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  1. 1 hour ago, Exx said:

    Yes this is this picture and i remember this is not KT who did that to the y pipes as i said

    It certainly is a Komotec Y pipe and part of their kit.

    Its my picture ! and is identical to their website photos. 

    However whether it has any effect on the performance by being flattened is debatable, but I do not think it is a great design and seems to be a compromise because somebody could not be Arsed to design it correctly 

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  2. Just had 2 great days at Spa and Zolder, although was particularly hot in Spa.

    Was Using Nankang AR1’s which performed infinitely better than Cup 2’s, however did get EML warning on, but had use of an OBD reader and checked what might have been causing it. Fault was “System too lean at higher load bank 1”

    Could not clear the light as reader was not Lotus compatible although had a universal option, but after an hour or so with car in garage and out of the heat the fault just went away

    So anyone have recommendations for a Lotus compatible reader  

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  3. 8 hours ago, Paul_D said:

    Are you sure? I was fairly confident that that they did. The only difference mechanically as standard between the 410 and 430 was the extra 20bhp as far as I know? The rest was aero differences. The lithium battery and carbon roof WERE options on the 410, so it may not have those. 


    You may well be right on the Nitrons but was pretty sure that when they dropped the price some items were then optional.

    Had a friend who bought a later 410 and it did not have 3 way, unlucky I guess 

  4. 2 hours ago, AlanSears said:

    There appear to be no Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres available in the UK (at least in Exige 410 rear sizes). All suppliers who are advertising come back to say, oh sorry, none available. News from Michelin (one source) "We can see 14 weeks ahead and no producation is scheduled." News from Michelin direct (from someone who had a car in their Super car paddock at FoS) Zilch. My rears are cooked and won't pass the MOT due in 2 weeks time. No recommendation from Lotus, Bell and Colvill (my trusty and much estimed Lotus Dealer), Lotus Silverstone, or anyne else. I am probably going to go with Michelin PS 5s (the PS4 replacement) but does anyone have any recommendations for a Sport Cup 2 replacement? (The fronts have a bit of wear left and I only want to replace the rears right now.)

    I have a brand new set with stickers on etc.

    They are a late 2021 manufacture and I purchased them in Feb this year 

    I have switched to Nankang AR1’s on my track wheels so will probably not go back to Cup 2’s

    If interested let me know 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Yannie said:

    So. Just before I work out what I'm selling to pay for the lotus track exhaust. Is there anywhere I can track the car in the UK with a standard 420 exhaust? I don't mind lifting so I can at least do one session.

    You can do Anglesey, with no issue,

    Silverstone and Donington are ok so long as you short shift by the noise meters..

    There are others but will need to be driveby as unlikely to pass any static tests unless a loud day 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Diablos-666 said:

    Here’s a link from 2bular to explain their side of things…


    I don’t have any affiliation 2bular but think it’s only fair to hear from both sides before casting judgement. 

    Jim goes on a bit of a rant but does state part of the exhaust was from a car previously crashed… 

    It’s terrible what’s happened to Eddie, and hopefully he gets he’s car repaired without too much hurt to he’s pocket.

    Interesting read from Jim.

    I did think there may be more to the story than that posted on Eddies thread.

    I have every sympathy with what happened to his car, and it must have been a terrific shock for him.

    Although it does appear the back box which failed had been previously fitted to a written off car ?.

    If this is correct then while Jim may use strong language which not everyone agrees with he does have valid points.

    I feel for Eddie, however Jim runs a business and if these are the facts then he has every right to be heard and to defend himself.

    I for one do not wish in any way to criticise Eddie,  but some of the folks who posted on his fb thread without knowing the potential facts

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  7. 57 minutes ago, Mattmahope said:

    Depends on which dyno you believe, but somewhere around 490hp. Engine is currently out of the car for a fully forged rebuild, so will see what numbers we get after that…!

    Good numbers, what about the Torque ? 

    I had mine dynoed yesterday and it’s a bit of a lottery really with all the different variables, however the Torque was 389lbs ft which was better than I expected.

    Forged will add some longevity, good luck 

  8. What dyno numbers did you get on your car Matt ?

    On 10/06/2021 at 10:08, Mattmahope said:

    After over 3 months of waiting, I finally got my car back at the end of May, just in time for a cracking day at Goodwood (having already missed out on a day at Snetterton that I had booked but had to cancel since the car wasn't ready in time).  The car was absolutely fantastic and it felt great to finally be back on track, even though I was seriously rusty from lack of driving and very nervous given all the work that had just been completed, especially at a fast track where I had never been before.  I have had lots of positive comments on the new look, which I must say that I am incredibly pleased with myself.  Pictures included below.  What do you think?

    P.s. You may recognise the (excellent) photographer from this parish...















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