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  1. I believe 10 of those are only Service Centres - not Dealers?
  2. Just a bit confused by these numbers - as this article suggests that there's only 16 at the moment - which will grow to 30?
  3. Sorry - can’t help with your query but let us know what you do about the auction and finding out the information
  4. KAS-118

    Elite replica

    It’s a gorgeous looking car though (notwithstanding the 100% dealer mark-up)
  5. I seem, to recall hearing something about these a few years ago where it was said that certain countries has been concentration in growing crops for fuel rather than food - and hence the price of food had risen - but I stand to be corrected?
  6. I’m not sure why there’s so much negativity about using technology to make the cars better? When they were looking at Active Suspension In the 80’s I cant recall many people saying they shouldn’t do so (but perhaps my memory has faded). Surely it’s how it’s used and implemented that counts?
  7. Spotted along The Horseshoe Banstead Saturday 30th Nov at about 11am
  8. But as I understand it the Maserati and Alfa has underperformed in respect of sales - so it's difficult to see why Lotus would do better, especially in the near future. The EDP interview seemed to suggest that Lotus were still going to produce an SUV - but this isn't the next car to be released (but perhaps I'm misreading it). Whilst I agree with C8RK comments in respect of price; the Evora is a pretty practical car at the moment - especially compared to the Elise and Exige. But whereas Porsche do have a car that does at least have some-useable rear seats (the 911 - and I accept its above the £60k price point); Lotus do not. I seem to remember previously reading something about Lotus using the Evora chassis in one last hurrah, before moving to new architecture - so if they're not going to produce a 'proper' 2+2, I'm struggling to see the point of making another 2+0?
  9. So the sum up is that it will be more practical - but he seems to be backing away from an SUV. The Evora is already a practical 2-seater; but not a 2+2; might we be seeing a proper 2+2 coupe?
  10. That +2 was nice - can't believe its £12,500 if in good condition - as the ones I've seen all seem the wrong side of £20k
  11. Quite like it myself - although looks a bit Porsche like from the back
  12. This one is quite old - I seem to recall I got it when the Essex Esprit had just come out
  13. Yeah - I got one of his White Esprits
  14. Article in this weeks Autocar
  15. News article about Lotus using Volvo engines
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