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  1. Hi, just made it to the meet, in isolation at Happisburgh lighthouse a few years back
  2. Mine arrived today, just in time as we're away for a week leaving tomorrow evening Many thanks Bibs! 😎
  3. Found this earlier with info about Lotus presence this year at FOS Also on Twitter the driving academy mentioned they would be there too Great too see them back at FOS 😁
  4. My tickets arrived today, looking forward to the weekend unfortunately it won't be my first event in my new Elise that I had been hoping for as she's still in the factory
  5. Wow that is an unbelievable list, all the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40s wow oh wow
  6. Hmmm, orange, black pack, alcantara, ac, cruise, radio, carpets, noise reduction... I think that's about it
  7. They look rather nice and special at only 2 of each, not to sure about the numbers on the side though I found a few more photos on the Oakmere Lotus site Had I not been waiting on mine on order I could have been rather tempted
  8. Looks fantastic, great colour choice... is it green stitching or the yellow on the inside? I'm going through the painful wait on my Sport 220 at the moment after ordering last month
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