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  1. We've just updated this kit to include coverage for all IPS models.
  2. The MoTeC kit we developed operates all of the OEM functions faultlessly and has been used by Simply Sports Cars on their Australia Production Car championship winning race cars which were also operating the charge-cooled TVS1900 supercharger. The charge-cooled TVS1900 Exige 360Cup that has been converted by Back On Track runs one of our MoTeC kits and the customer is very happy. The ECU drives as smoothly as a stock car, largely due to the advanced fuelling strategy that the MoTeC M1 system operates which works by accurately modelling airflow. On the TVS1900 conversions the MoTeC ECU often drives a lot better around town then the standard ECU does. Additionally to this you get the benefits of fully closed loop fuelling, advanced data-logging, customisation of power output [Low Power in Tour, High Power in Sport, Race and Off]. We have base maps for Evora NA, Evora S, Exige 350S, Exige 360 Cup, Exige 380 Cup, Exige 410, Evora 400, Exige Chargecooled TVS1900 and Evora Chargecooled TVS1900. We would recommend that each car is tuned on a dyno to receive the best results, but the base file and recommended sensor package allow these cars to run very well on our base files. As for the chargecooled TVS1900 kits VS the Komotech options... it's a no-brainer. The standard TVS1320 supercharger is on the edge of it's efficiency range on a standard car, on track an Exige 350 will be consistently faster by short shifting due to this. Why would you want to spin the supercharger past it's efficiency range where you run risks of damaging the screws etc and associated engine damage? Especially when there is an option for the TVS1900 to be installed, which is operating in it's safe range and will make consistent power as a result. At Mount Panarama earlier this month I witnessed chargecooled TVS1900 Exiges accelerate away from the Exige Cup 430, both driven by pro drivers at Lotus Cars Australia/Simply Sports Cars annual customer track day. Having tuned a few of the chargecooled TVS1900 now they reliably make 405-415bhp at the hubs with the MoTeC and SSC Chargecooled TVS1900. As an example, the Exige 360 Cup that has been converted by Back-On-Track made 290bhp at the hubs on the factory specification [a 70bhp transmission loss...], made 315bhp at the hubs with just the MoTeC and was recently tuned by another company with the TVS1900 upgrade and it made circa 410bhp at the hubs on their dyno. If anyone would like further details on the ECU kit or the supercharger upgrade please email via the address below:
  3. Hi, I've signed up to offer support and/or advice on the range of MoTeC ECU kits available from Calibrated Performance. I look forward to meeting you all soon! Daniel
  4. Hi, I thought I'd just come on here and raise your attention to the latest MoTeC ECU upgrade available for all S3 Exiges and to answer any questions you might have regarding it's operation and advantages. Using the MoTeC M150 ECU and firmware developed by Calibrated Performance to offer the best solution for those looking at modifying their Exige particularly those using their car exclusively for track work. It integrates with all the OEM CAN-bus based modules and allows for complete control of the engine. The factory ECU is limited in it's functionality and flawed in it's operation, particularly for the supercharged variants that have NO dedicated input for the temperature of the air entering the engine post supercharger. Technically this means that the ECU is relying fully on it's knock control to limit ignition timing - we've datalogged intake manifold temperatures using the MoTeC conversion both on road and track, where it's easy to see inlet temperatures at 100°C+ which the factory ECU has no way of compensating for other than reacting to knock. The MoTeC requires installation of a fast-acting temperature sensor and acts to PREVENT knock, not react to it. Additionally the MoTeC ECU operates continual monitoring of various sensors and can be setup to enter a "limp" mode should it detect any issues, this system has saved many engines in various forms of motorsport and is a real deal maker for those pushing their car hard. The system can react to a drop in fuel pressure, engine oil pressure or even lean running before the issue becomes an expensive bill. The traction control system is truly race bred and can be configured to allow varying levels of slip, including the ability to fully de-activate it if you wish. CP Exige S3 V6 Firmware features: Full Control of all engine features including fuelling, ignition, camshaft timing, throttle response and speed limiters. Closed loop fuelling under all loads for safe operation - requires LTCD DSP knock control with per-cylinder monitoring Safety trips and "limp" modes should the system detect something not operating correctly Integrates with factory Sport and Race switches, LEDs and dashboard tell tales. Fully configurable traction control system with option of additional control knob [similar to Exige 380 Cup] Transmission Oil Pump control - either triggered by a transmission temperature sensor OR using the Sport and Race buttons. The ECU upgrade comes complete with laser-cut mounting plate and requires professional installation/calibration. If you've got any questions, just ask away. Kind regards, Daniel
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