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  1. The 410 & the newer nose 350 have the same up turn on the sides of the splitter
  2. I thought the standard pads in the cars were Ferodo DS2500 not Ap?
  3. Always fancied retro fitting the sun visors to my VXR220 as they didn’t come with them, I knew someone who had successfully bought the parts from Lotus and fitted them to his VX without removing the windscreen. However I had them in my Club Racer V6 and found them useless, don’t miss them at all in my Sport 350. I sit almost at the back of the seat travel so it’s hard enough already to see traffic lights if at the front of the queue etc.
  4. & I was pleased to fill up at £1.029 on Tuesday only to see it for 99.9p just down the road...
  5. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    Olive Green is a strange colour, earlier this year there was 69 registered 100 mile Exige 410 for sale at a Sytner branch in Warwickshire for £68k, I did think it was a bit of bargain & not far away. So I popped up to see it... ...never been that bothered about colour when buying used, but have to admit that i couldn’t give that car a new home!
  6. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    It’s still sat at the back of the Lotus showroom on the right hand side apparently, priced at £110k now, sure it was £125k when I saw it last year.
  7. @GFWilliams is the only higher mileage car that I can think of, having said that, there’s another owner here in Gloucestershire who’s car is only just over eighteen months old & he was past 23k back in Feb when we met up at Caffeine & Machine
  8. Thanks tried it again this morning on a bigger iPad & sussed it!
  9. Am I missing a trick? On my iPad I can only select a colour, nothing else.
  10. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be struggling to get the kitchen & bathroom as I didn’t order it when I should have. Plus I’ve been furloughed from my own job, so it looks like I’ll be doing the painting & decorating myself...
  11. It’s not occupied.
  12. Interesting comment about the builders still expected to work, I’m getting a house done up & we’ve got the guys going in one at a time. They’ve had a little grief from the houses neighbours because they are still working & more importantly/frustratingly they are struggling to buy some of the little bits & pieces that they need
  13. I started a new job last Monday (23rd), got a call on Monday night an hour or so after Boris had been on TV, telling me not to go in on Tuesday but don’t worry & await further Instructions. On Wednesday I was furloughed & on Friday I discovered I don’t qualify for being furloughed as I wasn’t on the companies payroll at the end of February... ...bugger
  14. Yeah, my service cancelled, I’m sure that Lotus will look after us warranty wise with this hanging over everyone
  15. Any news on this Bibs, booked my car in for it’s service with the supplying dealer & apparently this isn’t all agreed yet?
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