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  1. Saw a black/navy Elise with White Stripes along Bolters Lane in Banstead - looked nice - anyone on here?
  2. I think if you're just changing the Car's Colour, or Background Colour - or flipping from Left Hand to Right Hand Drive etc, its all about £60 for A3 and £90 for A2 (plus P&P). However, I did ask about getting a one-off bespoke one done of a Europa - and in A2 that was £200.
  3. I hope it's OK to post this here? But I'm sure a lot of people would like to get a painting/picture done of their car - and there's a chap on Facebook, who goes by the name of Buzz Art, who I think produces some very nice stuff. He's just done one of a White Esprit - which I think is absolutely stunning - and have just ordered an A2 version. The link to his FB Page is here - and I think its well worth having a look For the avoidance of doubt - I have nothing to do with him other than the fact I like his work
  4. I agree with you - they do need a car that is sporty - but does have some nod to practicality as well. The 911 does have rear seats that although are cramped - you can still get a teenager in there. I was all prepared to get an Evora last year - went down to Bell & Colvill - only to find out that my daughter had to have her head tipped on her side and the way the rear seats were shaped made you sit with your knees projecting forwards - and not like on an Elite 503 were they were scooped out which made you sit with your knees up and brought back. Now toying with the idea of getting my daughter, who will be learning to drive in about 18 months, a Smart Car and myself and Elsie - but now I'm beginning to think do I really want to replace by car at the moment (which after 8 years has done less than 12k miles) when to me the future is very uncertain as to what power trains we'll be using in 10 to 15 years time (which if I bought a Lotus now I would keep it for). On that subject - what was the latest on the Elise Replacement? I thought the new one was targeted for 2020?
  5. Very impressive - will look forwards to your videos
  6. That's very sad to hear - and I would have hoped by now Geely's influence would have been felt more
  7. I assume this will be used by/of benefit to Lotus as well
  8. Autocar have just done a back to back against the new Porsche 911 v Audi R8 V10 and Lotus Evora 410 Although the 911 Comes out top - the Lotus does really well -
  9. Never seen that before - does have some Evora'nish about it IMHO
  10. Article in Autocar - new car before new architecture
  11. Yehp - renewed my subscription - I think its a great magazine
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