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    Hi Paul. I had the cup 12 months and one week, I didn't have any reason to change it other than I wanted the LF1. Suppose it's a good enough reason! Do you come to Carlisle in the Lotus? I've got the car out most weekends rain or shine
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    Hi Both - it's number 78 celebrating the 1987 Monaco Grand Prix, it's pretty cool having Ayrton's signature on the side
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    Hi everyone, although I'm now on my third Lotus I've only recently signed up to TLF. I've said hello on the LF1 thread but thought I'd properly introduce myself. I started out in 2014 with a gorgeous 2007 Elise S in Solar yellow, moving onto a Formula Red Elise S 220 Cup last year. It was difficult to know where to go from there but last month I acquired an Exige LF1. Having a great time with it so far, the car is in excellent condition and it's certainly a jump in performance from the Elise. Before getting an Exige I didn't really see how it would give me any more enjoyment than the Cup - considering the V6 is only half a second quicker to 60... I've quickly realised that it's a completely different kind of 0-60 experience altogether! Overall the Exige just feels much more planted, the theatre of driving it is incredible and the attention is far greater. I hope to bump into you at some events, I'm certainly not shy of driving my cars. I'm in Carlisle so if there's anyone around and about let me know. Dave
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