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  1. Cheers and No apologies needed, you only learn by asking. I’m no expert but QP, is Euphemistically known as Quiet Performance. Its usually quieter than a stock OEM back box and does not impede performance. The TI is a Titanium back box found on the Exige Cup cars and is worth having as it is very light and imo sounds better than the stainless steel. In terms of choice and performance changing out the awful Toyota Manifolds/Cat and Y pipe is very beneficial but will likely make your car noisier so a QP back box may be needed depending on which tracks you go on. Whose kit are you looking at ?
  2. Yes should be ok but : The exhaust valve manifold needs to be adapted to accommodate Jim’s V band
  3. Thx for that Gordon, The ramps seem the simplest and I have 2 trolley jacks so could lower straight on to them. I have also got to remove the 2bular sports cat as well so may be fun!!!
  4. I am planning to tackle removal of the the 2bular exhaust in order to refit the OEM Ti back box and valve manifold over the winter while not on track. Not put the car on axle stands before or jacked up both sides. Option is to jack up and use car ramps but nose might touch or just use the axle stands. Anyone have a best solution?
  5. Yes definitely a Sport Cat will improve matters and as Dave said best not to decat. Ive used both a Komotec and 2bular 200 Sports Cat and can confirm it is a step up from the awful Toyota ones
  6. I’m not completely sure , but what is the reason you want to know ?
  7. If it’s the same Toyota set up as in the 430 they have a cat in each manifold
  8. If you want to set car up right for 50/50 fast road and track it’s well worth booking it in with Suspension Secrets. If it’s at a track day rather than at their garage then they charge a bit less. They can do a wheel alignment with full Geo and remove some front shims. I don’t subscribe to this transformation of the car opinion, as Lotus’s handle well standard, but it certainly sharpened mine up no end,
  9. Definitely some 430 Cup FE’s sold in UK, This one was at Central in the summer, but not a great deal of benefit over a standard 430Cup, same as the 25, 49 and 79, all cosmetic
  10. More worrying is buying it through the Auction Site collecting cars !! You need to be aware that you have no consumer protection and at the drop of the hammer they will immediately take 6% of the price from your card so potentially up to £6,000. If you are going to bid then definitely view car before hand as if there is something wrong, and you don’t proceed you will not get your £6,000 back no matter what the issue. EL does not do refunds on the buyers fee as per his CC’s terms. Very poor buyers terms so read them and understand all the legal implications! Also be aware CC do get their trade friends to bid up the price if they are also selling it.
  11. Komotec have extensively tested a db eater for the Ti exhaust mainly at Spa. It seems they encountered a number of issues which I do not believe they have overcome yet. Probably not worth the effort now.
  12. I don’t think there is any add on silencing for the 430 Cup Ti exhaust that is both safe and effective. Komotec have been trying for 2 years unsuccessfully to make it work and so only supply the 410 exhaust db eater
  13. This is a picture of the manifold and the actuator. Pretty simple set up
  14. I am Looking to get my car on the Dyno over Winter, so does anyone have recommendation for a professional shop to carry it out.
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