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  1. If he hasn’t retired I know a chap that works out of a unit at Staverton Airport who could do this for you
  2. I ordered the parts through Paul @ Oakmere, footrest, Velcro & a sticky backed bit of foam as per deroure. Footrest velcros straight to the floor & it seemed pretty solidly mounted. The mat is the most frustrating part but Sport 350 mats are much cheaper than the older V6S mats. Some early Sport 350’s had a footrest fitted but neither Oakmere or B&C could come up with the correct narrow (carpeted side sills) short mat for me & yet I saw the correct mat when I originally added a footrest to my Club Racer which didn’t have carpeted side sills!
  3. Fitted one in my old Club Racer & had the mat cut down by a trimmer, Also have one in my Sport 350 & have tried to buy a short mat again without success so far, so will probably visit the same trimmer again at some point. Lotus mats are a pain, they come in two widths depending on if the car has carpeted sills or not. When I had the Club Racer without carpeted sills, Paul at Oakmere got me a narrow short mat which left a 1” gap down the side, so I returned it. Bought a 350 Sport which needed the narrower mat & they’ve no idea where the short mat came from! So I’ve still got a longer mat over the top of the footrest until I visit a trimmer again. Also with regards to the mats there are different profiles depending on type of gear change, pre-Sport 350 & post + the Auto.
  4. He’s not wrong 😀 But I’m a bit older now than when I had my 916! Keep looking at BMW GS1200’s but can’t do it
  5. @PhillC Wins the best Lotus contents of a garage prize & others are still discussing electrics wiring? 😀
  6. Blimey, did you have your bump in Gloucestershire? 19 years ago this month I was knocked off my 916 (again Termi’s etc.) on the A40 near Andoversford. A 78 year old who could only read a number plate at 3.5m pulled out of a side road right in front of me in a 60 limit. Recovered to Cheltenham General by Ambulance, coming round when they hit a bump in the road & then rebuilt by the NHS over the next few months. Still have a bike, an 848 just don’t use it much"
  7. My car went back for warranty work (on the back of an AA truck) last year at somewhere between 500 - 600 miles & the dealer insisted on doing the first service, where as I wanted to put more miles on the clock
  8. Don’t know if I should be happy or unhappy, Dad was given a few months to live back in July & surprised us with how well he was doing until a couple of months ago. As of this morning he’s no longer suffering, the last few weeks have been hell as he deteriorated, crying with pain & begging the staff at the Sue Ryder Hospice to put him out of his misery. All they could do was give him medication that meant we could no longer chat but now he is free, so tonight I raise a glass & shed a tear, night Dad.
  9. Picked mine up new from Bell & Colvile (Nr Guildford) early March last year. We’d had snow on the 1st so somehow I waited until after the weekend & more snow before collecting it. Had to take my old Exige V6 up to part exchange as well, avoided the motorways coming back, just took it slowly, bit tricky near The Air Balloon which I’m sure you’ll know & made it back to the Forest of Dean. Drive it! & we’ll look forward to seeing it around in the spring.
  10. I’m from Gloucestershire but used a place down Portsmouth way, Bell & Colvile and Hofmanns use them, they’re called Paintguard
  11. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    Loved both of the cars I owned, kept the VXR220 (above) for over 12 years before the need for a V6 took hold
  12. Another Orange Sport 350 in Gloucestershire! Getting far too common 😀
  13. I think you’ve gone too low with the 380, £60k is currently a cheap 380 & there isn’t a 430 Sport, just a Cup
  14. In stock at the top of the page & out of stock at the bottom.
  15. I didn’t have it in my Club Racer V6, had a short test drive in the car beforehand didn’t notice it, so bought the car. Started to notice it shortly after, could live with it, but it was noticeably noisier inside compared to my previous VXR220. However a trip to Germany a few months later in bad weather (so soft top on) really highlighted two issues I had with the car, one of which was cabin noise on longer runs (the other was changing gear but my legs were the problem not the car), so after less than 10 months of ownership I swapped into the Sport 350 that I have now. This car has carpets & sound insulation, as well as being an auto, trip to Switzerland/Italy in the summer proved I’d done the right thing. Makes a huge difference.
  16. Another one to shed a tear here Lee, wishing you the best of Christmas’s
  17. Newtown is in Cwmbran, probably more stock at WSM though, otherwise be prepared to travel a bit further
  18. Ouch sorry to read this @PaulCP, even sorrier that we didn’t get to meet up at the 70th now. When Chris was diagnosed with her brain tumour 4 years ago her licence was removed immediately & took along time to get back (long after she was back at work full time) as no one wanted to sign anything.
  19. So the car wasn’t at Cheltenham anymore, which H R Owen is that? Congrats by the way!
  20. Seen the picture on social media, congrats. Just out of interest, instead of the M4 or as well as?
  21. Cheltenham Montpellier, lovely picture, nearly SORN’d mine on Wednesday but I’ll be over that way tomorrow instead
  22. You seem to be thinking of adding the colour coded interior bits, same as me! Think I’ve liked your car on Instagram too. Heater surround is two screws underneath & then pull I think? @GFWilliams did tell me a while ago. I’ve bought one to get painted as my current part is trimmed in leather. Seat hoops - some will break, there are 8 pieces & about £22 each, that’s as far As I’ve got with those, still got to look at door trims & gear change.
  23. Go careful on the sleeping policeman, caught my then new Sport 350’s splitter on two of them when leaving Bicester village...
  24. @dcmp went to Hethel stupidly early on the Saturday morning. The car your describing sounds like @Trevsked
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