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  1. & I’ve now searched toshers posts with no luck, but funny how the DSG gearbox comes up again in the conversation above, maybe it was on another forum?
  2. I seem to recall either the owner or his son (I think they both drove the car) posting on here when he hadn’t had the car long, he wanted a DSG type gearbox
  3. Hmmm, spotted two second hand but June 2019 registered cars being advertised already, Exige 410 at Oakmere & an Elise 220 @Newtown Motors, now if they were pre-reg your not supposed to sell them for 3 months but I think that they are both new stock in at the dealers...
  4. I’m also of an age where grandparents were too old & parents too young. So my Dad’s Dad was an air raid warden in the city of Bath in April 1941, sticks his head round the door of his home one night whilst on duty & suggests to my Gran that she gets the boys under the table (my dad & his 3 brothers, the table was some sort of reinforced table), which she does & then goes upstairs to fetch a baby cousin that she was babysitting from upstairs. As she’s coming back downstairs, the second of many bombs to hit Bath over two nights, hits & destroys a house two doors down, killing that family & destroying my grandparents home. There was a picture of the cot balancing on the remains of a wall, that the baby had just been picked up from published in some papers, stating that the baby had been killed but that wasn’t the case. My Gran & the baby were pulled from the rumble after a couple of hours, a door arch had saved them. My Dad was 4 & a half, it was probably his earliest memory, the family slept rough in a car down by Weston for a few days before returning to the city. Can’t really comprehend going through that as a child now.
  5. 2GOOD

    Ypres Lotus Day 2019

    My first Ypres Lotus Day & it won’t be my last! Not my photo but me & my car, photographers everywhere! Just wish my car hadn’t got so filthy on the horrendous trip to Dover on Wednesday afternoon. Took over 5 hours instead of the three & a half it should have taken, arrived at 6.10 for a 6.20 ferry, through passport control & pulled up at the ticket office to be told we’ve missed it & have to wait for the next boat. Round to the queue & see that they are still loading the last trucks onto the 6.20, out of the car & beg, it works & we’re on, made it to Ypres just after 10pm (CEST) and sat in the centre of Ypres with a full tank of fuel the following morning by 8.30am. Next time we’ll travel out earlier! The actual Lotus day was so well organised & yes we got lost in the morning, so many people to talk to at every stop, including the Elise owner who’d driven from Moscow & was heading to Italy afterwards.and a crowd with West Country accents similar to own...
  6. Sorry for your loss, lost my Dad earlier this year as posted in this thread. For various reasons we had a wait of nearly 5 weeks for the funeral. It took a few days to sink in but I found that the wake really did give me closure after a pretty tough couple of months.
  7. 2GOOD

    Newb dilemma

    & I think that’s one colour that suits silver wheels! Bit of brake dust & you’ll be fine
  8. Different seats to an Exige 350, 350 seats are less bucket.
  9. Saw your car in the showroom on Wednesday then when mine was in for a service. How come you’re back in a V6 so quickly @Stubox?
  10. That’s got to be @JG220 & @CocoPops coming back from Spa
  11. Try & get to talk to Scott (n7btg) when you’re back in at Litchfield Imran, supercharging use to be a thing of his, be interesting to see if he can suggest anything, he was clearly taken by your car judging by his comment on Instagram
  12. Well that seems like a life time ago, for various reasons today was finally the funeral, emotional service but the wake was lovely, although Dad retired nearly 22 years ago he spent his entire career at the same place & did well, a few patents, design council & queens awards & was rewarded with a fantastic turnout of old work colleagues, a lot older than he was & I hadn’t seen them in years plus friends and his huge family, he’d have loved it...
  13. If he hasn’t retired I know a chap that works out of a unit at Staverton Airport who could do this for you
  14. I ordered the parts through Paul @ Oakmere, footrest, Velcro & a sticky backed bit of foam as per deroure. Footrest velcros straight to the floor & it seemed pretty solidly mounted. The mat is the most frustrating part but Sport 350 mats are much cheaper than the older V6S mats. Some early Sport 350’s had a footrest fitted but neither Oakmere or B&C could come up with the correct narrow (carpeted side sills) short mat for me & yet I saw the correct mat when I originally added a footrest to my Club Racer which didn’t have carpeted side sills!
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