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  1. It’s an IPS. when issue occurred second time engine was running and flappy paddles were still working. First time happened the car was locked and keys wouldn’t unlock it by remote. Car then wouldn’t start until battery pack was attached at which point dashboard came back to life and then car started normally.
  2. Cheers All. cluster is off getting looked at. Fingers crossed issue will be found!
  3. Hi All Has anyone ever had the instrument binnacle fail on their car (Evora S)? Was stopped at traffic lights and whole binnacle went black. All orange light gone, no warning lights, no fuel gauge, speedo stuck in place as was rev counter, indicators didn’t work, but car still driving, sat nav on and air con working. Everything then came back on about 3 miles of Driving later. Anyone with a similar experience and if so what was the fault/fix?
  4. Got the door open - key has to be in the turned position whilst use door handle. Apparently seeing the lock go up to an unlocked position doesn’t mean the door is unlocked and you can take the key back out 😤 Got the car started and seems I have some sort of loose wire under the dash that is causing the central footwell light to stay on and hence what’s drained my battery. Started with jump start after other external battery packs didn’t do the trick. Now have an orange engine warning light on all the time the car is running and a red airbag light. Will this just be a reset needed or likely to point at a bigger problem? Orange spanner light also came on briefly after starting car but then disappeared.
  5. Desperately needing help. Battery on my Evora S is completely flat so I need to get inside the car to reach the manual release for the boot. Only problem is that when use key manually on passenger door to get in the car it unlocks but no power means window doesn’t drop and I can’t open the door! How do I get the door open if the window won’t drop? Also are their any points I can attach an aux battery pack other than in the boot itself? The cars an IPS and obviously in “Park” so not even sure how recovery will move it if I can’t fix it myself?
  6. Cheers guys. I think a bit of experimentation coming up.
  7. Have been stuck in some heavy traffic on the motorway a couple of times recently. When car stationary (Evora S) I notice before long that the temperature gauge starts going up quite quickly. A bit of forward movement helps to bring it down. Have never reached stage yet where the gauge has gone all the way to the top but have considered whether I should just switch off the engine, but then concerned when the traffic shunts forward a little restarting may cause problems. Car has been serviced recently without any issues raised. Is this temperature behaviour normal for the car or should I be getting it looked into - Driving to South France in August heat!
  8. Cheers for the feedback all. Think I’ll just observe them and hope they do t get any worse. Be great if they disappear in summer sun as the cars been parked in the heat all day today - will check it when get home but won’t get my hopes too high - think I’ll settle for it not getting any worse!
  9. I’ve just noticed a line of very small “bubbles” in the paintwork of my Evora.. They are on the roof just above the drivers door. Picture attached below. Anyone had similar or know what would cause this? Can it be fixed and is it likely to get worse if left alone? Car is 6 years old - is there any factory paint warranty for this length of time?
  10. Cheers. Guess I’ll need to get some tape out, although as planning not to drive in the dark, might risk leaving them as they are as I doubt they’ll dazzle anyone in daytime rain?
  11. Anyone know if you can change the Xenon lights on an Evora S for driving on the right in Europe via the settings in the car? If not will I need to put stickers on them (which I’m sure would look awful)?
  12. Has anyone got experience of staying in hotels near Reims and Grenoble? Will be stop over locations so wanting to keep it reasonably priced eg£100 per night, but want somewhere where we won’t be constantly wondering if the cars are ok, so city centre and underground car parks are a deffo no no.
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