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  1. I did all this research last year for my Cup430. Went for the Tubular Quiet system with rear cans. Then simple swap out of back box when not tracking it
  2. I expect very few owners, me included who will sell in the short term but like everything, at the right price you can buy anything. Good Luck
  3. The official line is this ”With ESP deactivated only the ABS and HBA ( Hydraulic Brake Assist ) system are still active However with the Cup430 you also have the additional Lotus VTC which has 6 settings, 1 of which is off. With ESP and Traction Control off there should be no electronic intervention.
  4. I know the feeling. The rubber is held on with plastic grommet screws and 3M tape as presumably it is anticipated it will catch and therefore be ripped off without damaging the carbon splitter
  5. I think on mine it may rub, as 10mm lower at front although since having a full track Geo done the front is far more secure in the corners..
  6. After too much deliberation I ordered Nankang AR’1s to use as my track tyres. Went with 215 up front but 295 rears as unable to get them in 285’s, although they are not really any wider than the Cup 2’s. They are an aggressive warm weather track tyre but not so good in cold or damp conditions. I will keep with the Cup 2’s for road use however as still little choice for road only tyres in OEM sizes The AR1’s are heavier though so will see if there is any noticeable difference. On a separate note I have not seen any aftermarket spacers for the rear wheels advertised although the Lotus wheels seem to come with the fitting holes pre-drilled.
  7. Would only use them for to and from track day on road as have an additional road set of wheels/tyres
  8. Interested to hear you are running 225 fronts. What car is that on and any mods to allow this. I have a Cup430 and after seeing a friend running his M2 on AR1’s and how much better they were compared to the Cup 2’s he ran before I will switch out to AR1’s once Cup 2’s are done. You can’t get AR1’s in OEM for rear so would need to be 295’s which will fit fine. They do OEM fronts in 215 but 225 if fits without fouling then this would complement the rears better imo.
  9. The 570s was my first Mac Gordon and so was a bit special but sold it in haste and on rebound bought a 600LT which did not really complement my Lotus. They were too close in comfort, and dynamics, although the 600LT was overall an easier road package. I think though, had it been Napier Green I would probably have kept it. I think regular track folks would find the 600LT a better buy and some prefer the more aural noise it makes but anyone who has a Cup430 knows it can’t compete with the Lotus Ti exhaust The 570s is an excellent car which offers daily driving and of course some track days if required
  10. A well trodden and logical step as so much Lotus DNA in McLarens which is partly what Ron Dennis wanted. I did similar but have managed to hold onto my 430Cup. My 570s was a Track Pack but moved to a 600LT , then 720s. The 570s was imo the most rounded and I enjoyed it more. Hopefully you will to
  11. Yes they are held on by 3 small screws. I would post a picture but don’t seem able to at the moment. Just toying with the idea of using 295 Nankangs but with 215’s up front , 225’s would be better if they fit though
  12. What offset are the KT ones ? Also the 430 wheels come with a 3mm spacer fitted to the wheels, don’t think the 410 ones do though
  13. Yes a much better solution, Will give it a try next time I swap out the back box although looks like it may not be too easy to access
  14. Only if you are removing the back box would you need to.
  15. Interesting solution and effective. In the picture where you show the cut in the grill you can see the bolt with the green pen marker on it which secures the exhaust bracket. Have you had any issues tightening it up. The plate which has the nuts connected to it is just stuck on to the chassis and comes unstuck
  16. Removed the Rear wheel spacers today to place on another set of Lotus wheels I have. Not exactly state of the art, even the screws looks like their from another age. At least it’s light
  17. It was leaving the Brooklands car meet. Looked like your Cup 430
  18. Did you get a police warning for no Front plate over the weekend ?
  19. Officially 44 taxed and 4 sorned
  20. Quick up date Had First track day of 2022 at Silverstone on Saturday and car was faultless. Conditions were good and car felt very quick. A lot of track stuff there, however needed the power and slicks of the Ferrari Challenge cars to embarrass the little Lotus So a few things sorted out over winter: • Had a full Geo and set up carried out by Suspension Secrets and first impressions are it has improved the front end with far better turn in • Received my Ti back box from Jim with alteration to a V clamp fitting on the valve manifold. Easy now to swap between the QP and the Ti although why Lotus make the removal and refit of the rear diffuser such a pita • Still not found an answer to using tyres other than Cup 2’s. PS4S would be such a good alternative, but no correct sizing • Service being done by Allon White, never tried them before but have good reputation • Finally booked a dyno test to see after a few mods what power it is developing. Cadwell on Sunday and a first for me
  21. Petronas Syntium is Lotus Main Dealer supplied oil although I have now switched to Valvoline Synpower 0w/40 I don’t imagine there is much difference with all the top synthetics and regular changes is more important
  22. The Main issue will be actually getting into your Exige !!
  23. Tex

    Clean V8 SE

    Yes i believe it is
  24. Just priced up the Yokohama Advan AO52 in the above size except rears are 295 and they are almost twice the price of Cup 2’s
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