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  1. Thanks for your comments Don, much appreciated. The changes to the instrument binnacle were more of a facelift than a redesign, however. I had the shiny plastic sheet that sits in front of the instruments remade out of a pinseal ABS sheet that has a slightly textured finish and to frame the dials, I bought chrome bezel surrounds of the correct diameter off eBay and glued them in position. Whilst not being major changes, I do feel they combine to give the dash a more upmarket appearance, certainly from a distance.
  2. Hi Dave, many thanks for your kind words. The front seats are original but were re-trimmed by a contact of Mike Taylor a couple of years ago. Bill.
  3. I might have to do that as for some reason my wife isn’t too keen on the idea of running alongside with a big umbrella when it rains 😊
  4. You’re right, I just won’t go above 5mph so the flies can land on the windscreen rather than get squashed 🙂
  5. Another couple of photos taken by Ash from K3 yesterday while working on my car.
  6. Ash from K3 Mobile Valeting Services carried out a wash and brush up on my Elite today with amazing results. The only trouble is I won’t want to drive now it in case it gets dirty😄
  7. Spotted this very nice looking early Elite at the Flookburgh Steam Gathering near Grange in Cumbria on Saturday.
  8. Waved as you overtook me. I was at the start of a 200 mile journey home in my Elite, following its annual checkup at Lotusbits.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Keith, it should be a very interesting episode.
  10. The current owner started a thread about his new purchase here:
  11. Apologies for posting more photos than a first time parent on Facebook 😊
  12. Morning GrandThriftAuto, Many thanks for your kind words about my car (and for the inspiration!). Please keep up the good work posting videos of your Elite as they get across in a very humorous and down to earth way, the many joys and occasional (many?!) heartaches of owning a 1970’s Lotus wedge 🙂
  13. Thanks to Mark and Gerard for your kind comments. Here’s another one when I wasn’t being quite as brave (i.e. not hanging out of the window as far) with a few iPad effects added.
  14. Inspired by GrandThriftAuto’s latest video, I thought that I would try and take some aerial photos of my Elite. Despite the slight problem of not having a drone, I was quite pleased with this effort which was taken using my phone whilst hanging out of a bedroom window 😀
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