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  1. Hum that would make the Porsche 4th then… did you mean 4th then? 😂
  2. Car is a bit heavy from the direction right now, I don’t think it should be. Current plan is to get all the bush links changed and see how it lands. I understand south West lotus manufactures parts so I will make an order of all those poly flex bits. There was a burnt smell last time we tried to open the lights.. Any advice on how to change the mechanism/find the rights parts? Need to get my dad to make a list of the issues. thanks
  3. I don’t think the 911 not being part of the comparison should preclude it from winning the competition. Disappointed there isn’t a conclusion stating that really out of those three SUVs the right choice would be the untested 911.
  4. Sounds like she is training in case she needs to bury a body in the woods one day….
  5. Thanks for the pictures! Just relocated to Singapore and missing those cars already. who brought the Elan M100? Can I DM if I have question for the refurb of mine?..
  6. With the current state of the market, people would be nuts to let a 2021 Evora go for USD100k so if you can get one near that, you should. Price may do a bit of a landing in 2 years time but the alternative is probably to not have a car..
  7. I don’t think you should feel bad about selling it, takes pictures and put some on a wall but avoid the financial stress. If things get better in the industry, then you can treat yourself to a new project. Tell yourself it will be better for the car as well.
  8. Still not able to get petrol in the Evora. Been a week now. All the stations of north London got a fill and all of them were empty within hours.
  9. No queues where I live in north Londonthis morning… Because no petrol anywhere at all… The Evora is low so plans cancelled. Awesome.
  10. I am amazed they don’t add a day of roadshow at the factory. That would be much easier for you. can’t someone suggest it?
  11. You have to think it was intentional by the ambulance driver.
  12. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    This model can stay out for the next 8 years so I guess plenty of time to consider but safely not in the next 2 years.
  13. In quite a few countries, the V6 will be eur10k more of taxes making the V6 a rare thing for those places. As the UK is less punitive on CO2 emissions than Europe, I am not surprised they focus the launch edition on the UK with the V6 as they know it well and know this model won’t last. at the end of the day, I have no doubt they can sell 2000-5000 and good prices (to them) but the game is rather to sell 5000 p.a. For the next 8ish years so they cannot have price too high otherwise it will be a 2 year business. Hopefully this gets smoothed and we don’t have people waiting for their car for 1 year+ But then nobody ordering any in 3 year.
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