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    Nick Mason's open day

    I was there on Saturday, 25 plus Lotus in the car park & it was nice to see NM wandering about in scruffy clothes and an Audi cap on
  2. Sorry, didn’t see this post before, my other half doesn’t like the lack of footrest. So in my first Exige V6 (no side carpets, I tried ordering a couple of mats which turned up & were too narrow. So found a trimmer to cut & re-sew the edge onto my original mat. Then 4 odd years ago swapped to a 350 Sport with side carpets at B&C, sorted out a footrest as part of the deal & they said they’d get the mats. 350 Sport different to earlier V6 apparently. Anyhow after several months we had to agree on giving up, no short mat could be sourced. My trimmer had now retired so I have a long mat over the footrest, creating a hidden compartment to carry things like a footpump on top of the footrest.
  3. 2GOOD

    The Queen

    My late father had met three generations over his lifetime, the last one was Prince Charles. Turned out he’s the patron of the palliative care home that Dad ended up in & he regularly makes unannounced visits to spend time with the sick & dying. Not just a quick handshake either.
  4. Believe it or not my manager is one, but under pressure from his wife to not have it rather than of his own choice. Of course his wife got it & he did stay home the minute he knew but it looks like it was too late. We were only being asked to test every other day, not daily. We then all went down over the next week, I was one of the last but had had a sore throat despite testing negative
  5. 40mg of a Statin that was withdrawn at some point afterwards screwed me up good & proper with cramps etc. about 7 years ago. But a senior GP at my surgery who is also on some heart group within Gloucestershire NHS & seems to be held in high regard locally loves statins, he took me off ezetimibe last time saying it was a waste of time to put me on another statin which I just stopped taking in the end. Interesting that you don’t rate them & they didn’t try to push them on me at all this time round
  6. That’s it, & with regards to the food, they haven’t at least not yet, my cholesterol has been monitored for awhile as I’m a coeliac & unable to tolerate statins. It’s around 4.9/5.1 without tablets, I’m now on ezetimibe again (statin substitute but taken off it after a year previously) & bempedoic acid which is new apparently in an attempt to get it down further. Unfortunately it’s all a balance, gluten free food tends to contain more fat & I’m supposed to need more calcium than a non-coeliac. I do have a love of cheese in moderation & have now cut it back further until it’s gone. The rest are things I’ve hardly touched in years.
  7. ‘We’ decided that my other half could retire last year so I need to keep going for a few more years! Not to sure what has happened yet, waiting for an MRI. 6 tablets a day & a spray thing to use if I think I am going to have a heart attack?
  8. 2GOOD

    I'm back!

    I’ve just put a brief version of my story up, looks like we’ve been through something similar, we can compare number of tablets later. I’ve been off since the beginning of Feb although the first 10 days were co-vid & I’m currently signed off until the end of this month
  9. I’ve had warning signs before & had been seen by the local rapid access chest pain clinic as recently as this January. End of January we had a co-vid outbreak at work & I tested positive early February, everyone else had a slight cold. My symptoms were Man-flu for a few days, started to feel better but still testing positive when I became breathless, so rang GP/visit GP/sent to Hospital & home some 12 hours later to rest. I’d had low blood/oxygen. 3-4 days later finally test negative, but don’t feel well, following day a high pulse as well. Co-vid ward follow up people call me & told to get myself back into hospital, oh & don’t drive yourself this time! So back to Gloucester Royal, even though I was now negative I was told that I still needed to enter through the co-vid side of A&E but given my own room, loads of tests ecgs etc. plus a negative PCR test which is apparently unusual for someone who was just had it especially as their lab had tested me positive 5 days earlier. No chest pain, no arm pain but the right side of my neck & jaw was painful, pulse still 120/130 I’m normally 50ish & blood oxygen low again. So marker in my blood was now 39 compared with 21 5 days earlier. I was admitted, first night in the clothes I’d come in & in a hectic A&E ward, wired up & woken just about every time I’d managed to doze to check my blood pressure etc. Followed by 4 nights in a couple of general wards which were awful & 7 nights in cardiology ward. Cardiology consultant suspected one thing, sent off me twice for Angiograms, the first time after hanging around all day in a gown unable to eat they ran out of time & sent me back to Cardiology, the following day I insisted on keeping my warmer clothing on until they were ready, I came away with three stents which wasn’t what the consultant was expecting at all, so discharged to recover & awaiting an MRI scan. Not allowed to drive for 7 days, that was up on Friday & signed off until the end of the month. I tested positive for Co-vid on the 2nd of Feb, so that’s two months off work 🙁
  10. 2GOOD

