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  1. Whilst looking through some old photographs recently, I came across some of a family holiday to Blackpool back in 1977, when I was 15 years old. In amongst the pictures of the tower and the donkeys, was this one of a red Lotus Elite in the car park of where we were staying, the Norbreck Castle Hotel. Proof, if needed, that my purchase of an almost identical car some 40 years later was the fulfillment of a childhood dream! PS - the picture next to it is my dad's 1976 Rover 3500 in very period 'Brazilia Brown'.
  2. I realise that this is a very long shot but I was wondering if anyone had an unwanted Riviera bonnet lying around in the garage, in between the boxes full of hens’ teeth and rocking horse poo! Any help locating one would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for that, Simon, I’ll give them a call tomorrow.
  4. Hi Simon, Your new aluminium grill should give your car a real upmarket look! Do you have the name of the company that carried out the anodising for you? Some of the window trim on my car is looking rather scratched and ‘cloudy’ and I have been looking in vain for ages for a firm that might be able to carry out some restoration. Do you think that it might be something that they would be able to undertake?
  5. Sticking with the car show theme, here's a photo of my Elite at the Lakeland Car Museum, near Ulverston in Cumbria, on the Classic Drive and Ride In Day back in April:
  6. Ant, Thank you for your kind words about my car and your advice regarding the broken clutch cable. I will definitely consider the e-bay kit if (when?!) it breaks again! On this occasion, as someone who needs an instruction manual to use a hammer and therefore, not able to fix it myself , I decided to contact Mike at Lotusbits to see if it would be ok to have my Elite recovered to him to have the work done. Despite the workshop being extremely busy, he very kindly agreed to squeeze me in and had the car ready for collection in a couple of days. A train journey down to Rugby and a fascinating chat with the team at Lotusbits was followed with not a little trepidation, by a 200 mile/three and a half hour journey back to Cumbria although I needn't have worried (or packed an overnight bag!) as the car performed faultlessly all the way home.
  7. Thought I would post a couple of pictures (hopefully) of my 1978 Elite 503 that I purchased last August, including one as it assumes the 'Lotus position' on the back of an AA recovery truck as a result of a broken clutch cable!
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