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  1. So you think it's sad that a significant Esprit was parked indoors, mechanically maintained and preserved by the same owner since it was used in the movie? It has been many years since my brother has had the means to insure and drive the car. He just chose not to despite the fact that he has Hagerty insurance on other cars in his collection that he acquired after the Esprit. BTW now I remember the name of the guy that offered the car for sale. His name was Bryce Williams and the car still had the license plate on it that was used in the movie.
  2. My brother owns a black 1991 Esprit SE with about 15,000. Was one of 3 cars used in the movie Basic Instinct. It has sat in his garage un-molested since 1995 in Los Angeles. He would probably sell it for the right price. He has proof from the production company that it was used in the movie.
  3. Hello, I just found this forum and I have some information on the missing Basic Instinct cars. in 1992, I was offered the two other cars from the movie Basic Instinc (I live in LA and have met many people from the motion picture industry.) At the time they were out of my price range but my brother stepped up and purchased them. The cars were sold by the head of the transportation department for the production company (I think his name was Bryce Smith or something like that). Included in the sale was one complete running driving brand new 1991 black Esprit SE with some cosmetic damage from the chase scenes and a black mocked up mule that was originally green and previously used in the movie The Rookie. My brother drove the car sparingly for about two years and parked it since the mid 1990's never to drive it again. He complained that the insurance was too high and he was starting a family. It shows less than 15-20k miles and he has provenance from the production company and LOTUS USA connecting the car the Basic Instinct. Unfortunately, he junked the mule car about 4 years ago when he lost storage space for it. I have photos of it somewhere i just have to find them.
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