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  1. Pittard set for big 2019, taking on a full season in the VLN , debut at the ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen Nürburgring!& debut in the BLANCPAIN GT SERIES at the 24 Hours of Spa with the reigning champions "The opportunity is absolutely amazing. A full season at the Nordschleife, plus arguably two of the biggest GT3 24hr anywhere. The BMW M6 GT3 and Walkenhorst Motorsport have proven themselves to be a very competitive team. I have absolutely no doubt that it’s the best place for me to show my potential, achieving competitive results and working closely with BMW Motorsport " Read the full
  2. Hi all! To keep you all upto date with my racing plans I'm hugely excited to announce I've signed with BMW Customer Team Walkenhorst Motorsport to pilot the Total Lubricants BMW M6 GT3 for the remainder of the year in the VLN championship based at the Nurburgring! The VLN is special to anyone in the automotive community. The most challenging circuit in the world, and that attracts the big manufacture teams like Mercedes, Porshe, BMW, Audi, and the worlds best GT drivers. This is the temptation for me to compete and prove myself against the very best in the business as I know I have w
  3. @alias23 is the donington day 28th March? if so who is it with? thanks
  4. Thank you Alistair! A great day, great to meet you and a top job! Especially in such changing conditions, you weren't afraid to push on Remember your home work and practice that Heel-toe! ;P Found this screen grab taking the Chequred Flag.... Big kids really! P1 celebrations! Lots of "Yeehaw" moments ;P
  5. Thanks a lot @Bibs ? more than happy to help & advise where I can @Cads with any questions you may have. Please drop me a private message! ???
  6. VBOX is the one.... you almost forget its there and all the things it’s capable of logging! I’m a dealer for VBOXs, and for TLF members I’ll throw in a days Driver coaching, system install and set up for free if they buy a HD2 unit through me and a healthy discount on coaching for the Lite unit as well! Buzzing to get out with @BatMobile in the Exige! Fresh meat for me ??
  7. Very kind of you sir! Always nice to put a quantifyable number against coaching gains! Yes lots of time for coaching! I love it! Exciting time of year now as plans come together
  8. @Arun_D Too committed! ABS went AWOL, shook myself up a tad from then!
  9. @chipp I think that final part of the lap, carousel to mini carousel is just intense, there's literally no let up in corners and so I assume I was just tensing up focussing wondering what the final time would be, until braking mid air in the jump made the ABS go wild, so I had a moment and aborted the final part of the lap!
  10. @Buddsy Thanks a lot! I do love the car! Pleasure to drive it, it will be even better once on proper tyres! I think the car does have some appeal to "Get the **** out of my way on track" especially on the TF when there's a load of randoms on there, always useful for them to part like the sea! Apart from if you're a BMW driver... @NW76 Thanks! I'm planning to go back again early next year ASAP to find out myself! This attempt was a fully dry track, however on a warmer day, with better tyres, and once I'm fully upto speed with the track I'd like to think that a 7:40 BTG ish would be do
  11. @Bibs It was a cold day, so think it took its time to warm the tyres up and I'm on Toyo T1Rs which aren't the highest performing tyres on track! It definietly made a difference through some of the med to high speed kinks, the car remains so stable when you expect it to react in someway, however anything tighter than a kink and it wasn't too noticeable.
  12. @Composite guru You've got to do it! A few guys from the 220/250 FB group have expressed interest in doing it next year which I'd like to arrange. Shall I include you when I sort it out? Maybe transport the cars over together, drive over seperatly, meet the cars and have an awesome weekend?
  13. After failing to take my Lotus Elise S-Cup around the Ring previously, this weekend was all about taking the Elise around and seeing the Bridge to Gantry potential of the package! VLN8 was also taking place, so me and my friend James took the chance to combine the weekend of spectating one of the greatest races in the world as well as take to the track ourselves! A cold and damp weekend greeted us, and we got a mixture of laps in, traffic, oil spills, rain which meant the BTG lap time wasn’t as I wanted! Which means I’ll be back! Awesome weekend away. The Nurburgring is 100% my
  14. Hi @BatMobile Back in the UK now, please feel free to give me a call tomorrow at anytime! David
  15. Hi all, I hope you're well! Joined the Elise gang at the very beginning of the year! Specifically, a Toxic Green Elise S-Cup from Bell & Colvill for trackdays and track training! Started Vlogging all the cool stuff I get upto during the year including picking up the Elise, I was very excited! - >>> Lots already achieved with the Elise (8 trackdays so far and British GT meetings) and lots more planned this year! (MANY more trackdays Goldtrack, Nurburgring trips, Silverstone Classic & all British GT race meetings). I lov
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