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  1. I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with the Lotus community. In the spirit of adding lightness, I’ve spent the winter working closely with Millionaireracing to create a completely bespoke titanium dual exhaust exhaust for the Lotus Elise. This exhaust is currently 1:1, but we always considered it a prototype for a limited run. I’d love to be the only one to have one of these, but it’s so good that they should be on more cars. The owner of Millionaire Racing has been in aftermarket performance realm for Japanese vehicles for years and he’s been creating titanium exhaust system
  2. Just wondering if anyone on the forum has a pair of these they've decided not to install. Osport Design isn't manufacturing the ducts anymore and I'd love to get a set. Thanks.
  3. Looking for some help with a paint match. Working with a very conscientious shop and they're not happy with the match they're getting. We have the code and the chart below and they've tried a couple of different paint brands, but they're not happy with the match. Shop is a Corvette body specialist, so they know fibreglass well. Does anyone have any insight on matching Polar Blue in particular or Lotus finishes in general? Chris
  4. Just wondering if anyone on here knows what the gold paint finish code is for the Lotus Evora S GP Edition wheel? Thanks, Chris
  5. Could you tell me where this mount is from? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Chris
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