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  1. Has anyone replaced the early Evora 400 headunit with the INE W710D fitted to later cars? It looks a much better unit. I assume it would need a new wiring loom?
  2. Update - I have taken it into my Lotus Dealer for investigation. They suggest it will probably need two new lights. £1000 worth of parts!
  3. Nope, nothing on at all when the light switch is on ‘O’ 😞
  4. I suspect a faulty module 😞 It was serviced two weeks ago by the previous owner at a Lotus dealer - I wonder if that was something to do with it?
  5. 😄 Probably wasn't the best turn of phrase.. "I was informed by the missus, when I was up her rear trying to overtake her, that I virtually blended into the Cambridgeshire morning...." So... any ideas why neither of my DRLs work?? Sidelights and headlights work OK. Can they be switched off somehow?
  6. Hi folks, I collected my new to me 2016 Evora 400 last week and have been informed by my other half who I was following in the car that the Daytime Running Lights aren't working! I have checked and replaced the 3A fuse in the footwell, but still no cigar 😞 Are there any common known issues with the DRLs or module? Thanks, Tom
  7. Good point Lee, although I would clean it before covering and it'd only be for longer periods of time. Its the Bird**** I worry about. The covers don't scratch if the car is clean right?
  8. What do folks think about outdoor covers for Evora? I am in a similar situation that I can't get the Evora into my 230cm wide garage, so looking to cover it in front of the garage on a trickle charger.. Or there is a carcoon? Any help would be appreciated. Eventually we'll move house a decent double garage is first on the list of wants!
  9. Nope. Lovely in every way. Never met anyone who disagreed. (says he with a genuine signed photo of Nigella)
  10. If I was garaging it full time I'd go for it, but as she'll live outside, black is a bit of a nightmare to keep clean.
  11. Just that it's black to be honest. It's about the only colour I don't like on a car...
  12. I'm getting very close to doing a deal too. Let's hope the country doesn't go to the dogs with Brexit and our Evoras all depreciate like a stone in 3 years!
  13. I just missed out on it and the one at the Porsche centre
  14. Is anyone thinking of selling their 400 in the £50k's?? I'm. very keen to buy one, or a late S1 at a push.
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