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  1. Well, we can disagree on the future values of the Evora and whether they will ever be considered as desirable as an Esprit with a V8 in it, or an original S1 Exige, or whether the fact that Geely doesn't do things with Toyota will affect Lotus' ability and desire to support pre-Geely models. It's not the real point and I guess I apologise for getting everyone so worked up about residuals and the value of their Lotus assets. Anyway, the green one does look like a good car but given how close knit the community is I was hoping to find a previous owner on here that could talk me through the vehicle and its issues given that quite a few Evora's have had niggles from the factory and in some instances issues getting things resolved in a timely manner based on the threads I have read through on this site. If buying used I want to make sure that crap is out of the way and I can just enjoy the car and service it as you would expect.
  2. I wasn't saying that I would wait for an older car further down the line, just making it known where I think the cars will level out at. I don't think the S1 Evora's will hold the value at their level much longer as the 400s start to get older with higher miles. The S1s will begin to dip below £40k for the later S models in due course as older and higher mileage 400s become available and take the space in the mid £40k range. The other Evora models will follow suit with the Sport 410 only being worth a £5-10k premium for fancy carbon parts and lighter wheels, the GT410 Sport worth a touch more than that for being newer with revised bumpers, and the GT 430 worth a larger premium to the GT 410 Sport due to the exclusivity and the premiere package for the Evora. And when Lotus launches its next generation Elise and whatever else under Geely it will also put downward pressure on the pre-Geely lineup as it becomes obsolete with no warranty or factory support. Anyway, I still want the best Sport 410 I can find and afford, so if anyone knows anything about the £59k Sport 410's history and if an ex-owner is on here please get in touch as I'd like to learn a little more about it to see if the car is worth a visit to the dealership to see in person.
  3. Probably not. I envisage the 400 depreciating down to the mid 40s, the Sport 410 about £5k-10k above that around £50-55k, the GT Sport 410 leveling out at £55-60k and the GT430 leveling out at £65-75k.
  4. So, whose car on the forums was this green one that is now for sale? What can you tell me about it's issues, what has been resolved and what remains? What's the warranty status as well?
  5. Was the air/fuel ratio probe working correctly? Can't understand why the car would be running so lean under boost. You would expect somewhere between 11-13:1. I would think a lot of the performance from the new map would come from leaning out the tune and advancing ignition timing a bit.
  6. Nice, so it does work. Was the map just a remote upload? No fine tuning for your particular car on the Dyno?
  7. TVR Sagaris or if too dear then the T350C or T350T.
  8. R35 GTR? A large car but dynamically excellent and fast as hell. New Acura NSX? - Looks great, very quick, good dynamics.
  9. Like the look of the old one, but I honestly think the latest shape of Evora's, in particular the revised front and rear end ones after the base 400 and early 410 Sport, are the best looking. I do not however, like the GT 430 wheels with the silver lip.
  10. Wow, okay well it looks like that's not a realistic proposition for most people. Better off just focusing on intake and exhaust mods to free up any restrictions and then add a remap to achieve 450-475hp.
  11. What's the ball park price to pay for the parts and labour and have a shop like Hangar 111 do it? How difficult is it to pull the transmission yourself? A little more complicated than a front engined rear wheel drive car?
  12. Actually, I have driven one! @JayEmm's car about 1.5 years ago. It's what made me register on this site and start lurking/researching. Noticed the leather on his wheel was a bit funky as well, but as you say maybe it's just because it's shiny leather rather than a matte finish or something.
  13. No. Steering wheel leather looks very worn for so little miles. Cheap leather on the wheel?
  14. Booked in at B&C for a test drive on 1st June. Looking forward to it.
  15. Thanks, that's what I thought and good to know you can modify without worry about updating the tune with each modification, and that you can do that later after you have finalised your flow mods. I suppose on the Sport 410 my worry is the colour mismatches of the roof, hatch carbon, side glass covers, etc. on the black model but I will need to see it in person. I'm trying to arrange a visit and test drive at B&C to check out one of their regular 400s, Sport 410, and for fun an Exige Sport 350 although I have passenger-ed in a Cup 360 and it is just too damn small inside and hard to get into (6'3"). I quite like this car as well as the Orange 400 at B&C, but I have been told the red alcantara is not a very nice shade in person and to steer clear of an early car such as this 2015:
  16. Speaking about the ECU again, is it smart enough to adapt to flow mods like manifold mid pipe and exhaust? It won't run too lean as the ECU will learn and compensate, so in theory the car will make more power but may not be as optimal as a custom map?
