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  1. May i ask what shaped exhaust you have as H111/ Komotec do not have a Pig snout silencer for the Titanium exhausts at the moment. Or is yours a H111 back box ?
  2. Hi Mark, I have had relatively good experiences with McLaren and as mentioned in the above posts they are a natural progression on from Lotus but more so if coming from an Evora. Any McLaren though is quite a long way from an Exige Cup 430 in pretty much all aspects. 570 is quieter, much faster, they absorb and handle UK roads better, and Far more refined and practical. The only real area where a Cup 430 can compete is on track. My Cup is only marginally slower round Silverstone than the 570. The Exige though challenges you and is more rewarding and certainly on track mor
  3. Yep had a 570s Track Pack which I ran alongside my Cup430 for 18 months Completely different cars except in price based on that Napier Green one
  4. , same happened to mine and was [email protected]@@ if I could see which way it went. Put it on wrong way round and caused no problems but dealer changed at the service.
  5. Plenty of information with a few Cup 430 threads Andrew. Perhaps most importantly if you are going to track it is the noise. Little change of passing a static UK test so you really have the choice of changing exhaust or only going on driveby tracks. How did you find Collecting Cars to deal with ?
  6. Yes it was a similar point raised in the Cup 430 supplement with reference to the 380 Cup that alerted me to this.
  7. Picked up these rear barge boards and getting them Carbon Fibre laminated next week, but while there will get them templated with a view to having full carbon fibre ones made up. Issue that has been raised is while the Cup430’s do not benefit aerodynamically from having the additional side skirt barge boards because of the revised front clam if you fit the rear ones you really ought to fit the side ones. Anyone have knowledge of this. If so then I looked at these from Elise-shop but they have red paint for some peculiar reason on them. Yvo has confirmed that as paint is over the la
  8. Thanks for reminding me of that thread it
  9. I have been using Cup 2’s for a few years now and always been happy with them in the dry, and at Silverstone on Wednesday in the monsoon they were at least predictable. I Do use Trofeo R’s and Corsas on my other occasional track car and while not a direct comparison they seem to wear fairly quickly. I Would like to get a 2nd set of wheels and run road tyres, possibly PS4S. So looking at whether to stick with the Cup 2’s for the track or consider something else, Trofeo R’s possibly? Also as the stock wheel is forged and light may look to go with a 2nd set of them un
  10. The main colours only show One Green being BRG, although they seem to offer other greens for piping On reflection inwould prefer main colour in a brighter green than BRG with yellow piping. Do you know if this is possible as car is in Vivid Green so close close match would be good
  11. Right Bibs, The vinyl one does look better imo. So do I go through the order and then contact them to add Cup430 logo afterwards and pay the extra money?
  12. Just configuring and going all black with piping and embroidery logo. How can I find out what the logo looks like, I was assuming it is the Lotus green and yellow one ? Also how can I add below the logo Cup 430 ?
  13. Are these covers the Specialised ones
  14. Looks a nice car. But Not withstanding anything here concerning the car which I have no knowledge of but Collecting Cars Terms for a buyer are very poor. I notice they have just recently revised them. But in any event if for any reason the buyer does not proceed with the sale the 6% buyers premium is non refundable so as a buyer you need to be 100% certain of the car as any rejection may get your money back from the seller but not the buyers premium.
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