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  1. A 295/30/18 works perfectly well particularly AR1’s and AO52’s but not so good in damp conditions
  2. I have a brand new set with stickers on etc. They are a late 2021 manufacture and I purchased them in Feb this year I have switched to Nankang AR1’s on my track wheels so will probably not go back to Cup 2’s If interested let me know
  3. I had something similar on mine but the red redline lights came on simultaneously at 4,000rpm and wouldn’t let me rev higher. Fortunately at Silverstone and Ben got it in straight away to do diagnostics, but nothing came up. He wasn’t sure why and it’s never done it since.
  4. You can do Anglesey, with no issue, Silverstone and Donington are ok so long as you short shift by the noise meters.. There are others but will need to be driveby as unlikely to pass any static tests unless a loud day
  5. As stated this was in no way any criticism levelled at you and more directed at some of the folks who gave opinions as they are entitled to do but without perhaps fully understanding the situation imo. With social media you can be judged guilty unfortunately
  6. Interesting read from Jim. I did think there may be more to the story than that posted on Eddies thread. I have every sympathy with what happened to his car, and it must have been a terrific shock for him. Although it does appear the back box which failed had been previously fitted to a written off car ?. If this is correct then while Jim may use strong language which not everyone agrees with he does have valid points. I feel for Eddie, however Jim runs a business and if these are the facts then he has every right to be heard and to defend himself. I for one do not wish in any way to criticise Eddie, but some of the folks who posted on his fb thread without knowing the potential facts
  7. The biggest ongoing issue is when you take exhaust off and on a few times. The hanger bracket bolts screw to a very dubiously allegedly welded plate that has the 2 nuts on. The plate will eventually part company with the chassis and is them a right pita to line up
  8. Good numbers, what about the Torque ? I had mine dynoed yesterday and it’s a bit of a lottery really with all the different variables, however the Torque was 389lbs ft which was better than I expected. Forged will add some longevity, good luck
  9. What dyno numbers did you get on your car Matt ?
  10. Minimum seems to be around £80-£85k The car came fully loaded but options I think worth having are : Sound deadening, Carpets, Harness Bar, Barge Boards and AC
  11. I did all this research last year for my Cup430. Went for the Tubular Quiet system with rear cans. Then simple swap out of back box when not tracking it
  12. I expect very few owners, me included who will sell in the short term but like everything, at the right price you can buy anything. Good Luck
  13. The official line is this ”With ESP deactivated only the ABS and HBA ( Hydraulic Brake Assist ) system are still active However with the Cup430 you also have the additional Lotus VTC which has 6 settings, 1 of which is off. With ESP and Traction Control off there should be no electronic intervention.
  14. I know the feeling. The rubber is held on with plastic grommet screws and 3M tape as presumably it is anticipated it will catch and therefore be ripped off without damaging the carbon splitter
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