the Lotus 70th at Hethel last year. The car was traded in against another olive green GT430 with B&C and Jamie worked his magic on Dave
  5. Mainly bought by existing Aston owners so I was told at the time
  6. I was worried about pheasants that early in the morning, luckily the live ones stayed on the verge!
  7. Good to meet you all guys
  8. A group of us are meeting at the Air Balloon, Birdlip, Glos but it’s probably two sides of a triangle for you to join us for the drive there
  9. It is, which direction are you coming from?
  10. Forecast is looking ok now (dry) all day for Ettington (C&M) location Good for Gloucester & the Cotswolds too (apart from a swarm of Lotus early Saturday morning)
  11. There are two widths of carpet mats, depending on the the sills. If they are carpeted you need the narrower mats.
  12. There’s a Shell station in Brockworth, it’ll be somewhere just off the A417, in fact I’ve just looked, next junction after you’ve joined the A417, come off again, take the A46 for Stroud (off to the right) & it’s the next roundabout.
  13. Paul, Tamworth is approx 75 miles from The Air Balloon! Straight down the M5 to Junction 11a & left on to the A417, climb up the hill to the Air Balloon roundabout, last exit off that roundabout (it’s like a hairpin bend but with a roundabout), few more yards up the hill & car park on the right. M42 & M5 will take you about an hour fifteen. I’ll be coming under junction 11a at about 7.20, should you decide that it’s worth it.
  14. We’ll be meeting up at The Air Balloon, Birdlip. Easy for you to get to Matt, @Bikestewy will be coming from the same direction I would imagine. Meet at 7.30am
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