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  1. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    This model can stay out for the next 8 years so I guess plenty of time to consider but safely not in the next 2 years.
  2. In quite a few countries, the V6 will be eur10k more of taxes making the V6 a rare thing for those places. As the UK is less punitive on CO2 emissions than Europe, I am not surprised they focus the launch edition on the UK with the V6 as they know it well and know this model won’t last. at the end of the day, I have no doubt they can sell 2000-5000 and good prices (to them) but the game is rather to sell 5000 p.a. For the next 8ish years so they cannot have price too high otherwise it will be a 2 year business. Hopefully this gets smoothed and we don’t have people waiting for their car for 1 year+ But then nobody ordering any in 3 year.
  3. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    I mean this. It doesn’t look like a manual gear lever.
  4. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    Has anyone seen it at good wood and can explain the stick they have in the pictures? I assume this is an auto stick. Not sure I see the point anymore. We’re there paddles?
  5. That is very cool. Quick to market. What engine is in it?
  6. They clearly don’t like Porsches downs there. I can see 6 (ex SUV) on my way to the coffee shop down the street but there are 2 Evora 400 in my street after I convinced my neighbour to get one too!
  7. Hexagon just sold their brand new Evora GT 410 so will be one of the last brand new one. I guess someone decided better to get this on the road Monday rather than wait for an Emira. Beautiful car.
  8. PAR

    Goodwood car park...

    Thanks for posting
  9. They probably used different nuts and bolt size to make sure they didn’t have any in common! 😂 same V6 and therefore gearbox I would think then. Probably updated ECU for pollution.
  10. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    Anyone knows when dealers will be able to show a live car?
  11. Evora stocks are quite low. Some people got their order cancelled because they stopped production Early. On my end, I don’t see why I would sell the Evora to get an Emira. The Evora is faster, has kiddie space, still looks great. I am much more likely to be an Emira customer is 3-5 years time when they will have lighter more powerful versions. if they didn’t sell that badly, I would have thought keeping an Evora alongside the Emira with an upgraded interior and updated fascia would have made sense. one thing I struggle with the Emira is the lights at the back (Alpine style). Someth8mg more like the Evija would have been better. I think everyone agrees so wonder if nobody told them this bit was a fail.
  12. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    No. Dct8 only
  13. Agreed, I also have access to the Europa of my dad though.
  14. I have three and regularly wondering if I should buy a fourth…
  15. Doesn’t it happen every time they get promoted?
  16. They seem in business though as my neighbour picked up in 400 from there.
  17. Sounds about right, they disagreed with the direct sales approach which is starting with the Emira so declined to keep the distribution. Seems super fresh.
  18. So I got to see the car from close and it is not the same. Identical colors and options but less miles ans coming from Hendy.
  19. I think my neighbour has just bought that… Popped in his driveway today. He wanted to buy an Elise or Exige to replace a Catherham so Came to ask questions about Lotus as had 2 in the drive. I took him in the Evora to get a feel for it few weeks ago. I need to call them to ask for a commission.
  20. Direction of travel is less dealership rather than more, they have come out to the dealers to tell them they won’t be able t9 sell cars in the future as it will be direct sales like Tesla so how do yo7 expect them to invest money and time in promoting the brand. There isn’t a London official dealer anymore following that (again). Quite frustrating.
  21. If you try to name three other engines that mattered, you will have the Renault v10, the Honda V6 Turbo and the Mercedes V6 hybrid. All of those changed the game and won many races as well championships.
  22. PAR

    Who will buy a 131?

    I assume it means June 6th rather than a July!
  23. PAR

    Lotus Emira

    Yes but flattened by monster truck
  24. Pushing back the delivery to get a 71 rather than 21 plate. Smart.
  25. The car looked good! Never saw that colour on an evora before. I was in the grey 400 on the side road.
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