  17. Well, I guess it's a toss up between yellow or black, although B&C is closer so I may test drive there.
  18. Is this a Sport 410 or the new GT410 Sport? Gotta love the stupid naming schemes Lotus uses.
  19. That's the thing. I quite like the look of the 2ubular stuff compared to Komotec in the exhaust department, but Komotec won't map your car unless you use their stuff. I do like the idea of Komotec's final drive kit but they are asking stupid money for something that can be CNC'd for a lot less (but I guess no one else does it so....).
  20. I guess that isn't the end of the world except for the cost of having to drive to them, pay for their labour rates to install the 475ps kit (since that is effectively what I would be after as part of the quiet it down process for track use), map it on their rolling road, etc. I wager that is about a £8,000 - £10,000 proposition when all is said and done to travel, stay at a hotel, pay labour rates and cost of parts for the upgrade. Extra cash towards a GT430 instead? Would be nice to be able to buy your own exhaust mods and get someone to tune the car in the UK and cut that proposition in half to c.£4,000 - £5,000.
  21. Yes, I have read that the seats are too upright but I assume you can drill some holes in the seat brackets and angle them backwards a little for more comfort. Surprised there isn't a way to tap the ECU. If Komotec can remap the car then they have obviously been able to crack it so I would have thought there would be an OBD-2 flash tool or some software to do the same yourself. Wow, didn't realise the Lotus was potentially only £300 to tax. for some years and that backs up the confusion I'm seeing on If the wiring is already there then it makes the job easier to choose my own headunit that is better than the factory system and also swap the speakers and sub for better stuff.
  22. Thanks for the replies. What is the scope for a custom remap on these cars? I see that Komotec offers one but the price is off-putting simply because it's a mail order tune and not necessarily optimised in the way it could be for a particular person's car. I would rather have the chance to get the car road mapped and finished on the dyno to make the most of the car's capabilities on our UK fuel, i.e. Shell V Power or Tesco 99. Is there something out there that can flash the ECU and allow anyone to custom tune the car? Just looking at the market I see the following that pique my interest, although I am more inclined to go for as late a car as possible, although prior to the exhaust valve switch being taken away: I imagine the last one, which has no stereo, is probably not the one to go for as the car wouldn't have the speaker wiring sort of sitting there behind the dash and in the doors to be able to put my own head unit and speakers in it? One other question. Checking it seems the road tax on these cars can differ a little bit. Minor point but how much is it actually?
  23. What is the consensus on the Evora build quality over time from 2015 to now? Is it generally better after a certain point in time? Looking to buy used so would like to be able to buy one with no niggles or issues that I would have to try to sort out. Evora 400 vs 410 Sport vs the latest model GT410 Sport. 400 is about £30k cheaper than the GT410 Sport and I assume the advice here will be that the GT410 Sport as a used proposition is not a £30k better car. 410 Sport is £5-10k more expensive than the 400 and I assume the advice here will be divided as to whether it is worth the premium to the 400, mostly for the carbon goodies and cooler wheels. The intention is to run this car as a weekend car, use it for some summer touring and also use it for a couple of track days. For track use I would look into a second set of wheels with something akin to Yokohama A048s, a EV4-435 remap, 2ubular track day compliant exhaust, potentially a downpipe/sport cat/header solution if I still want to throw money at it, and uprated discs/pads at some stage. What is the consensus on depreciation for these cars going forward? I assume because of the S1s that these won't be falling off a cliff any time soon.
  24. Thanks. So, the 475 kit is basically a higher flowing exhaust system, carbon intake box and a remap. I asked about the torque because I thought consenus was that Lotus was limiting torque on their V6 supercharged models due to the power limitations of the gearbox that they use. If you managed 30,000 km out of the 400 with elevated power levels and no issues then that's great news.
  25. I see it now. Sorry. Presumably nM. What is the kPa boost difference between the stock car and the 475 kit pulley or map? Again, any recommendations from Komo-tec to improve the longevity of the gearbox to take the extra torque?
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