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  1. Assuming you have the standard ss exhaust rather than the Titanium, it will hit 103db + at 5,000 rpm static. Driveby in a lower gear accelerating hard you can easily hit over 107db, but all depends where noise meter is and the wind and weather on the day
  2. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Yep, that’s about what i pay but I don’t think Admiral cover track days, so In the event you do one track it, it is going to cost in region of £150- 200 to insure separately per track day
  3. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    If you wanted a good road policy which automatically gives unlimited track days then try Manning UK
  4. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Did any those include track day insurance
  5. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Yes it most likely will be, as I can’t see a dealer wanting to buy in expensive Cars at the moment. There is now only that one and the blue demo at Howard’s for sale used. Not many around !!
  6. Have you heard the TI system on full song is more the question!!!
  7. No doubt, it is a fantastic noise but does make getting on track and then being able to stay all day pretty difficult
  8. Why ?? I wish mine was quieter !!
  9. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Do they make a whistling type noise under braking ? as have heard some pads are very slightly thinner than OEM and that gives rise to the noise
  10. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Looking at the rear pads today and it looks like they need replacing shortly. Any recommendations for a slightly biased towards track pad. Quite like the Pagids but have been happy with the OEM ones.
  11. On the 430 they aren’t exactly easy to get to, particularly the passenger side so I tend to use left hand to adjust. With use the knobs do free up and become easier to adjust, just wish the rebound was easier to access without either jacking up or wheel off
  12. I had mine done by a firm in Daventry, been on car for 18 months and still look as new , cost only £100 . If you want their details let me know
  13. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Interesting write up and reconfirms nothing much goes wrong with them. As a performance car for both track and road they really are up there with Porsche and McLarens
  14. Tex

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Thanks for confirming Dave
  15. Tex

    Cup 430 Club

    Just sold my 570s Track Pack after 10 months use, no issues and only expense was a service and front pads. Got almost back what I paid so pretty cheap motoring for a Supercar My Cup 430 is also working out very cost effective to run, although this is more likely with its overall package
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