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  1. So basically one of each model and meaningful face lift is the minimum here. That sounds like 4 generation of 7s, elite, elan, elan+2, Europa and Europa Special, Excel, 5 esprits, Elan M100, 3 elises, 3 exiges,2 evora, new Europa That is already 25 cars and i am missing some. Not that much money for a great display.
  2. Was supposed to be presented this year but now moved to next year and first car delivery may be 2022. I am still intrigued by this wider car on the picture. I assume it means the architecture of the car won’t be as close as to the Evora as what some people thought. I suspect they will try to have an more balance weight between the front and the back.
  3. I run an Evora, my wife an SUV and we have a figaro and an elise. Reality is that we don’t tune the Elise and Figaro much except for fun. We live in the city and don’t use cats for commuting. if you are comfortable for the rest of the family driving the XKR and don’t care too much for the SUV (or you are ok to run it a lot) then the accord takes space for not much. if your son drives everyday (because he needs it for work, then you should keep it, otherwise it will just take dust.
  4. Yes, big concern for people who can afford one. They don’t want their staff to find it to hard to clean their car!
  5. The regulations are too far down now so you can’t modify an Elise or Exige to fit it anymore. You need a new chassis for that because of space required for certain equipments. The new car is there to be a global car and will aim at being the main seller for the brand. What we think we know is: It will be a 2 seater only. It will be pitted against the Cayman. It seems to be there will be both a 4cyl and a V6. I have to assume both will be with turbo. The chassis will still be aluminium ( or carbon) and closer to the Evora than anything else. Strong suggestion the engi
  6. How weird ! The reason I did not buy a McLaren F1 was that they refused to make me a LHD!
  7. “Due shortly”. I guess we have different definition of shortly...
  8. As I understand it, performance had been much more limited by gearbox issues than by the engine. there are many versions of the Toyota V6 currently in use so emissions would not necessarily be an issue. I imagine they would want to minimise costs and maximise reliability by using something they know as much as possible. There is also a 4.0l version of the Toyota engine so it could be handy as well to have some chassis that can welcome different versions. it is pretty clear that a car over 100k will need a 500+bhp engine. That should be possible with the Toyota sourcing (I would not b
  9. I think it would be just far to slow. 0-200mph In over 10sec. Who would buy that!!
  10. This one is the family one my dad bought 30 years ago. I foot the parts bills..
  11. Yes, that is a fair comment, if you won’t get 30k for the car now, it may be a better option to just SORN it although painful when on finance.
  12. “Influencers” that are successful are basically very good and what they do and work hard so credit to them for making it happen. I know I couldn’t (and I am also not their public). People don’t buy a car because of what influencers or newspapers are recommending but because of how they feel about it. Brand therefore is important. As a starting point of wanting something, you need to know it exist, then it is likely you need reassurance that some other people will like it. As we all know, Lotus products are really not known so building an overall picture by increased exposure is impor
  13. At this point shouldn’t you just consider selling and buying one back when time is better? Only thing though is that Evora launch may have reached the bottom now.
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