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  1. This was quite interesting to see how the investment has been been focused on automation and production facility . I believe this is the key to make the product of a more consistent quality whilst being cheaper. Ferrari has homeboy through this 20 years ago and with Volvo/geely expertise there is a good chance this will be done. it makes more sense to me now that they stop the production of all the models in one go as they haven’t been developed around the same industrial process. Crunching numbers quickly, they need to go to 5000 sports car a year to make expected returns on investm
  2. I guess full credit for being realistic here..
  3. If the 131 doesnt have a +2 version, then this would be the last ICE +2 lotus so makes it pretty rare and difficult to replace. As you said not that much out there so that should keep price up, on the other end depreciation still happens for the 4xx so not sure where it lands but I am struggling to see how a 400 would bottom below 40k and that is already not far so doesn’t seem much risk. for the GT410, that should be a bit higher but it is not much more car than a 400 so I am not sure what the current stock will go for. probably a case of if you get one as you want it, you sho
  4. PAR

    Evora for rent?

    Nah, just buy it direct.... what is your dealer offering ?
  5. What I want to know now is what will the gearbox be. Assuming they can push a Toyota V6 to 500bhp, how do they get that through! I wonder if there will still be stick options.
  6. I wonder how fast this thing is reallly going to be. And also how many will really be made.
  7. Great livery. Is it a proto or did someone get a delivery?
  8. Should we bring table and chairs then? That should fit easy in the Loti. Otherwise, maybe I will just bring my golf clubs if I want to sit.
  9. Not my experience. Nobody notices Porsches in London, there are more in my street than Golf.
  10. Left the car in front of some friend to pick up something and by the time I came back 2 women one a stroll stopped to look and one of them came to tell me: “Wow, just wow. Your car is is just so beautiful.” Clearly made her day and mine.
  11. I drove from north London to Bicester with my father in law in the back and got no complaint. That works well if your father in law is 5 feet tall. I am 6f2 so need the seat a bit back and that is usually the bigger issue. My wife passenger seat is fully to the front and she still has spare room, too bad they didn’t allow for an extra click forward as that would have been better for the back passenger. Often need people to angle their legs.
  12. I promise you a lot of problem can be solved by throwing money at them! Apparently in your case buy the neighbour’s house to have an extra drive! Your wife can have her own house with kitchen and bedroom as a side benefit!
  13. Just received my 400 tax, it is 330. Registered in 2016 and 225g/km
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