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  1. KAS-118


    They missed out the English Electric Lightening
  2. I just think what's happening now demonstrates 1, or maybe 2, of the advantages of electric vehicles. 1) You don't have to go out to a petrol station and 'fill up'. At the moment its virtually impossible to get a supermarket home delivery, and you're limited to the quantity of food that you can buy - hence have to do more trips to the supermarkets. That means sooner or later I'm going to have to fill up. Although I have to go out, at least at most supermarkets 'social distancing' is well controlled - when I last went to a petrol station it wasn't. Frankly, I'd much prefer the ability to just return home and plug in - without the worry of having to eventually go out to another petrol station again; and 2) Although the early Tesla's did have some reliability and quality issues - in general there are less major mechanical components in an electric vehicle, than a petrol one - so less to go wrong and prevent the car being driven. Although I accept critical mechanical failure is comparatively rare, its still more likely in a Petrol Engine rather than Electric. As for the issue of sound, it seems even Petrol cars are becoming 'artificially enhanced' in the sound they make nowadays. If it really does matter to someone that much then this shows what can be done
  3. Well the government aren't happy about it
  4. Looks like the Government is going to make further attempts to 'Encourage' us to go the EV Route (or use Public Transport, Cycle or Walk) in November
  5. Haven't tried it on the iPad - but there's a number of options you can select, including 'Sports Packs', Carbon goodies, Exhausts, Batteries, Wheels, Interior Trim, Infotainment, (Air conditioning on the Elise), Hardtop/Soft-top options. It is easy to miss though. You'll see that where its says 'Exterior >' if you click on that other options come up
  6. That's certainly good news - as hey should have had it years ago. Seems quite good quality - but I wish they'd give an indication of the prices of the options as you go along - rather than just a facility to E-mail the Dealer for a quote. I mean, without having an indication of the price I may well originally spec 'Carbon Fibre' everything, a Titanium Exhaust and Lithium-Ion Battery - but they're unlikely to all stay on once I find out how much they're costing. However, having this is a vast improvement - so it certainly shows things are heading in the right direction.
  7. Here's the YouTube video of it
  8. I guess with the lack of people travelling at the moment this was inevitable
  9. Blimey - so for comparison that's from £0.30 to £0.40 per litre - so about ¼ to 1/3rd of what we pay here.
  10. Yeah, finding the same....steaks, on the other hand, seem to be plentiful
  11. Sweden are still following that it would seem. For instance restaurants and bars are still open, but they just have to offer seated service...
  12. Here's a link that shows what the actual drivetrain looks like,205605,The-powertrain-for-the-BMW-i-Hydrogen-NEXT-BMW-Group-reaffirms-its-ongoing-commitment-to-hydrogen-fuel-cell-technology,news.htm It's a shame they don't indicate the weight of the Tanks + Drivetrain; nor indicate the anticipated range? I assume its saying that both tanks hold a total of 6kg's of hydrogen (as they look different sizes so that wouldn't be 6 each)?
  13. That's interesting - I note they no longer favour keeping the Hydrogen cooled to a liquid as they've previously have done
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