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  1. Seems that late 410's no more gets carbon seats. The price drops a little, i suppose even nitron's are gone. Right?
  2. Actually i got a 290hp tuned elise with intercooler, i don't want to go worse with 350 if suffers after few of heatsoack...
  3. Use: track abuse in spring/summer. So only chargecooled. No intention to do again the way of high mods. 410/430 bigger tyres, adjustable arbs and better brakes too.
  4. The 350 is almost half price of the last duo. The chargecooled performances justify the double price? Or better a 350 with nirron and a bigger wing?
  5. They do not to do the r&d from zero but only call a seller; it's not so difficult to buy from Getrag, Graziano or someone that did it and sold to the automakers. And i think not so expensive reading the "optional lists" from Bmw, MB or those who offers it. Only the will to do and to adapt to the engine/chassy. But it's easiest to attach the avensis turbodiesel one and hope that it lasts in track's abuse. In china's money we trust for future :-D
  6. Nice review, nice time. But seems that it's a bit difficoult and scary at limit with limited sweetspot's grip...
  7. My 111r spent the summer to the same problem and after 2 months they discovered a leak from an O-ring located at the exit of the chassy. I've blamed mine because is 14 years old but i see that things go worse even with new cars...
  8. Obscene. >100K cars and still shit plastic rad.
  9. The track was absolutely dry? Very Strange that a 410 with stable Power with chargecooler, nitron, bigger tyres was slower than 380.
  10. If yes you can ask to your boss something about the lotuses :-D
  11. After leaving (again) my 111R at the assistance due this time at the AC condensator dead, i spent some time to the Alfa dealer near there. I try the 4c and i find it very very nice, well maden inside, more car than lotus, the engine has more torque than my 280hp VF kit and the dual clutch gearbox is a paradise versus the horrible gearstick leverism of mine. I don't find the steering feels so bad. If the 4C did not ashed by Marchionne and his mania of only supercars over 250.000 euros i seriously consider to swap, it is a half way from Lotus and Cayman.
  12. A friend of mine with a Cup 250 m.y. 2017 has a problem with the fuel pressure sensor, cod lotus A132L6054F It is not in stock by now. Anyone knows how to find it outside Lotus? it's a Toyota part? or what? Thank you.
  13. Is it possible to get pictures from inside central front air intake? I guess where is the chargecooler rad, i remember in that position in lower area. Or not? Thank you
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