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  1. Really unlikely you can get repairs done for less than the price of an old one on autotrader. I think you try to look for one identical to yours without any advisory and a clean chassis. If you can get the “upgrade” for 2k this will always beat repairing at your own cost.
  2. If the toddler wakes up at 5 again then I am tempted to take her for a drive an join you.
  3. Have you tried to disconnect the battery to get a full reset of the system? it solved the issue once when my car got completely gremlinsed and paralysed (auto box)
  4. Drivers salary and top engineer are not included in the budget cap so you can expect those to keep going through the roof. Ferrari is like Manchester United, they should make a profit of this and not breakeven so it sounds like the cap will help them there. Res Bull is putting a lot of their marketing money into the team, with the owner getting older they are most likely revisiting and the budget cap will allow them to be more sustainable. The aim is to get to an NBA like model where the team are turning profits and worth something meaningful with a chance to catch up from time to time to the top and then make sure no-one wants to leave. i won’t be surprised if Williams end up receding American or Chinese money but they probably need to demonstrate that they’ve are not as bad as last year first which may be a big tally.
  5. Renault is going to cut 15,000 job. It would be easy to cut the F1 to make t look like savings but this is the worst time to do it as they would need to give money to give the team away so closing the F1 program now would be even more expensive that keeping it running. On the Mclaren 1990 budget at just over £20m, this is not fully comparable to current team budgets. Honda was spending at least as much on their engine and other. Tag support for electronics was also « in kind » accounting standards are a bit different now so what your partners gives you for free comes into your budget. Also sponsors like Marlboro used to pay Drivers directly. Every team is getting substantial TV money to help them running which has changed the baseline a lot as well. I personally regret that it is not possible to get customer cars anymore, would be fun to see more new drivers getting a chance this way but I assume cars have gone too complicated for someone to have a shot and being efficient with a customer car. Stroll is quite cautious with his money, he invests it more than he spends it and he always had the plan to make force India a factory team. Not sure that Aston Martin can afford it though.
  6. He won’t want to stay at all cost and with the 2021 car being the 2020 cars, he will have full insight on what each car will be worth which is why he will stay away if he doesn’t get a Mercedes seat.
  7. I think you meant a range of broader people? (i.e. the US market!)
  8. It mean that people with very wide bottoms should find it much easier to get into the cars.
  9. I think Hamilton should ask for Vettel to join Mercedes. This is the kind of thing that can build legends. The Senna Prost rivalry has not been exceeded because all the big names have played it safe by focusing on number 1 spots. That would make F1 a lot more Interesting and that has to be good for F1. The main problem is that Vettel should probably not do this because in all likelihood Hamilton is just faster and this won’t look great for him.
  10. Yes, I did the same on my S1 and got it exempt. I had the original papers fortunately.
  11. And you are missing that the government has also agreed a government bailout plan for trains and buses. Otherwise there would be no more service to Manchester, Liverpool or Sunderland. basically, TFL was the last one of the major infrastructure to get a government bail out as it had larger cash reserves (obviously not because of the antagonism between Johnson and Khan). People in London are asked to contribute through price hikes mostly because they can afford it more than the rest of the country. Some people could feel slightly aggrieved that Londoners taxes get used all the time to prop up the rest of the country’s infrastructures, NHS, unemployed, schools but when a London infrastructure needs help than they have to pay for it. Maybe the London workers should ask for their money back but as they are not voting for that government they should expect it.
  12. Obviously that is not true as roads are paid for by the state (unless you go to work walking through the woods and fields?) Already happened, private trains operators got shored up to keep operating trains outside London. Bus companies received funding in cities outside London.
  13. Maybe we can take this to the general forums rather than car section as it seems lien it is a political preferences forum?
  14. Basically the uptick of the congestion charge was a condition set by the government to approve the government bail out of TFL. This was the last minute to agree something before they had to cancel many tube and train. The logic of the government is that they want Londoners to pay for it and don’t want any risk of being accused to have the whole nation paying for a London infrastructure.
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