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  1. It was good you could open it up at Goodwood and hear the roar, very satisfying . Certainly not a bargain to have done but must make the car Far more enjoyable with enough power for most tracks Myself and I imagine the other 430/410 drivers were short shifting to preserve the day, although in the end after 2 noise boards and a black flag I called it a day
  2. Only just picked up this thread Not sure whether i have a more or lesser informed view than other people here, but I bought a new Cup 430 in 2018 and a year old 570S recently, as did someone else on here. In many ways Lotus and McLaren have similarities but in both cases you have people who have bought new and are pretty [email protected]@@@@ off with the residuals after 12 or so months and others who aspire to the brand/model who appear to want to carp and criticise the brand ( just see PH’s ) and want prices for the premium models to drop. Ive seen it from both sides and hope that in both manufacturers some normality returns after Brexit etc. For me though , enjoying the cars is paramount and by driving them rather than letting them be garage queens. Waiting for them to drop in price further rather than buy one is I guess on many peoples agenda and fully understandable with the prices Lotus now ask. One area that does need attention is in my opinion the dealer experience. If Lotus wish to continue to sell £100 k + cars its needs dealers to improve their offering and start treating existing and potential customers somewhat better. Lotus will progress and may well emulate McLaren in the future. This will No doubt alienate some customers in the process but at the same time bring new people to the brand
  3. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Would be interesting to see the results if you get it done because as you say the mid range is a little lacking. Not sure it’s great value as it’s the same price to upgrade the 410 but arguments either way I guess. The torque improvements are better than the Bhp increase and are the key to giving the cup more oomph. Komotec seem convinced the gearbox can handle it and that seems conducive with the majority of 460’s which run without a cooler and with the Cup 430 you have all the bells and whistles as standard Good Luck
  4. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Well Cup is now coming up to 1 yr old and first main service and and has performed pretty much impeccably so thought I’d post an up date on it overall There were the new Car teething problems which have ironed themselves out now. The Cup though is not an everyday car even with the sound deadening material fitted as cabin noise can drone on a long motorway stint. I know weight plays a part but I would swap 15kgs for a bit more noise insulation to be honest. The 3 way Nitrons are excellent for track and can be dialled in to give almost as supple a ride as a family saloon. Recently new tyres all round were fitted but actually fronts were only 50% used and although the cup 2’s are real track tools they do perform well on the road and the wear rate is excellent. It has been an incredibly cheap car to run and maintain, particularly in light of the performance. One issue is the wonderful Titanium Exhaust, a fantastic noise for the road but does restrict track use. In light of this have only tracked it a couple of times and then had to short shift ( not so bad for the engine though I imagine ) Silverstone seem more lenient but there are always the loud days I guess. All in all a fantastic car out of the box, with all the extras as standard , recently weighed it with almost a full tank and came in at 1081 Kgs so seems to have got a bit lighter since last year !!!
  5. Yes unfortunately and in addition the tracks that don’t do static tests like Silverstone and Donington.
  6. Thanks for the info Colin, and yes i imagine you have to short shift everywhere assuming you can get on the track in the first place it is unfortunately an issue that Lotus perpetuates by selling new Cars with fantastic sounding lightweight exhausts which are ok for road but not track . I have a standard factory Titanium one on so not really wanting to change that at the moment ( costs etc : ) .
  7. Yes it’s really why the Evoras and the 2 most powerful Exiges are untrackable ( not sure that’s a word ) Thought maybe sprint days might have a different view on noise. You can short shift on track days but obviously sprint days are against clock Yes the Exige 380 is noisy but the Titanium Exhausts on the 430 and also on some 410’s are noisier still . Easy to hit 107db on a drive by ( aah )
  8. Hi Colin, I have toyed with having at go at this myself but in light of the static noise tests I have been put off. I imagine the 410 and 430 Exiges static at 5,200 will hit over 105db, are all events static test or are some just drive by
  9. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Great result for the 430 but also proves how difficult it is to match the factory claimed 0-60 mph times with a 3.6 compared to a 3.2 but the 0-100 looks reasonable
  10. Possibly not , a Titanium exhaustV6 such as a 430 and also the 380/410’s can hit over 105db driveby , a 350 can certainly go over 100db. Depends on your exhaust of course but standard 350’s would struggle Most circuit noise meters will be on the pit straight and possibly at various other points, it pays to know where
  11. Bedford is 87dba driveby and well policed
  12. Whether you can or not is actually irrelevant as the battery is likely to have tripped as mentioned above and even if you could recharge you need to gain access to the battery to reset it. The best solution long term is not to leave Car locked but this may be very difficult, or lock doors with the key.
  13. Gentlemen, To put this in context !! Not mentioning individuals but both Hoffman’s and Hangar 111 had both sent me emails in January after we had some ongoing email discussion and conversations on performance upgrades. In both cases they had confirmed they would be back in touch shortly. Neither did and that’s a fact. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on whether that is good Service or not, and to comment that they’ve received great service from them etc: Perhaps they were too busy to respond because they are good at what they do and very popular. I can only go on my experience. The point is I did not receive a response and you can disagree with that but it does not make you correct. I have no issue with either company and commented on the thread from DrTroy who had received no communication back from Hoffman’s If there were other Komotec or SSC UK dealers then I would have a choice to go to them and with the competition it may improve responses
  14. Couldn’t see on the thread that this was covered !! I see !! Yes best remove mine then
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