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  1. In that case is the 430 Cup the ultimate Wet Dream 😂
  2. Be aware that C1’s fall off track at Silverstone very easily ,😂 I saw 2 rolled and 3 in the ditch at a recent track day
  3. My old 380 in Kawasaki Green, A great colour IMO , particularly if you like getting attention but paint is not as resilient as the Metallics So def needs Ceramic coating and Ppf
  4. Yes exactly why I’m not going Oem. The PFC pads do seem pretty impressive
  5. Greatly appreciated input , I’ve decided to not go OEM but undecided on the exact pads yet !!
  6. I am sure this must be covered somewhere in the forum but could not find Anyway thinking of replacing the pads on my Cup 430 either with the stock pads but not sure what they are, perhaps or some slightly more track focussed. Thoughts appreciated
  7. Mine were just clip on with sticky tape to secure them. They are smaller than the actual mirror case and the Carbon is probably not stiff enough in any event
  8. Yep , Bought a pair for my old Exige 380, easy to fit and covered the awful plastic covers a treat . Good quality to boot ! I wouldn’t though fit them to painted wing mirrors as do not fully cover up the mirror case
  9. I have booked the Goodwood day with some Porsche mates, surprised me it is open to other makes. Looking forward to it but although it is a loud day still concerned I might blow more than 105db. A great circuit by all accounts!!
  10. Had this on mine and dealer looked at it . Couldn’t find anything wrong and after a few hundred miles it disappeared 👻. The foibles of owning a Lotus
  11. Yes was around £250 each with delivery and taxes etc. Very high quality in Leather and nice touch to have 2 of the best Lotus drivers Imo having signed copies
  12. If you were local I’d pop round and show you , but it’s all really easy once tried a few times . 2 compression knobs on upper damper for high and low and a single knob on lower for the rebound There are also the adjustable ARB’s ( anti roll bars ) but best leave them alone I think easiest is leave the rebound alone also initially as means removing wheels. just have a play around with the high and low compression knobs at each corner. Only takes a few minutes to adjust all and you can have a drive and then pull over and perhaps adjust by 4 click margins to see the difference you’ll be surprised on Road how much difference there is on a softer setting to a harder one. As mentioned track settings are more personal to the driver and need a bit of experimenting with
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