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  1. PAR

    How many Evora 400s?

    About 150 registered in the UK (400 only).
  2. That should not be a tough question, Lotus Elise S1 were moulded at the factory and they started outsourcing this for the S2 to France which helped improved average quality (as more industrialised process). It could be that’s not all models got the same treatment.
  3. group buy?
  4. Yes, I got away with mostly a sigh. I had taken the precaution of buying a Mini Countryman for her few months before. She was like, I can’t believe you have heated seats and I haven't. She took here revenge few months later on a tube platform telling me it was the right time for a second kid like if we were discussing what coffe she will have. Now i am thinking how long before i can slot both kids in the back and still carry some luggage..
  5. That would be such a mistake based on my experience. Me : Can I buy a grey car? Wife: It has back seats, right? me: yep, of course Wife: GPS, right? me, yep, of course Wife: a large boot? me: yep, need to fit my golf clubs Wife : no Diesel, right? For the environment. Me: Definitely, those diesels are so dirty Wife: Reverse camera and foldable mirror for when we go to London? me: Obviously. Wife: Ok but let’s have the heated seats, that would be nice. Me: Ok, whatever you want love.
  6. Really liked our little convoy departing particularly as I was last out so could enjoy the full sound effect!
  7. Brilliant meet and a great place so well done for that pick! Few pictures below:
  8. PAR

    New Lotus Europa owner

    The car looks awesome. My dad has had an S2 one for 30 years now and he always find something that could be improved! It can be a bit of a terrifying car compared to modern cars but it is such a sweet drive.
  9. PAR

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    Metallic steps to fit on side of the car to help get into it (in case the lotus is a bit high)
  10. PAR

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    Something to fit under the car?
  11. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    That comes as a surprise. If you come to London, this would be a great excuse to get the 118hp beast out of the garage.
  12. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    For the kind of cash you would get out of the Evora, you could definitely get a nice hybrid James. Great for the environment, no more sound issue for the neighbors!
  13. Probably.... fortunately I am better around golf courses than airfields
  14. My in laws will be at mine onthat day so I think I will make it!😂
  15. PAR

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    The auto box is even faster in race. I guess the three main problems of the auto are: - 200 revs limit less - no ability to rev the car up before 1st gear for a burn out - tires and clutch to outlive people’s expectation 😂 For me as a Londoner (and I think a lot of the auto owners are down here) this makes it a more likely that the cR is driven regularly. Apparently all cars have a slot for cups, just shove it between the seat and the door on your right!