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  1. On a related matter - seeing its beeb=n discussed here - I thought it was interesting too look at the German Autobahn record. Firstly, in respect of the UK's 70mph limit - I personally think this is too slow. It was originally introduced in 1965 - and modern cars are far far safer than then - both in terms of brakes, accident protection, aerodynamics/stability etc. Personally I feel this should have been raised to 80mph or even 90mph - but environmental concerns, in respect of both emissions and noise, have been raised as reasons for keeping it at 70mph. You could argue that, if EV's were to become common place, then their reduced noise and emissions would allow this limit to be raised - but realistically I doubt this will happen. At the stat of this thread, I was of the view that the 'German Driving discipline' would show that their Autobahns were considerably safer than our own crowded motorways. But to my surprise this is not the case As can be seen: "In 2018, the autobahn rate of 1.7 fatality per billion traveled kilometer is less secure than both the French one at 1.4 per billion traveled kilometers, and the British one at 1.4 fatalities per vehicle-miles traveled[27]. This means the risk of fatalities per traveled vehicle kilometer is 20% higher in Germany than in France, and near 92% higher than in the UK" Just goes to show that you shouldn't just assume things
  2. Tenet looks like it could be good
  3. You're quite right. Speed-limiters were set to be made compulsory in 2022 and You can see that actions like this are just going to reinforce the Ant-Car lobby and restrictions will become tighter and tighter. Volvo have just introduced a 112mph limit on their cars (but I don't think it currently applies to Polestar) - so you can see where this is all heading.
  4. The point is that if you want your 200mph speed fix you don't have to do it on a motorway - but you can get it on a track - or airfield - where you can get close to it. Indeed I recall one of the car Mags used to arrange a series of event where people with supercars drag raced each other - and I seem to recall (although stand to be corrected) that they got close to 200mph. Iii people want to drive at super fast speeds then I feel they should be allowed to do so - but its their choice and they shouldn't put the general public at risk.
  5. @MPx - I mean that if an issue has been identified by a current generation - then I think its for that generation to try and resolve, or reduce, the issue as much as it reasonably can - and not just leave it for the next generation. The operative word being 'reasonably' - as clearly most things in life are a balancing act - and when you try to reduce one negative thing, it might have an adverse effect on something else.
  6. Well Mark Webbers says he has
  7. No, not at all. I mean if you 'Lost Control' of the car then to some extent or another it would involve speed. Being in a 'hurry' also suggests an element of speed. You seem to be of the view that he has done nothing wrong. Well clearly he has because he's broken the law (as you pointed out) and IMHO it's not just a minor infringement but a significant one. He's demonstrated no consideration about the very real risks he was exposing others to at all - what appears rather selfish, even narcissistic given that he filmed himself and then posted it. As I said, If he wants to travel at that kind of speed he could have quite easily done so by going to a track - where he's free to put himself at risk and not other innocent people. He could have then tested his driving skills against others - and bragged about that instead (if he did any good of course).
  8. Probably because they're called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - and not the Royal Society for Encouraging Accidents What those figures relate to (in 2018) is that 17,845 Accidents due to a Driver being Reckless or in a Hurry (3rd most common cause); 12,151 Driver losing control (5th most common cause); 6,468 Driver travelling too fast for conditions (8th most common cause) and 5,102 Driver Exceeding the Speed Limit (10th most common cause). All of these could be said to involve 'speed' to some degree or another. That compares to the Most Common Causes of Driver Failing to look Properly 42,189 and Driver Failing to Judge Persons Path or Speed 21,211 accidents. I think is they said that only 90% of accidents did not involve excessive speed - then people may use that as an excuse (or at least feel its OK) to speed more frequently and more excessively - and that would results in more speed related accidents and more speed related deaths. It's perhaps worth remembering that behind these numbers there are real people - families that will not have loved ones return home (and not necessarily those of the driver - but of the people they have hot) and people suffering life changing injuries. I, for one, don't condone Mr Audi man nor his 'Bruv's' - if you want to drive like that you can do so on a track.
  9. @BibsHmmm...perhaps a poor choice of words - but by saying "if this is allowed to continue" I wasn't't suggesting it was legal - in fact quite the opposite; that there were powers to stop it. That wasn't a case of just exceeding the speed limit but being completely reckless. According to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents “inappropriate speed contributes to around ten per cent of all injury collisions reported to the police, 13 per cent of crashes resulting in a serious injury and 24 per cent of collisions which result in death”. I agree that Germany do cope better, for the very reasons you go on to explain. I'm sure most people have at sometime sped, but there's a big difference in doing 90mph on a 70mph motorway or dual carriageway - and 200mph - quite literally - whilst only holding the steering wheel in one had and concentrating more on filming yourself then what's happening on the road.
  10. Looks like its an 'Audi' thing - as another one (or maybe the same) has been doing it along the M20 Must admit I always think the use of the word 'Bruv' does suggest a slight tendency of being thick, and I that perhaps the reason why he thinks we have 'Fed's' in this country!? Clearly, someone could be doing 100mph, what itself is 30mph over the speed limit, pull into the fast lane and you'd have an Audi RS6 still closing in on you at 100mph. Thats a hell of a difference. I fear if this is allowed to continue then some innocent people are going to end up dead - and not just the reckless Audi owner....and his 'Bruv's".
  11. @MPx - to be honest I feel banning ICE wad a radical move. I agree that something new may come along - but the ban is currently set for 2035, and because of Coronavirus and the reductions in traffic and pollution that saw - there are some calls to move this ban forwards - so we haven't got 100 or so years. We only have a max of 15 years to find this alternative, scale it up to mass production and put the infrastructure in to use it. If the UK doesn't invest in this tech, and also hydrogen fuel cell - because I do see that that will be used for Power Plants, commercial and mass transport, the we risk becoming 2nd rate - a bit like what happened when the UK cancelled its Rocket Programme and the TSR-2 in the 1960's. I disagree with your view that we can leave it all for subsequent generations to sort out - simply because if every generation did that then nothing would get done.
  12. KAS-118

    Formula One

    I see that a $145m budget cap (excluding drivers salaries) has been agreed for next year The new rules will be delayed until 2022, and major aerodynamic will be restricted. The article suggests that's Ferrari are aware their car isn't as good as they would have hoped - and that this agreement may mean they will not be competitive again until 2022.
  13. This is what happens when it goes wrong
  14. This seems rather reckless to say the very least - especially seeing he did it one handed whilst holding his phone. Lucky he didn't end up the same way the Lamborghini did in that other motorway video.
  15. By the way - I should perhaps put things into some context - as it seems some people wish to portray that I came on this forum to advocate BEV's. If you kindly look at my posting record - I actually originally came on here as I was investigating a purchase of an Evora 400 - which obviously is Petrol. Indeed - I then started a thread about the Petrol Engine being saved, and I said many of the 'anti-BEV' arguments that are contained in this thread - as you can see here However, it was NedaSay's comments that then made me look into it more - combined with my experience of actually travelling in BEV's and their popularity in Norway and Sweden. Engineering Explained on YouTube also then did a Video where he put the question that if we didn't have any cars, and people were proposing a Petrol or a BEV what would be favoured - and identifying the fact that you can, in the vast majority of cases, charge at home plus the reduced maintenance. As he says, when you weigh it all up no one would have ever gone for Petrol. I actually have an open mind on the issue - and if there's actually persuasive evidence that there is great difficulty in providing EV Chargers at someones home, or in public areas - then I would really be interested to see it. Because if it turned out to be true I would gladly accept it. However, the facts are that the Government has looked into it - and considers there isn't such an issue - and indeed there are companies in the process of installing them,.
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