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  1. You have 2 cats on the 410/430, one in each manifold so they will need replacing. See pic, I have a full Komotec system without the silencer which will work, let me know if you are interested
  2. Not yet but from onroad driving it appears at least as much as before.
  3. Well it’s been a bit of a marathon to say the least ! but picked up my Cup 430 today after having a quiet exhaust fitted. Had a few other items attended to and a Stirling job done by Lotus Silverstone. A big thanks to Matt and the team. Clearly a lot quieter than the Ti silencer but will allow more meaningful track days and also with the additional cans the opportunity to perhaps try Thruxton, Brands and Snetterton. Did weight comparison with the full stock system 15.5kg, full 2bular 21.5 and Komotec System with the stock Ti silencer 20.1kg. Was a little surprised by that but the small Toyota cats in the manifolds can not be greatly effective.
  4. I also did not have a good experience with PF pads so I concur. Better bite on track as expected but poor for road use with a constant whistle despite putting on pad spacers. I have gone back to the OEM Ferrodos which unless you are wanting to extract your best lap times are a much better compromise imo
  5. I don’t think KT have yet found a way to fit pipes over a baffled sump without compresssing them Just an observation !
  6. Are you running this Komotec kit with the cut out for the baffled sump ?
  7. Gordon did you just buy the QP system which is just the replacement for the stock TI back box or the full system as I believe Matt did ?
  8. I have everything except back box Was it just the rear box ? The Quiet Performance track system ?
  9. Thx for all the input Thx for the input. Spoke with Jim and have ordered the QP system for non tubular installs. Looking forward to getting above 6000rpm now !!
  10. Interesting information Matt, so even with the QP system there has been some noise issues. What tracks were this on ? Initially I was all for the Track Rd system but the QP seems a safer bet from your comments and a couple of others on here and PH
  11. Well I have finally succumbed to the fact I need to fit a quieter track focussed exhaust. You can only short shift for so long ! Black flagged at Donington recently and 2 warnings at Silverstone last week. After some research it comes down to which 2Bular exhaust I fit, the QP or Track/Road. Both could also have 350mm track cans fitted to further reduce noise if needed. With Brands, Thruxton, Bedford etc all having no more than 92db driveby the Track/Road system is probably not going to work even with cans, but I mainly do Donington and Silverstone which would be fine with T/R Dilemma is the T/R is lighter, better aural sound ( won’t swap exhaust out between track days) for on road use, less expensive and hopefully should get me on many UK circuits without needing to short shift but: QP will get me on most tracks and less concerns. So any experiences of these exhausts would be greatly appreciated
  12. My point really. The R/R exhaust is good for a number of circuits, allegedly 2-3db louder than the QP but far quieter than OEM. With the cans on the R/R is almost as quiet as the QP without, allegedly. Bedford is probably the quietest circuit but I won’t be going there. Jims thinking was if I’m not going to be doing the very quietest circuits I could get the benefits of the lighter and better sounding R/R exhaust, particularly if I’m not going to be changing it regularly. The QP is a without risk option but all this has presented me with a choice.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. It’s really a case of whether I buy Jim’s QP exhaust or his Road/Track exhaust. The additional cans can fit either but it’s just whether the R/R with the cans is going to be quiet enough for some circuits. QP is definitely the safe bet for tracking and if I’m prepared to swap out the exhaust for road work, as i do like the sound of the Ti System. Jims thinking was the R/R exhaust is aurally better on the road so wouldn’t necessarily need to swap exhaust over so frequently, it’s lighter and can get me on many circuits particularly with the cans. Issue is if it can’t !!
  14. Thanks, I can see they have BMW ones and Merc ones in M12x1.5 Presumably I would need the M12 x 1.5. 35mm as shown ?
  15. Hi, It would be Interesting to hear your thoughts on the QP system as I am considering this myself. I spoke with Jim who thinks I should probably get the Road/Track System though and the extra cans as I tend to do mostly 98db driveby days. My concerns are if with the cans I struggled on say Donington or Goodwood, although I did pass their 104db static day stock My understanding is the QP system is heavier, ialso has a less aural noise but can get you on most UK circuits. Finally how easy/time consuming is it to switch between the stock Ti system and the QP Cheers
  16. Can you share where you bought them from and price paid ?
  17. You should also be changing the baffled sump flaps
  18. From those pictures you can see just how high the V6 engine sits Confirming why the handling isn’t quite what it could have been if it had a lower slung unit.
  19. 550/850 for a road biased car but with a handful of track days pa.
  20. Presumably so. The aftermarket pads lack the spacer which seems to stop the noise from the Lotus AP racing callipers. On the PF we tried to adapt them to stop the noise but not very successfully May not be an issue on other cars though
  21. The problem with most of the non OEM pads is the fact they have no spacer which in turn leads to a lack of pad thickness leading to an annoying whistling noise particularly from the rears. I had performance friction pads which while good for track but were too much trouble for Road. Binned them and went back to Ferrodo 2,500. Far better on road and no real disadvantages on track
  22. My local dealer also recommended Jim but also said you need to fettle the brackets etc to get to fit. Might be the way forward, thanks
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