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  1. I kind of like the time as it allows me to go before taking the daughter to her activities with the additional benefit of completely free road out of London!!!
  2. Entered the wharf just after this one with my 400. Probably surprised people to see 2 evora following each other !
  3. Very interesting swap. I would have thought with the interior being almost identical, the engine almost unchanged, the swap would not be that attractive. Keen to hear how different that feels and what the upgrades are .
  4. They aid they were hoping to show the new car in March (ie Geneva) so I guess this is pretty clear cut timing next year
  5. They are talking of a 2 seater based on the Evora platform so with more luxury in it. id you get back to names from the past and you target the price of the A110, that sounds like a Europa to me (more than an Exige) and it could live alongside the Exige the more hard core car. I am pretty sure the next esprit if any will be a v8 car. I can imagine a whole range of cars fro 4cyl (Elise) to 8 (esprit) going through 6 (Evora/Exige). The v8 will obviously be the Daimler one like Aston is using.
  6. Key issues of the car, hopefully the lotus factory can answer those urgent requests so we can start thinking of which color to order the car into. - number plate: j assume there will be a hologram displaying it, can you confirm? - ground clearance? I need to park my car over a slightly shallow curb. Can the car be raised with a button? - cup holders obviously? - golf clubs? Do they go in the front or the back? - can you confirm 50-50 is available? In fact, can you make it 99-1? - Batteries, does the alarm drain it in 2 weeks like on my Evora? otherwise all good and clear I believe ps. Did people notice they reverted to Pirellis? Does it mean something for other models?
  7. At least they don’t swap cars this year anymore as they managed enough range. What I am struggling with is that they are in cities so there has to be ways to get proper power from the grid! For Aston Martin, that was the official line when they did the IPO as they wanted to show that the Valkyrie type profit could be recurring rather than a one off but considering how badly they are doing right now, you would have thought they would have sold a bit more if they could without damaging the market. I think is is about 150 pininfarina as well. Not that high a number but if people feel there is something better out there, it quickly becomes a big number.
  8. Side note to say the FIA really need to get that sorted (ie banned) as it clearly makes no sense to have electric cars charged with Diesel engines! i am curious to see if/how quick it sell out. They clearly have mark of interest for a fair bit of potential cars. It does feel like though that the target market will be very close to the Pininfarina, I doubt they will both sell out. I guess the pininfarina guys were the least happy of what was going on yesterday night. it will probably be down to the commercial teams to know which one will sell most. I hope they will give updates on sale. Aston is making 1m of EBITDA margin per Valkyrie, I wonder what this car will make for Lotus.
  9. The most positive thing I can say of episode 4 is that Chris Harris was not in the adventure bit.
  10. Hoo har hoo har hoo har is that plenty enough that no one needs to add more?
  11. That is a good idea. There is an electric boulevard there!
  12. Do we know where they will do the launch? Maybe in the royal Albert hall like when the esprit was launched?
  13. Yes, saw it earlier this week. Really hope he gets well soon.
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