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  1. You can release the brake pedal and putting the brake on and it will keep the engine on. Mine works very well, I hardly notice it. Usually only kick in at the lights and when it goes orange I release the brake which leaves plenty of time to accelerate when it isn’t green. i really have never seen the issue you describe so I agree with others that it is worth getting it checked out.
  2. My Dad bought a Europa when I was a small kid. i played Lotus Esprit turbo challenge when I was 12 i watched formula one and supported herbert and hakkinen I loved the Elise when it came out and I was about 17 I bought one when I turned 25 I have 2 now...
  3. In London with a black pack and small mods for air intakes and headlights
  4. A lot of little things are off Andrew make the whole ensembles quite disjointed. I know Matt said he was leaving g for personal reason so but I would not be surprised if he noticed this season was not working answered bolted quickly. MLB and CH do something on one end and RR makes a filler separately just is not attractive viewing. The car picks are neither funny nor relatable. The challenges with FF and Panamera is the perfect example, nobody dreams of those or relates to them. The tuk tuk bit although sound fun just can not justify filling a full episode so you end up showing cars. only good thing so far are sceneries but then there are better shows...
  5. I noticed it on google recently and leaving locally but still haven’t visited it. Need to get it done soon with one of the loti. Is it resident parking only? Would not want to get a fine.
  6. Conclusion seems like both excellent and comparable experience cars hence while the price point makes it a Lotus win.
  7. My is quite similar, I can’t fault the comfort of the car and it is properly multi usage. 2 downsides: It does drink, Like a LOT! Which if you drive 12k a year pinch a bit. its battery gets drained too quickly so easier to use it as a daily. I have put a switch on mine and that is a pain as I need to use the emergency tailgate cable to open it. otherwise, the analog feel is astonish8ng and I ont get why people would wanat anything else it I should a bit of a beast when you push it and short of 488 and mclaren nothing feels as sharp and quick as that. Value for money is just incredible and people dont realise it
  8. Awful name. Are they going to launch a Ferrari Culbuto?
  9. Does it still exist? Didn’t get it terminated years ago?
  10. I watched the first episode of the new season today (as I was trapped in a plane anyway). That was awfully bland. No laughs and the cars are just not that exciting/not even particularly new (the panamera/FF comparison was dreadfully boring). It almost feels like those things have been done before and better with more fancy cars. Car selection was just a disaster all along. The grand tour isn’t not really convincing neither, feels like a copy of old top gear with more money going into the presenters and a lot less in the producers and the details. There was one good although tired show and now we have two boring tired shows!!!!
  11. KI believe there is only one 400 u registered in the UK so not much of an issue anymore here’s but the GT410 is not approved for the US market yet so 400 is the only thing they can still sell there. I guess they don’t take orders but just redirect customers to what has been stockpiled there.
  12. And the GT410 has a bit more equipment like infotainment that was probably options on the 410 on and is available as a +2. 30k is a slight exaggeration vs brand new RRP but this was clearly designed to move the brand new prices up from the 400 and 410.
  13. AC a bit of a must for resale value at least. Rear engine does keep the car warm, even in the UK... Considering relative availability and the fact the 400 is more convenient to use, you would need to be very focused on the carbon to limit yourself to the 410. Sparco seats got sorted from 17 onward and cars before usually have been addressed with the extra bit. If it does not make noise when you try it, then hopefully ok. After that it is all about color and black pack or not. I guess a taste matter.
  14. I had one incident like that where I switched the battery off to unlock the key and never had an issue again. Battery is structurally running low even when used regularly so I regularly charge it to be safe. (I got low voltage alert before but did not create issues with the auto Box).
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