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  1. Also, the rear suspension can make a clicking noise where the semi trailing arm meets the hub carrier and lower link. Easily cured by pushing the long stud out and applying Copaslip.
  2. After 25 years of broken clutch cables, pulley breakage and various gearbox maladies I fitted an Excel gearbox to my Elite with hydraulic clutch. I used the standard Excel gearbox slave cylinder and fitted a pull type master cylinder inside the Elite pedal box with a top up reservoir in the engine bay. Clutch pedal weight is similar to previous cable set-up. I removed the pulley to make space for the master cylinder which was mounted on a bar running the full width of the pedal box. Drilled a hole in the clutch lever and fitted a clevis to achieve 25mm of pull when pedal was fully depressed. I could get a sketch and photo's if anyone is interested.
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