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  1. Well spotted, Barry, it looks as though the dealer couldn’t even wait to get the car off the trailer after the auction to start taking photos for the eBay advert🙂
  2. I was interested to see how the three wedges had fared at Mathewsons, so had a quick look at the results for last weekend's auction on the Glenmarch Classic Car Auctions website . The maroon Elite sold for £1,704, whilst the yellow Eclat with the green stripe went for slightly less at £1,604. Although the price for the yellow Elite, which seemed to be in the best condition of the three cars, wasn't reported by Glenmarch (perhaps because it was listed as a 'Lotus Saloon' by Mathewsons), I did read a post on a Lotus Facebook forum which stated that the car had sold for £100 above it's lower estimate of £5,500. This gave a grand total of just over £8,900. Who would have thought back in the seventies, when these luxury grand tourers were launched, that just over 45 years later you would be able to buy three of them for less than the price of a 1972 Ford Escort 1300XL (which sold for £10,780)
  3. Just noticed that there are three very clean and complete looking wedges for sale at Mathewsons this weekend: Two Elites: And an Eclat: It will be interesting to see the hammer price for each. Fingers crossed they’re featured in a future episode of ‘Bangers & Cash’ as it would be fascinating to learn their back story.
  4. Good evening Guy, Fingers crossed that things return to something more like the old normal soon as it would be great to be able to travel to be part of the Winterbottom Run and meet up with fellow members of ‘Oliver’s Army’ ( the ‘wedge-iment’?!) later in the year.
  5. Hi Trevor, Thanks for your comments about my Elite. As you say, the restoration wasn’t cheap, with bills totalling nearly £100.00 (well, the one’s that I dared show my wife!) but to say that I’m over the moon with the work carried out by Mike and his team at Lotusbits is an understatement.
  6. Hi Chris, Here are some more pictures of my Elite, as requested. The photos were taken for a recent feature in Absolute Lotus magazine after my car had undergone a two year restoration at Lotusbits.
  7. Hi Chris, Many thanks for your kind comments. My Elite is canyon red, which is a colour that I think Lotus first used on the series 2 Elise, around 2006.
  8. My Elite out and about enjoying the December sunshine before being tucked away for it’s annual hibernation 😀
  9. After recently purchasing an old copy of Car magazine off eBay, which featured a road test of the then newly launched Lotus Eclat 2.2, I was drawn to the ‘Good, Bad and the Ugly’, a section where the cars of the day were rated or in some cases mercilessly slated by the magazine’s notoriously hard to please journalists. In the light of the scorn poured on our cars today by certain sections of the classic car fraternity, I was for some reason reminded of a famous quote from Norfolk’s favourite local DJ: Does he still laugh at my Lotus Elite? Yeah? Can I just read you something from the November 1980 issue of Car magazine? No, it’s alright, I’ve got it here, I’ve got it here. The Lotus Elite - For: Tremendous space utilisation (room for four), performance, pleasing controls, terrific handling and road holding along with fine ride, excellent trim, Against: Rear access a little awkward, Sum Up: Fast, refined, sensible and enjoyable, the GT car of the 80’s. Not my words, Carol. The words of The Good, Bad and the Ugly in Car magazine. Hello...... (I suspect that Alan would have also enjoyed the supermini giant test in the same issue , featuring, amongst others, the newly announced Mini Metro.... not that he would ever drive one of course 🙂)
  10. Hopefully the link above might work to a LHD Series 2 Elite that has just appeared on
  11. Good evening Brian, Regarding the Series 2 front spoilers, SJ Sortscars show them available on their website for £102.76 including VAT. I think that these are new parts that have been fabricated using a mould of an original. It might be worth asking if any Elite or Eclat owners on the Forum have purchased one and if so whether they were pleased with the fit and finish.
  12. After a 12 months fruitless search for a Riviera bonnet for sale, as a last hope I was just wondering if anyone has a Riviera bonnet that, whilst not wanting to part with it, wouldn't mind it being used as a mould to produce a new one? If anyone might be able to help, could you please message me so we can discuss the practicalities of whether might be possible. Many thanks.
  13. Hi Tom, thanks very much for your offer. I'm not very mechanically minded so I hadn't thought about needing one of those. I've checked through my tool box and all mine seem to be right handed. Just a quick question though, how do know if the left hand hinge on the bonnet is the one looking from the front of the car or the driver's seat? I've looked all through the workshop manual but Lotus don't seem to tell you 😉
  14. Just a quick update...the kind offer of a bonnet from John was from an Eclat Sprint rather than a Riviera so I am still looking. On the plus side, John did have a couple of spare bags of rocking horse manure and now my roses have never looked so healthy 😄
  15. Whilst looking through some old photographs recently, I came across some of a family holiday to Blackpool back in 1977, when I was 15 years old. In amongst the pictures of the tower and the donkeys, was this one of a red Lotus Elite in the car park of where we were staying, the Norbreck Castle Hotel. Proof, if needed, that my purchase of an almost identical car some 40 years later was the fulfillment of a childhood dream! PS - the picture next to it is my dad's 1976 Rover 3500 in very period 'Brazilia Brown'.
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