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  1. Yes love the Triumphs now that they are doing retro like only they can, I had a green Speed Triple 1050 10 odd years ago. Viper Green 3-11 430 belongs to a more mature Lotus owner & ex-Ducati club racer & he’s still got the bike! Something close to 40 years of ownership. Yellow 3-11 is lovely too, both seem to attract quite a bit of attention
  2. My Orange Exige Sport 350 doing it’s best at a rest point on the run mentioned above, Viper Green is lovely but so common...
  3. Much the same as above, dropped my nephew off at a KFC birthday party & the car emptied the restaurant, my current favourite though is out on a drive with a friend, I pull up at the lights at the bottom of the hill in Burford & can see that my Orange Exige is causing a stir, just as my accomplice pulls up behind me in his Viper Green 3-11 430, I lost’my crowd’instantly & felt like I’d just vanished...
  4. Jay, Tom’s replied to the message that I sent him, yes it was them & Tom has just moved to Pencoed. If you want to message me your mobile I can ask for you to be added to the group
  5. That’s got to be the father & son pairing from the Bridgend area (Ken’s Espirt & Tom’s Exige V6), I’m in a South Wales WhatsApp group & there was a run today, starting near junction 26 M4 & finishing in Chepstow. As I’m 15 miles from the border & in lockdown I can only look at the pictures...
  6. The 410 & the newer nose 350 have the same up turn on the sides of the splitter
  7. I thought the standard pads in the cars were Ferodo DS2500 not Ap?
  8. Always fancied retro fitting the sun visors to my VXR220 as they didn’t come with them, I knew someone who had successfully bought the parts from Lotus and fitted them to his VX without removing the windscreen. However I had them in my Club Racer V6 and found them useless, don’t miss them at all in my Sport 350. I sit almost at the back of the seat travel so it’s hard enough already to see traffic lights if at the front of the queue etc.
  9. & I was pleased to fill up at £1.029 on Tuesday only to see it for 99.9p just down the road...
  10. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    Olive Green is a strange colour, earlier this year there was 69 registered 100 mile Exige 410 for sale at a Sytner branch in Warwickshire for £68k, I did think it was a bit of bargain & not far away. So I popped up to see it... ...never been that bothered about colour when buying used, but have to admit that i couldn’t give that car a new home!
  11. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    It’s still sat at the back of the Lotus showroom on the right hand side apparently, priced at £110k now, sure it was £125k when I saw it last year.
  12. @GFWilliams is the only higher mileage car that I can think of, having said that, there’s another owner here in Gloucestershire who’s car is only just over eighteen months old & he was past 23k back in Feb when we met up at Caffeine & Machine
  13. Thanks tried it again this morning on a bigger iPad & sussed it!
  14. Am I missing a trick? On my iPad I can only select a colour, nothing else.
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