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  1. Has anyone replaced the early Evora 400 headunit with the INE W710D fitted to later cars? It looks a much better unit. I assume it would need a new wiring loom?
  2. Update - I have taken it into my Lotus Dealer for investigation. They suggest it will probably need two new lights. £1000 worth of parts!
  3. Nope, nothing on at all when the light switch is on ‘O’
  4. I suspect a faulty module It was serviced two weeks ago by the previous owner at a Lotus dealer - I wonder if that was something to do with it?
  5. Probably wasn't the best turn of phrase.. "I was informed by the missus, when I was up her rear trying to overtake her, that I virtually blended into the Cambridgeshire morning...." So... any ideas why neither of my DRLs work?? Sidelights and headlights work OK. Can they be switched off somehow?
  6. Hi folks, I collected my new to me 2016 Evora 400 last week and have been informed by my other half who I was following in the car that the Daytime Running Lights aren't working! I have checked and replaced the 3A fuse in the footwell, but still no cigar Are there any common known issues with the DRLs or module? Thanks, Tom
  7. Good point Lee, although I would clean it before covering and it'd only be for longer periods of time. Its the Bird**** I worry about. The covers don't scratch if the car is clean right?
  8. What do folks think about outdoor covers for Evora? I am in a similar situation that I can't get the Evora into my 230cm wide garage, so looking to cover it in front of the garage on a trickle charger.. Or there is a carcoon? Any help would be appreciated. Eventually we'll move house a decent double garage is first on the list of wants!
  9. Nope. Lovely in every way. Never met anyone who disagreed. (says he with a genuine signed photo of Nigella)
  10. hkp


  11. If I was garaging it full time I'd go for it, but as she'll live outside, black is a bit of a nightmare to keep clean.
  12. Just that it's black to be honest. It's about the only colour I don't like on a car...
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