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  1. I drove from north London to Bicester with my father in law in the back and got no complaint. That works well if your father in law is 5 feet tall. I am 6f2 so need the seat a bit back and that is usually the bigger issue. My wife passenger seat is fully to the front and she still has spare room, too bad they didn’t allow for an extra click forward as that would have been better for the back passenger. Often need people to angle their legs.
  2. I promise you a lot of problem can be solved by throwing money at them! Apparently in your case buy the neighbour’s house to have an extra drive! Your wife can have her own house with kitchen and bedroom as a side benefit!
  3. Just received my 400 tax, it is 330. Registered in 2016 and 225g/km
  4. I am a bit puzzled of why people would sell 400s below 50k unless something fundamentally wrong with its history. It so close to the finale Evora and the new generation won’t have a +2 so that sounds like great value for money considering the lack of alternative. i just « refurb » mine (basically taking care of scratches on wheels and other places, getting one light repaired and getting a proper deep clean) and when I picked it up it was feeling like a brand new car.
  5. I was generous, I bought my wife a resident permit so she could park her Mini Countryman in the street so I can park a couple lotus on our driveway! So she would get the message I parked my wife’s second car at some friends garage 10 min away!
  6. Make the total cost of the kids growing up, put them on your wife budget then very generously spend only half of that amount on cars. Fair deal.
  7. Haha, I thought for a moment you were serious before I realised it is April fools day. Almost got me there. 😂
  8. On the Evora 4xx the instrument panels is only one part so you have to change it all if there is a bit failing. it sounds like I have a motherboard issue on it. Has anyone looked at repairing a unit rather than replacing it?
  9. Usually buy front engine cars for the wife so all of them makes sense so everyone has a car and some spare.
  10. Could be like Stroll or Sainz. Above are the rather big names trying to get in the mix.. All GP winners ans 6 world titles there but not the machinery to win regularly..
  11. You are assuming the Mercedes is pretty bad vs expectations....
  12. Quick survey to see if people hope for some more diversity in the winners!
  13. Cheapest Ferrari is £166k (probably without paint and seats as you need to add options) and this is for a front engine car. Cheapest mid engine is 200k with a v8 of 660bhp The McLaren GT is 165k and it’s V8 has 612bhp Lamborghini Huracan is 165k with a V10 that has 602bhp What are the other mid engine sports car out there? New Corvette: 82k with a 500bhp V8 Honda NSX: 150k with V6 hybrid for circa 550bhp kind of suggests you may get away with 130k and a V6 500bhp at the top end but that is stretching it and the car will need to feel special.
  14. Sounds like my autocorrect was setup on Croate....
  15. I guess it looks enough like a 488 that they just slapped a Ferrari sign on as camouflage and no one noticed... 😂
  16. I do. I don’t drive that much, use the other Llloris in the summer. Wife has her own car if we need more space for longer trips.
  17. Yes, the Carlton has a German engine. The other was Enstone made Lotus branded f1 which had a Mercedes v6 before they become Renault again.
  18. That is definitely as British as any Lotus engine has been!
  19. If my memory is correct, there has only been two German engine in a Lotus before. One was the Lotus branded en stone car when it got a Mercedes engine in it. The other one was heavily modified by Lotus and I will people figure out which. Lots of Japanese engines particularly in the last 30 years. Some Renault, a bunch of Ford. It will be interesting t9 see what the last ICE will be!
  20. The Nissan GTR V6 was always an interesting animal in the Renault Nissan group. Would not have mind if it was used in something prettier.
  21. Hopefully we will have details soon but here is a poll.
  22. PAR

    Who will buy a 131?

    The 911 covers a 380 to 640 bhp range, there is no McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini below 500 so they need an option that straddle over for image purposes at least.
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