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  1. I believe this subject was well investigated a couple of years back but after a quick look I couldn’t find the thread. However, on the Cup430 you have a Variable TC control knob and with it set to off the car allegedly has no TC As I only occasionally run it fully off and running On Nankang AR1’s it’s difficult to provoke a slide on track in the dry so not totally sure it is fully off, although I did get some drifting going at Castle Combe
  2. Actually I did just this yesterday at Castle Combe on a drying track. It does seem easier to H& T with it off although I also have additional slip settings which I left at their least aggressive. Instead of the usual induction type effect the engine actually revs on immediate throttle
  3. Yes just a range as you can’t be sure exactly what temp tyres you have unless you have a full TPMS like on McLarens . I actually prefer slightly lower at the front so 29-31 and 30-32 rears, but just personal preference and some tyres such as Nankang AR1 run better lower while Cup 2’s are fine as above
  4. I use 2 different track settings and not totally sure which works best 1 was from Meteor Motorsport who are the only UK servicing agents for Nitron, other than Nitron . The other is from Suspension Secrets who did a full geo/camber set up for me. I sometimes use as a base and then fine tune. Used this one today at Castle Combe which is quite a lumpy circuit but not ultra high speed but with frequent wheel lift Front Compression Low - 10 Rear Compression Low - 20 Front Comp High - 12 Rear Comp High - 13 Front Rebound - 5 Rear Rebound - 6 Front Camber - -1.6 Rear Camber - -1.8 Front toe - 0.5mm in Rear toe - 2.5mm in Interested to hear your thoughts
  5. I used to think Cup 2’s were a good track tyre but with all the issues on supply I switched out to Nankang AR’1’s. Night and day in terms of grip and also added benefit of the outer tyre wall not disintegrating. Certainly not a tyre for deluges but overall a great dry weather tyre and a fair bit less expensive Width is slightly less than Cup 2 so best to run their 295 ( they don’t do a 285) however on fronts went 215 but 225 would have been ok
  6. Had a chance to view said car today while down in London. Condition is reasonable although mileage is almost certainly not what the car has done. Either a new clock or more likely been round it. Probably well over priced unfortunately and a large chunk of its history is missing. Perhaps best left alone but having seen one in the flesh I think they look fantastic. On way home popped into Allon White who have a yellow one, however out the back was their fully restored purple one. Quite an amazing looking car which would fully deserve concours condition
  7. Tyres pressures are often personal depending on whether you want to reduce or increase a little under/over steer However 30-32 Psi hot seems to be good for Cup 2’s
  8. How can anyone try and flog on a written off car at £17,995 which they purchased for substantially less Hopefully no one will get ripped off by them
  9. Yes quite top heavy on price but a nice car, although not viewed it yet Yes will probably need a few bits sorting and looks possibly over priced
  10. Hopefully the right place for a bit of guidance. I’m not new to Lotus but new to a potential classic purchase. So Wondering if any wise heads know this car at Hexagon. Lovely colour and seems very clean with a low mileage.
  11. Yes, Discussed at length on many forums on why Lotus make the 430Cup as a track car but you can’t get it on track. I put some time into this and the best solution for me was a 2bular back box. Plenty quiet enough for most UK tracks and I have the added cans if needed After some practice I can change it over in under an hour so not a too bad
  12. A 430Cup will not usually pass 104db static at 5,000rpm and can hit over 109db driveby The KT db eater is not a solution as they are unable to supply one which is Ti compliant it’s only for the 410 and 420 SS back box. There are also no manufactured rear cans available, although I believe some folks have made there own for the the SS back box The only real solution is to buy a quiet track back box unfortunately The 3 way Nitrons are generally trial and error, I have 2 track settings I use depending on the type of track. The adjustment is a bit fiddly with the Rebound being difficult at the track to adjust without a jack
  13. Yes looks a good solution Thanks for the info
  14. With the very hot weather recently particularly when on track and the risk of a fire what’s the thoughts on the best place to securely fit a non piped in extinguisher. I have seen some V6’s with it just in front of the passenger seat although would prefer it in the boot.
  15. I had a new tank fitted last year as does appear they do leak presumably from the pressure
  16. Like the circuit ? I was chatting with a Lotus engineer just before we finished for the day and he explained most of the EML warnings will be heat related particularly with the charge cooled cars.
  17. Had a Charity Track Day at Hethel today and took a good look around the new Emrira GT4. Nice Harrop TVS 1900 Supercharger atop the engine. Hopefully we will see a road going version. If you haven’t tracked at Hethel then it’s definitely well worth a trip. An uncomplicated and flat circuit and as you would expect ideally suited to a Lotus. The heat caused a few EML gremlins but once cooled down everything went back to normal
  18. Thanks for input, Will need to apply for membership first I believe
  19. Been looking for an S2 for a while and noticed that this one has been on sale for a while . Anyone have any knowledge of it Cheers
  20. It certainly is a Komotec Y pipe and part of their kit. Its my picture ! and is identical to their website photos. However whether it has any effect on the performance by being flattened is debatable, but I do not think it is a great design and seems to be a compromise because somebody could not be Arsed to design it correctly
  21. Yep that’s the one Kristof , cheers
  22. No I’m quite correct actually! It does look like it has been flattened down and no explanation why. No exhaust manufacturer would deliberately put that restriction on purpose on a pipe unless it was Poor engineering possibly?
  23. Have you seen the system ? The Y Pipe presumably in order to fit around the car looks like a sledge hammer has been used to flatten part of it down. The Headers/Manifolds and Cat are fine
  24. 2 track days in and look fine. I did find the Cup 2 ‘s went off quickly on a warmer day and wore the outside edge more than is visible with the AR1’s. They Certainly have far more grip Time will tell but at 25% less than a set of Cup 2’s, the AR1’s look promising. Going to Hethel in a couple of weeks so will know more after that
  25. Just sold all my spare Cup 2’s tyres ,as: I am now on Nankang AR’1s which are a far superior track and fast warm weather road tyre. Excellent grip, a tiny bit heavier and noisier than Cup 2’s and ok in light rain. As you stated PS4S would be the ideal road tyre choice but not available in any remotely useable sizes unfortunately
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