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  1. I agree with Breeze in that Lotus do need to have plan - on what models are to fill which sector. I worry about the SUV in that although they're obviously extremely popular at the moment - it hasn't done much good for Maserati - but them again you see an awful lot of Porsche ones about. To me they should aim for models that fit in along the lines of: 1) Basic/comparatively cheap/enthusiasts - Elan/Elsie 2) Track focused - Exige 3) Sporty but comfy with a tad of practicality for the teenage kids that you have to run around - Elite/Eclat/Excel 4) Gorgeous to Look at, Sporty as hell and want an excuse not to be Dad's Taxi - Esprit 5) You own a dog = SUV 6) You have loads of money and want cutting edge design and technology - Hypercar
  2. This might be interesting
  3. Very nice - congratulations 👍
  4. Probably because it’s neither hardcore like the Elise/Exige, supercar enough like the Esprit, nor a proper 2+2 like the Elite/Eclat. Personally I really like the Evora - but when I went to look at it and my 14 year old couldn’t get in the back - that ruled it out 😭
  5. Rather nice - shame about the price
  6. They are nice - sorry you didn't get one
  7. Well I think its great that Lotus has had its most profitable year and increased World Wide Sales - its slightly disappointing that UK Sales fell 11.47% from 279 to 247; although in % terms it is comparable with Porsche who feel 11.49%
  8. Hopefully this is just a blip
  9. Hi - do you mean that the steering makes a sound when you put it on full lock?
  10. Beautiful car - well done 👍
  11. Well James May got it right
  12. He's an awful journalist and on Top Gear comes across more wooden than Pinocchio. However, trying to point out this to him will get you nowhere - as you'll just get blocked. Better things to do is give reviews of Top Gear - specifically mentioning Chris Harris and giving him a taste of his own medicine
  13. That’s great news that it’s been saved - but I can’t help but think it was a missed opportunity for Geely - if you want to make Lotus a halo brand - what better than to have the worlds fastes car - and the £25m is probably a lot less the the development cost of a £2m hyper-car
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