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  1. I’d missed that you’d got your licence back so soon after selling the Evora Paul, but good news on the drugs doing such a good job 👍
  2. Hi Ali, I’m a Gloucestershire based Exige owner, there are a few of us scattered around the county
  3. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    Early projections were that 2000 a year would be sold in the uk alone. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
  4. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    Just to put a different spin on this, I was a vx220 salesman at a Vauxhall dealership, I wasn’t involved with the original launch in late 2000 but got involved in late 2001, it started off with just two of us, me on sales & a mechanic with a motorsport background. We received extensive training including driving training, this was all handled by Vauxhall, mainly at Luton. We had no contact with Lotus whatsoever, obviously we knew that the car was built at Hethel & has an H in the chassis number to signify this but that’s as far as it went. As I understood it my two points of contact at Luton, spoke to someone at Opel/GM Europe in Germany who then spoke to Hethel. Later on when the VXR version was launched, we had another point of contact who I believe did speak directly to Lotus but as he’s on here, that’s for him to confirm. Basically we didn’t consider for a moment that we were selling a Lotus product, just something that they were sub contracted to build. I had little time for anyone that came into the showroom to be funny about the product because it wasn’t really a Lotus (Elise owners) but took a fwd Elan & a Rover engined Elise S2 in in part exchange
  5. It was heading towards Ross! Lovely old Elan drove past me on the A49 as well
  6. Saw that Aston Martin convertible on my home tonight (A40 by the Farmers Boy, Longhope)
  7. Everything crossed for Brad Jones, airlifted to Kings College Hospital whilst still unconscious with a head injury
  8. His classic car business has been running for a while just up the road from where I work, using a rally car prep father & son team, but he’s got a purpose built unit under construction a couple of miles away apparently.
  9. If you’d like to message me your mobile & location, I can get you added 👍
  10. Not me, wrong side of the Severn but that’ll be a chap called Stewart, he’s also got a gorgeous classic Alfa, he’s part of our localish WhatsApp group run by a couple of guys in Swindon, don’t know if you’re on it? Couple of 3-11’s, loads of Exige V6’s, Elise’s etc.
  11. Courier (DPD) lost my tickets after telling me they were delivering them the following day & would let me know the exact time before 11am on day of the delivery. I hadn’t heard by 12 so used their web chat system to be told that they were lost & I’d need to contact Goodwood. Called them straight away, they acknowledged the call, cancelled the first tickets & I’m still waiting 4 weeks later for the replacements…
  12. Driven a few I-Paces, they have the number 400 on the back & it relates to the equivalent bhp plus they are all wheel drive, so they really can put the power down & go. All of the motors torque is available from first press of the throttle.
  13. Modern buildings? I work in Herefordshire & apart from retail parks/shopping centres & car dealerships I can’t think of anything, I’ll ask my colleagues who live in the area. I can see that incinerator above in the distance from where I live, god knows what it’s like if you live closer.
  14. I currently work in Herefordshire (just outside of Hereford), live in the Forest of Dean. Over the last 12 months, when I’ve been allowed to work, I’ve got to know the A40 from Huntley to Ross & then the A49 to Hereford well. In that time I’ve seen two Esprits in Ross, one 18 plate Elise S3 on the A49 near Ross and currently see a Laser Blue Elise S2 on a private plate several times a week in various places along the A49. I’d love to say Hi but of course I don’t & can’t use mine for commuting so some in a normal car waving is only going to look odd!
  15. All helps with the man maths when justifying the car!
  16. Where as I have an Exige Sport 350 IPS registered in March 18 so it costs the same as @C8RKH’s car. However by the time our cars are 6 years of age they drop to lower value car tax band, currently £155 but goes up every April. Cars registered between March 2001 & End of March 2017 are taxed on the emissions band that they are in & stay that way until the end of their life currently. Cars registered April 2017 on pay a tax based on the cars emission upon first registration & then for the next 5 years if they cost more than £40k new an extra £335 on top of the base £155 & then drops to the base figure only after approx 6 years. Both taxes go up every April so my figures are what I think it costs now, re-taxed mine in Feb & paid £475. Older car than March 2001 & you pay tax on engine size, over or below 1549cc. So another couple of years & an Evora 400 or Exige Sport 350 registered in April 2017 will be quite the road tax bargain compared with an identical car a few months older in answer to the question at the top of the thread.
  17. @Davey D So is Olive Green a metallic or solid colour? I looked at the Olive Green 410 that Sytner had early last year, got offered a reasonable amount to change but went away to check the spec of the car, as they didn’t know anything. And think about the colour as at the time I wasn’t sure, anyway took too long & some one beat me to it.
  18. 😮 Which dealer was that? Have they not noticed how many cars are driving around with both? 😎
  19. 😀 Messaged @alias23 with same theory when he first mentioned selling 🤔
  20. Not quite the same but just a thought. I bought an Exige V6 Club Racer originally without the Sound insulation/Carpets, stereo etc. had a quick test drive of the car in London & liked the idea of weight saving in a Lotus as I was told that it was like a Cup! Reality - Car prep wasn’t good by the supplying Lotus dealer, so had misgivings & then noticed the road noise, on the trip home to Gloucestershire, final nail was a road trip to Europe with my other half only a few months later mixture of engine noise & road noise. Car was traded in against a new Sport 350 with most of the options at Bell & Colvill, took this car on a much longer trip to Europe & the difference was huge. I suppose the spec depends on what you are going to use it for.
  21. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    I’m on my second V6! After keeping the VXR220 for over 12 years with no thoughts of changing it, I bought a yellow Exige V6. Within a year I’d swapped for the car I’ve got now, much happier now & have owned this one for 3 years next month
  22. Snows when they were a dealer, had a silver 410 pre-reg without the black pack, chap that bought it either posted some pictures on here or the V6 Facebook page a few months ago
  23. There’s a four year old Exige S V6 in yellow for sale on Pistonheads, that should help you. Sorry, I can’t do links.
  24. Yes love the Triumphs now that they are doing retro like only they can, I had a green Speed Triple 1050 10 odd years ago. Viper Green 3-11 430 belongs to a more mature Lotus owner & ex-Ducati club racer & he’s still got the bike! Something close to 40 years of ownership. Yellow 3-11 is lovely too, both seem to attract quite a bit of attention
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