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  1. PAR

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    Something to fit under the car?
  2. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    That comes as a surprise. If you come to London, this would be a great excuse to get the 118hp beast out of the garage.
  3. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    For the kind of cash you would get out of the Evora, you could definitely get a nice hybrid James. Great for the environment, no more sound issue for the neighbors!
  4. Probably.... fortunately I am better around golf courses than airfields
  5. My in laws will be at mine onthat day so I think I will make it!😂
  6. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    The auto box is even faster in race. I guess the three main problems of the auto are: - 200 revs limit less - no ability to rev the car up before 1st gear for a burn out - tires and clutch to outlive people’s expectation 😂 For me as a Londoner (and I think a lot of the auto owners are down here) this makes it a more likely that the cR is driven regularly. Apparently all cars have a slot for cups, just shove it between the seat and the door on your right!
  7. PAR

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    For the GT40 they did bid for it but did not get it, instead they used some of the drawings for the Europa. Renault: F1 engine providers and the engine for the last official wins (both team Lotus and the other lotus f1) Ford for all Lotus twin cam powered car as it was a Ford engine transformed by lotus. (elan and Europa) Wasn’t Toyota’s recent hatchback got officially tuned by Lotus? isuzu powered the Elan M100. Proton provides the Evora 400 mirrors...
  8. PAR

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    For the 410 auto, at one point there were 2 for sale in a London! (A grey and a white one) so there should be a tiny bit few more
  9. Sounds like I have approval and will come with wife and daughter (hence with the Evora). see you there!
  10. The reversing camera of my 400 has been dislodged from its slot. Has anyone fiddled with it before? i wan que to assess before I start removing this to get access if I am going to make a mess of it. Also, as I am there, anyone considered rework g it so it gets electricity not only in reverse so the alpine unit can show what is behind when driving forward (the unit currently shows a black screen when so and I thought it is because the camera is not powered up, I would think the camera is in the same feed as the rear light. Thanks a lot
  11. 16th was good for me as wife was away so it was just me and my 3 year old. I may be available on 23rd by not sure yet as traveling end of the week for work.
  12. PAR

    Absolute Lotus magazine

    Just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed the last copy, as I did the previous ones. Not always easy to maintain interesting things without repeating itself so I hope they can maintain those great standards.
  13. Hi, I will come with my 3 year old daughter and then will take her to Ashlyn park farm after.
  14. Check the background on the left side... Grey very popular color!!!
  15. PAR


    Hi, any good suggestion of something I could do nearby with the wife and kid to sell her the day trip to Henley? thanks a lot!