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  1. As you say, extremely tight fit. I managed to get i ok, but it is very hard remove it since the pegs are so tight. Another problem - there is a lot of windnoise from the upper middle of the soft top when driving. You also feel the wind blowing.... There is a piece of cloth in the middle of the soft top, around the adjustment "cable". Is that piece of cloth needed? It is fitted with velcro. I did not have that on my Elise. Btw what kind of grease?
  2. You were right! But is was very very hard to get it clicked , and even after that I had to make some adjustment. Is there a way to make it easier?
  3. Just installed a soft top on my 350. There is a huge gap between the windshield, windows (both sides) and the soft top, resulting in a lot of wind noise. I have had 2 Elises with the same soft top, and no problem/gap on them. Any ideas?
  4. Update 300 miles later. Seat still rock solid. Car still feels like a completely different car.
  5. F I N A L L Y ! Springs fitted today and seat is rock solid. I would actually say that the whole car feels different. I am a very happy man today!
  6. Holy f*ck! Took them 13,5 years to fix it (and my car is a MY 17,4....). Wonder if my mail to the CEO made them act....
  7. @SteveJL Great! Did B&C mention anything about the result? I will have my fitted Friday next week! /Peter
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