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  1. Quick up date on Thruxton track day on noise and the day overall. I was expecting to have to put the cans on for the static noise test but hit 90/91db at 4,500 or so without, which was a real bonus. First part of the morning was wet so kept in sport mode. 2 cars in the barriers with 1 driver unfortunately hospitalised despite wearing a hans and harnesses, apparently he had them on too loose. As it dried , switched to Race with 6% slip and left it like that until much drier in the afternoon. At 12% was when I experienced a bit more drama but went for off mode to see. Thruxton is really just 1 long high speed bend, no real straight, so tricky to overtake, and very bumpy. In any event I was able to stay out wide on the fast sweepers at Goodwood and Brooklands/Woodham and felt this was the best place to get past slower cars. A lot has been mentioned on a LSD for an Exige, and It seems logical that a mechanical LSD should be better. I don’t know whether it is or not because you would need to compare two identical cars with and without, although the system on the Cup430 is very good and I feel it’s probably for 95% good enough. Major dowmside of the LSD is the weight and fitting costs. Enjoyed Thruxton and at long last can try out some of the other great circuits which have been off limits for the 430
  2. Not a great look !! But I guess better than being black flagged. Will know more after Thruxton Friday on whether I need the cans on or not. Would be good not to have to use them but with a low static dB probably essential.
  3. Congratulations and enjoy. Where is the dealership,Seems to have copied my floor.
  4. Well after an expensive few months, new brakes, suspension, exhaust and a few cosmetic bits and pieces I am happy with the outcome. I can for the first time not have to tip toe by noise meters and probably will get on some static test tracks as well I Would like to get it on a dyno over the next few months to get an idea of power etc, so has anyone used Thorney Motorsport near Silverstone for this, as they are very close to me. With all this work I now have a little used Komotec Sports Exhaust System ( without silencer ) so if anyone is interested please drop me a pm
  5. My Cup 430 is over 3 years old and at the 2 year service last year on 9,000 miles dealer did not recommend it yet. 3rd Service due shortly so will review then. What about your 3 way Nitrons are they still as new ?
  6. The Best Colour !
  7. This is the KT full system minus the Lotus exhaust valve manifolds which is attached to the HJS Cat in pic The KT track Silencer does without the switchable valve/ manifold I believe
  8. You have 2 cats on the 410/430, one in each manifold so they will need replacing. See pic, I have a full Komotec system without the silencer which will work, let me know if you are interested
  9. Not yet but from onroad driving it appears at least as much as before.
  10. Well it’s been a bit of a marathon to say the least ! but picked up my Cup 430 today after having a quiet exhaust fitted. Had a few other items attended to and a Stirling job done by Lotus Silverstone. A big thanks to Matt and the team. Clearly a lot quieter than the Ti silencer but will allow more meaningful track days and also with the additional cans the opportunity to perhaps try Thruxton, Brands and Snetterton. Did weight comparison with the full stock system 15.5kg, full 2bular 21.5 and Komotec System with the stock Ti silencer 20.1kg. Was a little surprised by that but the small Toyota cats in the manifolds can not be greatly effective.
  11. I also did not have a good experience with PF pads so I concur. Better bite on track as expected but poor for road use with a constant whistle despite putting on pad spacers. I have gone back to the OEM Ferrodos which unless you are wanting to extract your best lap times are a much better compromise imo
  12. I don’t think KT have yet found a way to fit pipes over a baffled sump without compresssing them Just an observation !
  13. Are you running this Komotec kit with the cut out for the baffled sump ?
  14. Gordon did you just buy the QP system which is just the replacement for the stock TI back box or the full system as I believe Matt did ?
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