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  1. As I was driving my daughter to school, yesterday morning (Saturday) I saw an Elan M100 dark blue with the roof open in this chilly weather, as I was driving back home I crossed a black Elise (s2?) in the same place nearby Gospel Oak station. A bit of a treasure day hunt as I also saw a red Quattro (identical to the one in Life on mars) on top of the usual Ferrari and Porsche you see on any trip to hampstead.
  2. There is one thing that has been bothering me with my 400 which is the battery losing power when the car Ian not used for 2 weeks. I have an isolator on it so I can switch it off when waiting around but this creates a separate problem which is that I need to use the emergency boot release that is pretty much for emergency only as it either needs two people to operate or just jams. i am thinking of installing the following instead: Anyone tried that? What about you, anything that bugged you and that you would want improved or practical things you did to make it more usable?
  3. At least one.... the first one to be delivered will be to the chairman of geely!!
  4. Any chance the current factory will get involved here and help fending it off or get involved in a redevelopment that helps the heritage? The reality is that area will end up redeveloped at one point as it is idle real estate and that doesn’t make sense here so if it can be developed in a way that enhances the heritage by making it more visible and with the company getting involved this could make it a better place and a place we would want to go to.
  5. The mclaren f1 was available in neither
  6. I am pulling my order right now.
  7. The intention was definitely to sell some to Oz but unclear if it would be LHD. Seems like they had few indication of interest from there at launch.
  8. So you are upset about downloadable products VAT regime (not all VAT) and about organised gangs ripping off European countries including the Uk. I apologise, I wrongly thought you were saying some countries like Luxembourg take VAT from the UK which would not have been correct so I was trying to get to the bottom of that. On issue regarding downloadable products I fear this is not related to brexit/deal/no deal/remain as any form of policing is difficult. All the companies you names are US companies that play aggressively the system and I doubt the government will make this a priority as they negotiate a trade agreement with the US. In general, i think European governments are making up fake EU problems to hide away their lack of action on things which is under their remit. Blame others all the time and do nothing yourself seems like a easy path.
  9. I think you should explain how you think the VAT works and how the UK would be losing on it.
  10. As mentioned by Tomsk it is a lot more complicated than this and most importantly membership to the EU has no impact either way on those particular questions. For companies based in Ireland the tax treaty behind is the UK/Ireland convention of 1976 not the EU directives. The same apply with Jersey. Tax rate in Luxembourg is 17% so effective much lower taxes are due to other complex structuring and that won’t be an issue for company to have such rate going forward in the UK which ever way things go as long as the government maintains its last 40 year policy. Regarding the choice of freedom of circulation of capital, this was unilaterally agreed by the UK (Netherlands and Germany did the same choice) in the 70’s (Labour government and reinforced by Thatcher) so far before Maastricht made it a pillar of Europe. In other terms the UK is one of the key sponsor of that pillar with Germany of that choice so that sounds difficult to see it changing unless Corbyn comes to power.
  11. But the UK government hasn’t done anything about this. In fact they promise exactly the opposite that if they were to come out of the EU they will decrease tax rates for corporates and do a trade deal with the US that would most likely maintain/improve the ability of US corp to not pay taxes in the UK so shouldn’t you rather ask the UK government to act? (as there is nothing in EU law that would prevent them from implementing adequate taxes)
  12. It think it would be very helpful if you could explain how the EU helped this practice and what the UK government tried to do about it and how they were blocked in doing so as I can’t find examples. The latest development on this subject is the French tax on large companies selling goods online and challenged by the US potentially to the WTO. Do you think the UK government should try such mechanisms?
  13. 0.3% of total VAT collected in Europe goes to the EU budget so for a country with a 20% VAT rate this is about 0.06%. The total contribution of the UK in 2017 was EUR16.4bn so EUR315m a week inclusive of GNI, VAT, agricultural tariffs and all contribution inclusive of rebate. On the taxing of large companies in Europe (by large read American) the EU has been at the forefront of the fight regarding tax avoidance. For example Apple has been forced in paying back billions to Ireland. The UK has been moderately supportive (which means not at all) of any effort to crack down on tax avoidance as the UK is a net beneficiary of corporate tax optimisation. Because of the financial sector in the city of London, the UK collects significant taxes on banks and other financial services performed by American and European banks in the EU and booked in London. This is something that is under scrutiny by most other European state looking to repatriate this tax bonanza.
  14. I kind of like the time as it allows me to go before taking the daughter to her activities with the additional benefit of completely free road out of London!!!
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