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  1. Well done for the sale But unfortunately a very unscrupulous company in Collecting Cars to deal with. Very Low Morals and very poor Terms and Conditions for the Buyer. Best avoided if possible
  2. Much as I like the manual gearbox on my Cup 430 you do need to be able to H&T and also invariably lose time on the changes. Would be great to try with DCT to get some perspective
  3. I presume the harnesses are road legal ? But in any event the car would have been supplied with 3 point from the factory so if the harnesses are the Schroth 4 point with the ASM ( Lotus supplied ) then it is possible to refit 3 point, alongside the 4, if all the fittings are still there. It’s a seat out job and you will need spacers but any dealer can do it or it’s diy but not overly difficult
  4. Who doesn’t like a Cup430! Great colour, is it the one from Central ?, and welcome to the club
  5. A Harness bar does not provide the rigidity or safety in a rollover accident of a T45 roll hoop Though ! And Not easily retrofitted to a 410 I don’t think
  6. It is all personal and getting the car right as you want is all important. No doubt taking a 350 Sport as a base gives you far more scope than an out of the box 410/430. Although you do particularly with a Cup 430 get all the track bits you want, an LSD would have been nice as well. Interesting to know what weight you are now ! One other point that I may have missed somewhere is why Hoffman’s didn’t fit it and presumably KT are happy to fit it rather than their personal choice of Edelbrock
  7. Yours Must be like a rocket now !! But not sure the 530 would be great to live with everyday. Out of curiosity was your upgrade more cost effective than the KT’s listed 490 upgrade of €15,900 using the edelbrock charger Also what made you choose the TVS charger over the Edelbrock as final power / torque appears the same l
  8. Tex

    New 430 cup

    Perhaps we need a new thread of show off your garage with your Lotus. I know other marques forums do this
  9. Great looking car! Attention to detail , it makes all the difference
  10. Tex

    New 430 cup

    We need to have a Cup 430 parade , Sometime !!
  11. Tex

    New 430 cup

    Excellent choice, and presumably Kawasaki Green ?
  12. Looks like the the 410/430’s are quicker but less tidy, but presumably they had to short shift down the pit staight. Maybe you should have recommended some track tuition.
  13. Interesting to hear your thoughts. I run mine for road similarly by leaving rebound at factory settings but soften up the high speed. On track it is easier to ascertain what each does
  14. That might be why, I run 215 and 285 with Cup 2’s. Think my hub size may be larger than yours and therefore no hub centric spacers available
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