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  1. Yes it is, study the engine Bay pictures, it's not a S ! still a good price , I've already phoned them and I've got first dibs on Monday, once he's checked, cos I don't think he believed me when I told him it wasn't an S.
  2. oh well, the car has been sold! thanks for everyone's help, if anyone knows of a cheap evora outside of the classifieds I'd be grateful if you'd let me know! marc
  3. I concur about black paint and shiny wheels! CR box seems worth having though ? And it dosent have an awful brown interior ! will there really be much room on the price ? I'm first in the queue to view according to the vendor, but surely if I try a low offer he'll just move on to the next prospective buyer ?
  4. Bugger! A black one with cr box has appeared on pistonheads it is 4.5k more expensive and looks in better condition and doesn't need anything doing ( the other needs rear tyres and Arb bushes) decisions, decisions!
  5. Thanks evo400, that's sounds like a good idea! i wonder how much a lotus specialist would charge for such an inspection? the vendor said the clutch was fitted proffesinally, new plate and cover and gearlinkages/ cables. The release bearing wasn't replaced, just re-greased, as it was out of stock with Lotus. He has since done 1k miles with no problems
  6. Thanks for all the Info and advice everyone, I'll phone the dealers tomorrow. I assume the badly fitting airbag cover won't affect the operation of the airbag itself ? The bolster wear dosent bother me much and I'm not keen on the brown colour so that's a good incentive to get a retrim! is that amount of bolster wear commensurate with only 22k miles ?
  7. Thanks for that, that all tallies with the information the vendor has told me. its a cat D so I was hoping the previous owner might be on here so I could learn more about the accident damage.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone knows the history of this car ? AU10 EZP 2010 graphite grey, chocolate brown interior all three packs 22k catD thanks Marc
  9. Anyone near Coalville able to view the £20k eBay car and report back? or should I just buy it now and hope for the best ? im sure it won't hang around for long at that price! just spoken to the owner on the phone, seems genuine enough, off to view it on Sunday. could anyone with more Evora experience than me view it with me ?
  10. I have no experience with Evoras but have restored three classic cars so know my way around a car. Happy to pick you up from the station and view the car with you if that would help ?
  11. I'm about 6 miles away from that Evora, I tried to contact the seller multiple times and he never followed up on any of my emails! Hope it turns out to be a good car for you, I'm tempted by that yellow S in Belfast now, wonder if any one local has been to see it ?
  12. Ooh, that looks lovely! Roughly how much would that cost ? And haw long was the car off the road having it installed ?
  13. Right, I've got the 2012 changes fixed in my head now and I do prefer the alcantara dash and darker dash panels ove the silver, trouble is all the cars that look like that seem to be about 40k or more, so probably out of my budget ! would it be worth waiting for them to depreciate down to my budget ? For the few months I've been looking the cars don't seem to be depreciating at all !
  14. i really need to do a lot more research! I'm nowhere near being able to tell the age of the car from the steering wheel! is there a list of chassis numbers and build dates....I'll check the the s e l o c wiki. as I'm 6'2" and erm...powerfully built ! No ones going to be able to use the back seat with me in the front! So if it makes the car cheaper I'll be more than happy with a 2+0.
  15. Thanks for all the info folks. I really couldn't care less about some shiny trophy, it certainly won't be winning any if I own it ! I had been drooling over the white S but it looks like a deposit has been taken. perhaps I should just buy the newest car I can afford ? There is a 2013 black n/a in Oakmere Cheshire, looks like it's been for sale since February, I wonder why it hasn't sold yet ?
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