    I'm back!

    Blimey, I’d just come on here to post something similar. Not about Kimbers missing though! How come you’re back at work already though? I’ll make my own post now.
  11. Hi Brendon, we’ve had a chat on Facebook about your mod (& I still can’t make my mind up between silver & bodycolour) & when I saw your post about the codes on Facebook I’d wondered if it was just down to disturbing the wiring. Glad it’s all sorted. So, body colour because I’ve heater control surround as well as the gear change panel or silver to match the other interior parts?
  12. Forest of Dean covers a large area though, I’m a field back from the river Severn where it’s still quite wide, no trees, no wild boar (yet) & only a few other houses scattered along the lane.
  13. They were, I grew up & lived the other side of Cheltenham until well into my 30’s but knew people that were involved with them
  14. I’ve just remembered that Mike Oldfield was living there (a place called Bishops Cleeve) some 15 plus years ago, most celebs in the area live in the Cotswolds, but he came into where I was working in Cheltenham at the time & dealt with one of my colleagues. An ex Simple Minds guitarist was living just up the lane from where I live now in the Forest of Dean but gave his address as Cheltenham (the snob) when his bankruptcy was reported in the red tops.
  15. Lived in the Cotswolds after he retired, I knew the girl that use to do his ‘beauty treatments’ he spent more than most of her female clients
  16. Hmmm, a girl called Rose use to live in the village I’m from & was a few years ahead of me at the senior school. She use to bunk off school & hang around with an older guy called Fred, I remember the posters up looking for a girl that had gone missing locally (in the mid seventies) that were everywhere you went but that wasn’t Rose. Nobody knew much about her until the news broke in 1994 & the Wests were arrested on the suspicion of multiple murders…
  17. 4 years with mine in March as well. 16k, 11k in the first two years & then no travel abroad…
  18. I’d missed that you’d got your licence back so soon after selling the Evora Paul, but good news on the drugs doing such a good job 👍
  19. Hi Ali, I’m a Gloucestershire based Exige owner, there are a few of us scattered around the county
  20. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    Early projections were that 2000 a year would be sold in the uk alone. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
  21. 2GOOD

    Lotus Type 116

    Just to put a different spin on this, I was a vx220 salesman at a Vauxhall dealership, I wasn’t involved with the original launch in late 2000 but got involved in late 2001, it started off with just two of us, me on sales & a mechanic with a motorsport background. We received extensive training including driving training, this was all handled by Vauxhall, mainly at Luton. We had no contact with Lotus whatsoever, obviously we knew that the car was built at Hethel & has an H in the chassis number to signify this but that’s as far as it went. As I understood it my two points of contact at Luton, spoke to someone at Opel/GM Europe in Germany who then spoke to Hethel. Later on when the VXR version was launched, we had another point of contact who I believe did speak directly to Lotus but as he’s on here, that’s for him to confirm. Basically we didn’t consider for a moment that we were selling a Lotus product, just something that they were sub contracted to build. I had little time for anyone that came into the showroom to be funny about the product because it wasn’t really a Lotus (Elise owners) but took a fwd Elan & a Rover engined Elise S2 in in part exchange
  22. It was heading towards Ross! Lovely old Elan drove past me on the A49 as well
  23. Saw that Aston Martin convertible on my home tonight (A40 by the Farmers Boy, Longhope)
  24. Everything crossed for Brad Jones, airlifted to Kings College Hospital whilst still unconscious with a head injury
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