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  1. 69 is always a reasonable proposition to start discussion. I paid less than that for my 400 that was the demonstrator of my local…
  2. I was considering a Gallardo but then I got kids. Owned a California for a while which was more practical for road trip and a great engine but nowhere dynamically compared to the Evora.
  3. Dont really get any of that. Your argument is that you should cross a cyclist at the same speed and keeping the same distance as you would a 4 wheel car??? Also your argument seems to be that is the this was another road and another vehicle then it would have been fine so it is fine here… Too be honest I don’t understand all the anger on the internet of people who wish the world to be more dangerous and wishing ill to other people so they can save 0.2 secs for their travel from their work to their wife complaining their spend too much time with both anyway.
  4. Thanks a lot @madmax I missed your answer but had it sorted. I do think they are different on TCS vs S2 as top speed was quite different.
  5. The fine seems a bit low to me. Clearly there was potential for bodily harm here when you look at speed vs road size. if it was a car the other way, the guys would never had tried to drive that fast. Don’t think the guy should be allowed to keep his driving license. The lawyer probably explained to him he was getting away lightly. if I was driving in my lotus and this guy was driving the other way this fast, I would be quite upset.
  6. Any update on the additional agents to join the network?
  7. Also, the6 are not dealers anymore…
  8. PAR

    M100 Elan photos

    “My other car is a Kia Picanto” stickers are the best
  9. PAR

    M100 Elan photos

    My parents doing a road trip in France with the M100. They even got snow on the road on the way back but all good with the FWD
  10. Corrected for you as there seemed to be some typos.
  11. If it did not have too many 2 seaters already and didn’t move in a country with 300% tax on cars and didn’t have a wise wife asking for seats for the kids if we were to buy another car, I would be keen on an Emira and would have gone for the i4. Lighter car, more faster of the line, sounds like the Chapman choice! To be honest I already have the Evora for the V6 so don’t need it twice but I am quite intrigued to see what will happen in time. I suspect in 2 years time the i4 will have more than 400bhp and be sub 4.0 for 0-60. Maybe we will see some more wings too!
  12. I am pretty sure this is the other way around, you can’t spend that money when you are young but only when you get older as your pension , house etc is sorted. Leave cars rather than money to your kids!
  13. what do you guys think? I like the color. Let’s say that swapping my 400 to buy this would be tough to swallow…
  14. Almost ready for delivery, my daughter finishing it off now….
  15. Yeah, excel not making me salivate sorry… spent too much time on the Microsoft version maybe!
  16. When I bought mine early 2021 I felt I had paid a bit heavy but feeling it was quite ok at the end when I see the market. almost bought an esprit at the time but had storage issue, that one may never come back to a price I like!
  17. So I decided to make a kid’s dream true and splurged on one. It is currently in build phase and I should be able to get a picture during build up phase. I will post it here.
  18. Wishing you a good one. My cars and car meets are one of the thing I miss the most about the Uk!
  19. I find the auto pretty good and if anything feels more like a mini super car to me. (Ferrari and Mclaren don’t do manual after all). I always find the auto on my Evora 400 better to drive than the dual clutch of the california T of my wife.
  20. Whatever. you take the last 4 generations of Porsche and the chassis is about as similar as an Emira is to an Evora. If the Emira is the same under, then all Mclarens are all the same under, all the last 30 years Porsches are the same. None of those have changed the principle of their chassis in this millenium. Aluminium chassis is the best way to get rigidity and performance at an acceptable cost. This one has new dimensions, new side pattern, new suspensions, new set-up. If people wanted a carbon tub like on the Evian, then they needed to volunteer 250k.
  21. As much as a 992 is a reskinned 991 then.
  22. PAR

    Emira GT4

    I am a bit puzzled by this GT4 spec, seems quite a lot down on power compared to field leaders like the 570S and the weight difference won’t be enough. Surely you can get more power for a race car. edit: Just realised that the McLaren is carrying about 200kg+ of ballast so that should do the trick, interesting to pit a 355hp 1200kg car against a 465hp 1600kg car. At this rate the Lotus may even get some ballast.
  23. Next time give her a Kia Picanto and keep the Elise !
  24. Hi, i am in the process of importing my wife’s car to Australia and it is probably not advisable if you don’t fall in the exemption categories. You are supposed to have owned the car for 1 year and coming back to Australia permanently. On our case as we are only part time in Oz, I used the 25 year old+ exemption to be able to import it in. Theoretically, they have discretion to allow the import of your personal vehicle if you don’t exactly fit the criteria. Which means that you could file with the ROVER infrastructure system an application to bring your personal car to OZ and when they ask why they should grant it despite you not fitting the criteria then explain it was a family car that you inherited and that has special value to you. Worst case they decline and you would be losing the fee they charge. You would need picture of the car and the VIN plus other documentation of ownership. if they agree it shouldn’t be too difficult to have a shipper pick up the car and send it to Oz. Otherwise, there are many classic car specialists looking for stocks so you won’t struggle too much to find one to take care of it. Most will try to buy it from you rather than sell it for you as they would rather take the risk and try to make more money by taking the risk in this market. Whatever the outcome, wishing you the best.
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