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  1. Do we know where those three cars are now? M70, Red Car, GEX 170N?
  2. Does anyone know where Lotus sourced the circular dash vents that were on the M70 car?
  3. having seen that listing in the US it jogged my memory, I now have a feeling I'm also missing u-joints. Seems there is a whole lot of searching ahead! thanks
  4. after some more digging I found what I was after...the part number this site was handy: I think the part number I am after is C079D4002G (x2) Does that sound right? and now I just found the matching parts list document PDF. I should have found this sooner! This makes life easier. Although I fear finding the C079D4002G will be hard! Any leads will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, Peteyg, in the UK I'm based near Titchfiled so it would be good to get your advice when I am back. For the foreseeable I am in Holland, without the car. I just checked the S1/S2 manual. According to page D2 I have the 'intermediate-shaft'(12) & 'drivesaft-flange'(13). Does that mean I am in need of 2x 'drive-shaft-adaptors' (page J6)? (these are the 'bespoke-adaptor-hubs' mentioned above?) Also, does Lotus have a parts coding system like modern cars? or am I wishful thinking?
  6. I am beginning the task of collecting all the parts I need to rebuild my '79. I don't own a trans so will purchase one from ds-vitesse in Holland. One obvious part I need are the hubs for the inboard brakes. What document should I refer to when looking for the part number? I assume it the part number I would use to define what I'm looking for? This is the first time I'm going down this path with the esprit.
  7. apologies for my lack of knowledge. OK, so the gearbox seems solvable. I guess the question is of engine mounts regardless of the rear frame. anyone know of if these are documented anywhere rather than me having to track down a car or friendly forum member to check?
  8. Hi, I had read somewhere about the chassis changes in the later Stevens cars. I think I remember them being wider? I'll have to try to find some specifics. In theory the gearbox should go in if it's already there in the US cars (I assume). Have people seen drawings for the chassis design for the respective cars? I'm seen them for other period cars but not the S2. peteyg, I'm on the coast by Titchfield. Is there anything like a Hampshire meet?
  9. I have the axles and am intending to use a period inboard box but just wasn't sure if there are interchangeability issues with the engine. Seems I'm all good on that front. The box I am looking at doesn't have hubs for the Citroen box so that is the starting point. I'll try to find the hubs first. Thanks for the heads up about the shims. I'll add it to my list! Cheers
  10. Hi, I recently managed to secure myself a '79 Esprit (the good news). It didn't have an engine or gearbox (the bad news, kind of). This is a long-term project so not too big an issue. I'm in the process of accumulating all the parts I'll need for a resto. The obvious starting point is the engine and gearbox. I've managed to get hold of an engine.... just not the right one. To be specific, I have an October '79 Esprit & a November '87 engine. Not for the purists but the looks of the S2 with the carb/turbo combo sounds perfect to me..... if the car had its original I woul
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