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  1. my dealer is still happy to take my deposit but neither my banker nor my wife agreed!
  2. Autocar corrected their news and now only referring to 2020 production.
  3. Definitely a misinterpretation. My dealer still very happy to take my deposit for a 2021 delivery. ”the whole of the 2020 production is sold” sound like 30-40 cars. Could even be less considering it only starts in the summer. I am sure the message is to make people who still wonder about pulling the trigger comfortable the car is a success and that they need to hurry. Lotus is working on different homologations process for places where they have indication of interest but not order yet (Australia) so they would not bother if they didn’t have more to sell.
  4. I like it. Helpful and funny. Other yellow card representation would be good if people would feel it is too loud. You may have to wait a bit as VAR is not allowed to overturn yellow cards, it can only be used to upgrade yellow to red... That being said, maybe you can plead the mistaken identity appeal! VAR can do that.
  5. Maybe they should do a hydrogen version of the Evija, it cannot be that much work more!
  6. Hybrid is such a compromised technical choice that it would be an odd choice for a lotus sports car. Only explainable of we are think SUV or something like that. Lotus volume should have them ok to have the next car being petrol only then they can consider merging it in the rest of the geely group if they go all electric after that. Lotus cars donc need to be that practical so much easier to make a pure technical choice like all ev. Curious to see if they matais the Evija battery implementation choice (rather than skateboard platform of others)
  7. Thanks for the pics did the wind remove all the colors hence mostly white cars?
  8. Sorry but this one is a misquote. He said he worked in the sector for 24 years, not that any expertise were required for the work!
  9. Sounds pretty challenging in cars. Storage in cryogenic tanks with explosive potential combined with daily evaporation anyway makes it more of a shipping solution than a car one.
  10. People are looking in hydrogen but for the moment and unless physics makes a giant leap, this is the worst of all worlds. You can produce hydrogen through regasification but that still produces lots of CO2 and the cost is much higher than petrol. It also is a nightmare to transport. Producing renewable hydrogen can be done through electrolyse (mostly theoretically as it is totally uneconomical) and it would require a lot more electricity than charging all the batteries of all the EVs in the world. This takes the production problem and multiply it few folds. In reality car makers aren’t investing much in this as they know the hydrogen production doesn’t work for the purpose of reducing emissions. i think as a starting point they should have mandatory Cx reduction and ban on SUVs! That will have more impact!
  11. It is not as fast as it should be (I wonder f they purposefully made it slower to protect the 911) but this is better value. Too much work to get it work and then homologated I think but I agree that orb would have been a proper sales boost.
  12. Basically priced exactly like a base 911 carrera.
  13. And hopefully get your cable adjusted ASAP. Mine was not tight enough and although by pulling it I could open the boot with the help of a second person opening the boot at the same time, it is now working perfectly. 4xx need the cable pulled straight whereas prior version needed the cable pulled side way with the right angle.
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