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  1. Worth bearing in mind the black Seriouslylotus bolts are too short for the Cup 380, 410 and 430
  2. If you purchase a roadster then it will come with the 2 pre-drilled soft top holes on the rear bulkhead, Coupes do not . Actually it is a simple process to do with a Dremel and you then just need to buy the 2 plastic inserts
  3. The rears high and low compression adjustor knobs are a complete pain in the arse, with the near side the worst. Getter rid of the OEM airbox and putting in a Carbon Komotec will make it much easier. But in any event I tend to put on gloves in order to get a better grip, but you still occasionally get both knobs turning simultaneously
  4. There are a number of differences between the Cup 430 and 410/420 some cosmetic but others performance related. Been covered many times on other posts, although no doubt the 430 is fine for just road use
  5. The Nitrons are great shocks but for mainly road use you need to change the springs as they are just too stiff . Alternatively use Ohlins
  6. Out for a brief spin in my Cup 430 and local lad wanted to take a picture. I’m no expert but looked pretty good to me
  7. I am complete opposite as run Cup2’s but looking for Trofeo R but can not find a UK stockist at the moment. In any event Cup2’s work well on road except in very wet conditions
  8. I have 3 way fitted and also noticed a knocking sound first on the rear near side but now both sides. Seems more noticeable at lower speeds on rough bumpy surfaces, also get a sound like air whooshing occasionally. Mentioned to my dealer at service end of last year but they were not greatly helpful. Is this similar to your experience as I now have 11,000 miles on the car. On a separate note I guess you will be removing the shocks yourself and posting as Carmarthen looks a long way to drop car off at Meteor ?
  9. An options that perhaps isn’t the best to have is the Airbag delete with A frame and harnesses. In hindsight I think keeping the airbags and then having the 1/2 frame would be better I would opt for sound insulation and carpets as cabin is noisier than other Exiges, AC and the side and rear barge boards. They add no discernible downforce but do look good
  10. I am considering changing over from Cup2’s to Pirelli Trofeo R’s but it appears you can not obtain them in OEM sizes as below : 285/30/ZR18 97Y XL Cup 2’s 215/45/ZR17 91Y XL Cup 2’s 7.5J x 17 ET26 10J x 18 ET32 The equivalents are 225 fronts and 295 rears. Clearly a size up but not necessarily any wider to foul the arches as Michelin’s do appear to come up larger against Pirelli on other sizes So if anyone has any experience would be good to know
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